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Der Berliner Kunstverlag DRAW A LINE hat mit Adrian Falkner aka. SMASH 137 einen neuen Print heraus gebracht. Zudem, und … [more]

Neben den hier schon vorgestellten Drucken von Erosie und Flying Fortress, hat nun auch der Münchener SATONE einen Print für … [more]

Nach Flying Fortress stellt sich, in einem zweiten Clip aus dem Hause „DRAW A LINE“, nun der niederländische Künstler EROSIE … [more]

Wie bereits berichtet hat kürzlich der Berliner Kunstverlag “DRAW A LINE” eröffnet. Neben Kunstdrucken von Clemens Behr, HuskMitNavn, Erosie, Jurne, … [more]

Vor kurzem hat der Berliner Kunstverlag „DRAW A LINE“ eröffnet. Die 3 Freunde hinter dem Verlag teilten ein gleiches Interesse … [more]

Steffen Seeger aus Berlin arbeitet mit einer One-Line Technik, also einmal mit dem Marker angesetzt, wird durchgezogen bis das Artwork … [more]

So Kanno und Takahiro Yamaguchi aus Japan haben die letzten 2 Jahre weiter an ihrem Roboter getüfftelt, dem Senseless Drawing … [more]

Am Donnerstag, 2. Februar 2012, ab 19 Uhr, eröffnet Johannes Mundinger (xXcrew) im idrawalot (Berlin-Neukölln) seine Ausstellung “His Most Exquisite … [more]

Hier gibts mehr von So Kanno und Takahiro Yamaguchi aus Japan

HORFÈE stellt aktuell unter dem Titel ‚Traditionnal Occupations‘ in der Kölner Galerie Ruttkowski68 aus. Die Arbeiten sind noch bis 18.Januar … [more]

We just received the information that Street Art Pioneer Richard Hambleton passed away at the age of 65. Hambleton was … [more]

Graffiti artist DOES (5MINUTES) celebrates his first 20 years with an new book about his evolution of dedication to style. … [more]

Affectionately known as The Mural Kings, Tats Cru is a collective of artists that have revolutionized how graffiti artists and … [more]

We are starting a new series of interviews and profiles here at ILG called „The documentarists“. The role of the … [more]

Lovepusher stands out from the crowded painting world, with his unique style, his message and his many words when you … [more]

Thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign the Street art documentary „Sky’s The Limit, Painters of the Extreme” by French filmmaker … [more]

We caught up with London legend TIZER of ID Crew and asked some questions! Here is the short interview with … [more]

The URBAN NATION Berlin project invited Berlin based Street Artist and Photographer JUST, Hamburg based blogger and journalist Rudolf David … [more]

In the last couple of years we at ILOVEGRAFFITI.DE have noticed some really nice graffiti here and there by stylewriter … [more]

Film maker STEFAN POHL, the man behind the documentary movie HELLO MY NAME IS – GERMAN GRAFFITI (premiered Spring 2015) … [more]

We recently missed to report about this street art project hosted by the DEUTSCHE BAHN AG in Frankfurt/Main. The graffiti … [more]

Galerie Openspace and British artist Mode 2 are very pleased to present the exhibition they have been working on for … [more]

MyFinbec is again cooperating with the artist collective HERAKUT for an amazing new collection entitled „BETWEEN HERE & FAIRY TALE“, … [more]

All of you who have been following graffiti artist BOOGIE for a while know he is in good team with … [more]

This is the documentary movie about Munich based art collective Positive-Propaganda and their project Victory is Peace (February 12th – … [more]