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TopTen x Totem2

10 Produktionen von Totem2 aus Atlanta gibt´s nach dem Jump, hauptsächlich aus seinem Projekt „3D Science“..the Mechanical battle serif

TOTEM 2 – The Mechanical battle serif.

„It wasn’t a fair universe, nor a kind one. If there was a God, his love and forty-five cents would buy you coffee. No one seemed to be at the cosmic controls anymore. It was every man forhimself, until The Mechanical Battle Serif became alive and filled the void left by a seemingly disinterested God. Its vision was very controlled. The ultimate dream of man, carried out by one of man’s lowliest tools; eliminate evil men. But there was a touch of evil in all men, and The Mechanical Battle Serif was having trouble separating the worst of them out. So the totality of humanity, with all of its biologic messiness, wasn’t wanted. And to this machine-god, forgiveness just did not compute. Only cold retribution for the sins of the past.“

Graffiti artist Totem has applied paint to walls for 20 years. Totem’s well known style and technique is renowned worldwide, most noted for
his signature robotic armored letters and characters called the Mechanical Battle serif and his versatility in all aspects. Starting in Atlanta Georgia as his home he has traveled and painted across the globe Spraying countries such as Japan, the Philipines, New Zealand, Germany, Switzerland, France, etc.
and many others, with gallery shows in New York, LA, and Japan. His work has also been commissioned by many corporate companies looking to
borrow street credibility from his art.

Totem continues to bring graffiti art into the mainstream light to show its potential, and is striving to push the limits of his style farther and

Mister Totem currently represents the following crew as of 2010: TATS CRU, 3A Crew, BURN UNIT crew, TGE crew, FOUNDNATION crew, SHADOWROCK crew
DSR drop shadow rebels Car club and THE STREETFIGHTERS car club


Posted: 12. Januar 2012