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VIDEOSERIE – NYorkers – Steve Powers – Guess

NYorkers ist eine interessante neue Videoserie von Moonshot Productions. Das Team will interessante Köpfe der Millionen Metropole porträtieren. Lehrer, Musiker, Kellner, Taxifahrer oder eben auch Street Art und Graffiti Künstler. In den beiden Episoden mit ESPO und GUESS kommen zwei völlig verschiedene Charaktere der New Yorker Szene zu Wort. Weitere Episoden gibt´s hier, schönes Konzept

The New Yorkers project was conceived of by Moonshot Productions. Born out of our love for the city of New York, we have created a recurring short documentary series that highlights New Yorkers from all walks of life. Their stories are told through the prism of each person’s vocation. We’re not interested in the New Yorkers creating headlines on a daily basis, we’re interested in the everyday New Yorkers who are the heartbeat of the city: the musician, the doorman, the nine-to-fiver, the school teacher, the waitress, the ice sculptor, the taxi driver, etc. The people that go unnoticed walking down the street or standing on the subway platform often have the most interesting stories-we’re bringing the best of these stories to life through our series of short documentaries.

NYorkers – Guess

Creeping around on walls, doorways and service boxes in the city are Guess tags and stickers. Look around you. They’re there. They’ve been making their appearance for about two decades now. For some, graffiti is what they look for, for some it’s a nuisance and others never even knew it was there. But it is and there is a story behind it. There are zombies walking through the city everyday- people moving from point A to point B with no joy or reason other than that’s what they were told to do. For me, seeing stylish tags by someone who has been practicing their craft for years is another little reminder that we are here and alive and some of us are still motivated by things other than money.

NYorkers – Steve ESPO Powers

I’ve known Steve Powers for years and he never fails to impress or surprise. I told him that we wanted to do a New Yorkers feature on him and he told me to come to a new address in Brooklyn that I’ve never been to. When I arrived, I was surprised to see that he had set up shop in a 5000 square foot space in downtown Brooklyn. Even more intriguing, but in character for Steve, was that he had somehow convinced some community board to provide this space to him for free. Like the title of his book, Steve is a master of “The Art of Getting Over”.

Posted: 6. Januar 2013