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Lectrics – Poet Interview

Poet GFA äußert sich in einem umfangreichen Interview unter anderem über die Probleme mit einigen New Yorker Dinos bezüglich des „Copyrights“ der Zahl 5 „….they should know that we hold on, on our history and identity and on our 5. I mean, ask a kid in New York to wich crew the 5 belongs and they maybe say TC5, but on the other hand ask a kid in Berlin to wich crew the 5 belongs? Every kid overhere will tell you GFA, and that for no reason. So they have to accept finally, that their sphere of control of the 5, end at the East Atlantic beach and that in Europe, Berlin Glorious 5 or GFA is existing.“ Mehr im Interview auf (engl)

Posted: 15. Januar 2011