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Above – 1.000+ Words

Above mal wieder on Point. „1.000+ Words“ ist aktuellen Anlass vor einigen Tagen in Paris entstanden. Video dazu nach dem Jump. Wer das Ganze kommentieren will kann das hier auf Vimeo tun

„A picture is worth 1,000 words.“ I sat for a while considering if I should describe this piece and the multi-layered meanings depicted in the painting?! The stencil and symbolism in the painting take on some heavy current topics of social, political, and racial issues just to name a few. I decided it’s best for you the viewer to interpret and look at this piece and make your decision on what you feel from it. Art has the amazing ability to be interpreted on a range of 1,000+ different meanings depending on who you ask. Some of you might find this piece offensive, constructive, ironic, or just plain stupid. I want to highly encourage all of you watching this to speak up and comment about your interpretation of this stencil and issues portrayed.

Posted: 18. Oktober 2010