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Eine Auswahl mit neuen Wänden & Freights von ASKEW (TMD.SUK.MSK) aus Auckland (Neusseland) gibt´s nach dem Jump! / Interview mit dem Acclaim Magazin aus Melbourne (engl)

„I keep progressing because it’s all I can do and all I want to do. I also evolve as an artist as I draw on a broader skill set and wider appreciation of art of all kinds. I look outside of graffiti more and more because constantly looking back is self-defeating and will eventually make graffiti eat itself. It’s like sometimes all this nostalgia and trying to emulate bygone eras is self referential to the point of being like a dog chasing it’s own tail. At times I can find people that are obsessed with Hip Hop to the point of practicing the four elements and dressing like people did thirty years ago akin to being Elvis impersonators. If you didn’t live it firsthand, if you weren’t schooled by someone that did then it just seems so whimsical to me. I used to think it was so awesome but then I just encountered so much conservatism and hostility“ Askew/Acclaim Magazine

Posted: 18. Oktober 2012