Here is another Videoseries Kickoff by the FAST DRIPS Team: „A Taste of“ with episode one from Hamburg, street and … [more]

As seen in with episode 01 (Turkey), episode 02 (India) and episode 03 (Thailand) in this project UTAH & ETHER … [more]

Vienna based graffiti artist NYCHOS teamed up with UDON in Sinyi TownShip, Taiwan for Pow Wow. Checkout the Video by … [more]

Street Artist Plotbot (KEN) became famous in Berlin for his perfection of multilayer stencils and par amounting backgrounds that have … [more]

DISK, graffiti writer from Sweden (Instagram @diskism) just released a nice printed graffiti alphabet poster: „Mostly, classic alphabet posters tend … [more]

In case you ever travelled the streets and tracksides of Leipzig City, you surely know who is in this video … [more]

„A group of Old Traveling Gentlemen went to Italy to meet some old friends. We were lucky to get some … [more]

The new STYLEFILE Issue #47 entitled the HELLFILE is out now! MADC has the main feature in this one including … [more]

After many years of posting Teaser and Trailer Clips now there is aScreening Date for the GIRL POWER Movie in … [more]

The greek mural artist INO recently completed a mural in Athens entitled „Snowblind“ supporting the Prometheus Liver Patient Association, an … [more]

This is german rapper PAPAH DOPPELDENK from Bonn and his new video release of AUGENBLICK produced by Stevie Drums and … [more]

Kicked off with episode 01 (Turkey) and episode 02 (India) in this project UTAH & ETHER (dubbed the „Bonnie & … [more]

The PointOfViewTV (PRE O.V. Video) Team just announced the release of a movie with this trailer. The DVD Movie features … [more]

Here is another video from Madrid, Spain by the WRITERS Team this time a clip entitled „SILVER NIGHTS – Madrid … [more]

The WRITERS MADRID Team continues their FLAME ORANGE ROUTE Videoseries with this one from a recent trip to Marseille, Lyon … [more]

Here is some information for our german readers interested in german Hip Hop and its History. Filmmaker Michael Münch is … [more]

This video by MADHAGGIS is only filmed with a drone. A View from a different prospective of some of Glasgow’s … [more]

„Die Galgenhügel-Promenade befindet sich im Gellert. Sie führt an einem legendären Teil der Basler Line vorbei. Auf diesem Teilstück befinden … [more]

Kicked off last week with episode 01 (Turkey) in this project UTAH & ETHER (dubbed the „Bonnie & Clyde“ of … [more]

Here is SPRAYDAY again, our videoseries watching the process of Graffiti Artists painting a piece. For Episode 07 we decided … [more]

„Every form of art is, somehow, experimental. A true artist proposes, takes risks and tries to push to the limits. … [more]

German Mural Artist Hendrik ECB Beikirch recently painted the famous Le M.U.R. Wall (rue Oberkampf, Croisement et de St Maur … [more]

Here is a nice video in collaboration with NETFLIX showing the process of ‚Global GIF‘ by UK based GIF-ITI artist … [more]

SHAZZY PRODUCTION just uploaded a short video on their YouTube Channel with danish graffiti artist DETOS talking a bit out … [more]

“Graffiti ruined my life” and “graffiti saved my life” are pretty common phrases seen written next to a piece. Those … [more]

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