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KOPENHAGEN – ‘Midnight Marauders – The Lost Tapes 6′ [KOPENHAGEN]

Das dänische HipHop Online Magazin BOPGUNN hat bekanntlich Ende Januar 2013 die Videoserie ‚Midnight Marauders – The Lost Tapes‚ gestartet, mit Material aus Kopenhagen und den Jahren 2003 bis 2009. Teil 2 der Videoserie hier, Teil 3 aus dem Jahr 2007 hier, Teil 4 mit HOMO hier, Teil 5 hier und Teil 6 ist seit einigen Tagen ebenfalls online, mehr Informationen zur Episode unten

The sixth episode of Midnight Marauders – The Lost Tapes takes place short time after the old 2. generation S-train had been taking out of traffic. Ocan reminisces over the sunny summer day:

“I remember that period as if it was a time without a care in the world; everyday was just a game for having a new adrenalin rush. I was lucky to be around when they had a little of the old models left, so most of my time was spent wondering how I could paint them. I wasn’t in the political part of the graffiti game back then, meaning that I didn’t have to deal with all the people beefing with each other over stupid shit, that has nothing to do with the essence of hip hop. So I guess there was a little bit less weight on my shoulders. I would say the sun was shining on a young blissful writer. At the time my big dream was of course to paint the old s train and I had schemed on it a lot. My prayers where answered when I got the call from uncle Elsam. He told me that they had put the old s train in a tent in front of the hangar in Høje Taastrup and asked me join. I of course couldn’t wipe the smile of my face and we went straight to the action. I just remember standing in there feeling like I was in one of the movies I had watched since I was little. It was a special feeling and a great honor for me to be there. At the right time and the right place. Respect to Elsam.“

You belong to a generation of writers that came a little too late to have your quality time with the old s-train. Did you still have a particular relationship to it though?

“I grew up in Copenhagen, so when I was little I was always riding the s train with my mother through the city. I remember seeing the tunnels between Vesterport and the main station. I was always riding the trains as a young kid doing tags and so on, so I definitely have a special relationship with the train. Just seeing it and smelling it brings back so many good memories. I miss you!”

In your opinion, did the retirement of the old train mean something for the graffiti scene?

“A lot of the old guys stopped doing so many burners, which I think is a little sad. When I was growing up, it wasn’t just about who could do the most, but who could do the best.I see a lot of people only thinking in numbers, which is not really the essence for me. For me it’s all about going to the yard and doing your very best. When I see a burner from Sabe or cave it always inspires me to go and do something. Off course there are a lot of young guys doing really good things and I think that’s what we have to stick to cause that’s what you remember; when you’re standing on the station and you see a burner that blows your mind. That’s graffiti for me…”

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Posted: 17. August 2013