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All Eyes On Art Freiburg

All Eyes On Art startet am Freitag dem 04.Dezember in Freiburg, mit dabei Aro, Bunka, Cräsh, Dust, D-Cite, Holm, Johannes Mundinger, Nest da Foe, Slurg und Biser, welcher über das Ganze auch in seinem Blog informiert. Dort gibt es unter anderem auch einen weiteren „Shades of Things to Come“ London Rückblick.

„…it’s getting dark outside. It’s getting cold. Time to look back and complete this exciting year, i do more than 15 shows, with a nice exhibition in my home-region. The last show for this year takes place in Freiburg. Drux & Friends from Freiburg put this bunch of artists together to do a fine december-show. Opening is on Friday 4. december 19h at ISW Freiburg. Would be great to see you all again there… Tnx for all youre support.“ (Biser)

Posted: 1. Dezember 2009