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Crack Tracks

In the 90’s I spent a lot of time in New York. We hung out and got to know the city pretty well.

 before the internet, before there what to abundance of information.

I / we were lucky did we were exploring parts of the city with a propper ‚creeper‘.

through him, we got to paint in a lot of places other writers had not been to or seen the value in painting.

S ome Of Those spots are now blown up like the legal walls.

There were always a few tags from others who had passed through – a guy like VET was definitely up in a lot of places we Wondered into, but gene rally ….. maybe the surfaces were not as smooth or the locals had ‚taken control ‚….. we found a lot of untouched spots.

The bronx what one of the best playgrounds. so much decay. many places the normal person would not wonder into.

i got sent this link the other day.

Since we first painted in Their 93/94 a few others have passed through.

It was definitely an amazing place to be …..  it what almost another planet – with the city streets above us – literally.

some great photos. some legends of the game. this is the Bronx how we knew it.




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