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Bomber 35/36 Preview

Bomber kommt mit der nächsten diesjährigen Doppelausgabe 35/36. Inhalt unter anderem das bereits angekündigte Atom und Revok Interview, Rabe Special, Crew Special, Kill the Editor plus die üblichen Goodies in Form von erstklassigem Stuff aus Holland und Europa. Bomber 35/36 Vorbestellen hier, wenns erhältlich ist gibts Info soll wohl noch im Dezember sein, Preview unten…


The new issue: 35/36

ATOM interview
As far as my memory allows me to go back my first acquaintance with the ‘Dortmund clean train era’ involves ATOM who then was one of the key players. Nowadays, more then 20 years later he’s still a very active writer with a legendary status, time to get rap.

REVOK interview
A writer known for his outrageous paint skills and one of a few American writers who’s really open to Europe.
“Graffiti wild-style stuff goes right over most peoples heads… I want to grab every ones attention with simple letter forms and sayings, slogans that create a dialogue in peoples heads and draws them into our world (hopefully)”.

RABE special
“That was then, this is now”, after 20 years in the graffgame, this is my motto. i saw so many friends leave or pass away… it’s hard, but luckly some are still around. and graff’s better than ever!
RABE is an old school writer from Swiss who’s famous for his train pieces which lack complexity, show great readability and boy… are damn fresh!

CREW special
Is there any logic in calling your crew CREW? Hell Yeah! And CREW is the most up crew on the Dutch trains, it’s writers broadcast a wide variety of CREW styles rolling through our country. CREW rocks! so logically they claim a special place in this issue.

Kill the editor
A new item introduced in the previous edition is ‘Kill the Editor’ in which we invite a writer to be a guest editor. For issue 35/36 the editor will be killed by BATES and ROS.

Plus we have the usual goodies making us stand out from the crowd; exclusive flicks from Holland and the rest of Europe plus the awardwining 3 times dope in a national and international version. (Bomber Website)

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Posted: 30. November 2009