Monthly Archives: November 2011

Today was a good day…… ! * picture was juiced through instgram….. find me via : #atome

my man ! twisting it up to keep you on your toes !

This guy ! BANDO outside Europe, people have no real understanding of how important he is to European graffiti

The crew out in holland keep things constant. no trending here…. just style thats been peculating for a good 20 … [more]

ONLY FOR THE LOVE * PLANET ROCK we got together with my old graf partner – UNIQUE – to release … [more]

The one and only PURE rocks the tuff city train together with VEN. More flicks soon

abundance Boris Tellegen aka Delta ALICE Gallery 24.11.2011 – 23.12.2011

winter 2011 * pinks

the thing i like the most about these guys is they go from this … to this…. and back to … [more]