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Second Life DVD

„“Why would we do another film about graffiti? To be honest it is a stupid and egocentric passion. My aim is not to say “ Look, I have painted more subways than you „. I do not either claim to be able to change the world with a video, because for me another world is not possible any more. I would just like to show that there is an alternative, a parallel life in which we escape this reality. The graffiti is a beautiful gesture of revolt, in any case a fascinating illusion of freedom. I could not continue to hide all these images; here is our second life.“

Das gute Stück mit Material aus Bordeaux, Belgien, St. Lazare oder vor allem Paris mit einer Laufzeit von 90 Minuten im 16:9 Format ist jetzt hier erhältlich, bzw noch. Den freshen Trailer und einen weiteren Teaser gibts nochmal nach dem Jump


Paris Teaser

Second Life DVD

Posted: 16. Oktober 2009