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SOFIA – Xpome

Fotoreport aus der bulgarischen Hauptstadt mit XPOME (Chrome) von den ROCKNROLLERS und TYPOETS . jump

I started writing in 2001, when I discovered the book “Graffiti Art #8 – murals and characters” by accident. I was deeply impressed by the works inside, especially from guys like Loomit, Daim and Esher. So i started doing pieces and walls without any tags or throw-ups before that, which was strange, but it was my way at least. At the end of the same year I went to Germany to study architecture – that was the second way for me to change urban visions.Actually I was drawing since my childhood a lot, I also loved to play and construct things out of LEGO. So I found my best way of self-expression in writing and design/architecture. Around 2004/5 I got concentrated more and more on letters and graphics. Since then I experiment with the letters of my name ( XPOME is meant in cyrilic letters and means as much as the color CHROME, coming also from the word chromozom ). I am trying to find new solutions by giving letters one and the same basis. I think I was influenced also by the work of the famous Bulgarian graphic-designer Stefan Kanchev, who developed most of the logos and typo-graphics in my country. I live and work now again in Sofia, Bulgaria, but my passion to travel remains.

XPOME auf Vimeo

Posted: 10. April 2012