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NEW YORK – Liu Bolin & Meres at 5POINTZ

Martha Cooper hat die Zusammenarbeit von Graffitikünstler Meres (5Pointz) und dem chinesischen Performancekünstler Liu Bolin in New York dokumentiert. Zuletzt gab´s eine ähnliche Kollabo am Big Apple mit dem französischen Street Art Künstler JR hier!

Chinese Artist Liu Bolin aka The Invisible Man had himself painted into an intricate graffiti mural at 5 Pointz yesterday. After touring a few graffiti sites, Liu selected a rich jungle scene by Meres and Zeso as the perfect backdrop for his unique disappearing act. It was a timely choice because 5 Pointz itself is in danger of disappearing. Legal walls are scarce in New York City and 5 Pointz has long been the place for national and international writers to paint.

Posted: 11. Juni 2013