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Wall za Hood – Nairobi

Die kurze Video Dokumentation „Wall za Hood“ (the Walls of the Hood in Swahili) erzählt die Geschichte einer Wand in den Slums von Nairobi (Kenia). Die Wand wurde für einen Graffiti Contest freigegeben, allerdings ohne Vorgaben oder Regeln. Die Produzentin Katy Fentress hat mit den teilnehmenden Künstlern (z.B. Bankslave) und den Organisatoren gesprochen…


The wall portrayed and detailed on this poster has been rented in order to be painted by an artist. It is located in Mathare Valley, Nairobi, at an important open space alongside Juja Road. This open space and the wall are an urban landmark for many villages in Mathare and for passengers and passers-by using Juja Road. The idea is to hold an open competition among local artists asking for proposals for an artistic painting to be executed on this wall. It’s a free-theme competition: artists are not being requested to include any particular content on their proposals. The winner will be chosen through popular vote: a Voting Day will be organised in which the different proposals will be displayed on the wall and Mathare dwellers and passers-by will choose the one they like by giving it a vote. The most voted proposal will be actually painted on the wall and it will last until the renting time has expired.

Posted: 24. Mai 2011