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FILM – Submission (remastered)

Die Jungs vom Kaliptikal Magazin aus Athen haben uns eben einen FullHD Remake des Films „Submission“ gesendet. Dafür haben die Griechen Hi8 und Mini DV Material aus den Jahren 2003 bis 2008 gesichtet und zusammengeschnitten. Auf Musik hat Julian P. Triandafyllou in den 45 Minuten bewusst verzichtet um ein möglichst realistisches Szenario zu zeichnen. Die Dokumentation mit der UDK, Lifo, Fix, den Frogs, die S-Kids, den Heroes, den Amigos und der TBD in ‚Submission‘ Remastered nach dem Jump

Submission (Remastered Documentary)

After three turbulence years of subservient society, „Submission“ still goes on. A remastered version in FullHD (1080p), color corrected with English subtitles. Free downloadable Blu-ray ripped version via Dropbox for you to enjoy with experience of raw, palpable and full adrenaline adventures. A collection of found material drawn from Hi8 and MiniDv tapes from 2003 to 2008. Focused on Europe and mainly in Greece, this experimental documentary directly depicts the energy, the rhythm, the violence and vandalism of real graffiti culture. Filmed at the start of the new millennium, at its most hardcore moments. Abrupt and authentic, these sub-missions essentially represent the ways in which unconventional people actively resist submission to the pressures of disintegrating modern societies. (via Mail/Kaliptikal)

A film by Udk Family
Video editing / project director: Julian P. Triandafyllou
Sound Mastering: Manolis Manousakis
Copyright © 2009-2012
Photos: Kaliptikal
Submission Trailer 2009: Link

Posted: 19. Oktober 2012