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Anfang August haben wir GOLDEN GREEN in seinem Hamburger Atelier in Altona besucht und über einige Dinge gesprochen. Der unter dem Namen AIDS bekannt gewordene Graffitikünstler zeigt uns einige seiner aktuellen Kunstdrucke, Zeichnungen, Sketche und wir konnten dabei sein wie ein original GG Character mit der Sprühdose in Eimsbüttel entsteht!


Lives and works in Hamburg / Germany.

In freezing cold January 1979 GOLDEN GREEN was born in Hamburg, Germany. Growing up in a grey cloudy city and having a troubled childhood he knows what it‘s like to wear a frown beneath the mask of a clown since he was a little boy. At the age of 12 he discovered Graffiti in the streets and got deeply drawn into the movement for the following decades. A couple of years later he had to face law consequences for doing graffiti for the first time. He continued painting hundreds of Graffitis in Germany and Europe mainly playing with abstract typography in all shapes and sizes. From 2003 to 2007 he attended Art School and also did trips to America and Asia. Before and during apprenticeship he is earning his living from a tremendous amount of weird side jobs:

He delivered mail and pizza, filleted fish for a seafood dealer, drudged as a harbor worker, cleaner and stage builder, sung in a band, worked as an extra, sold
running shoes and more. Since 2008 he is an independent graphic artist and mural painter. In addition to his passion for Spraycan Art he is now focusing on different ways of expression favoring new mediums and materials. Predominantly he likes to display character portraits mostly printed or painted in ink, acrylics and enamel.

He likes to explore the ambivalent moral and political issues of the modern world – people on the edge of society, life in the city, the gap between different milieus. Aesthetically influenced by the Golden Twenties, mixed with a drop of futuristic cubism and a shot of a dadaistic potion. His pseudonym could be understood both a tribute to the golden past and as a symbol for a blooming future. He is also part of U.B. – UltraBoys International.

Wir haben den Künstler in seinem Hamburger Atelier in Altona besucht. Danach folgen wir GOLDEN GREEN nach Eimsbüttel an einen alten Bunker, wo er eine klassische GOLDEN GREEN Ikone mit der Sprühdose umsetzt.

5 MINUTES ist ein Projekt von in Kooperation mit ARTE Creative

Produktion: Red Tower Films
Golden Green:

Posted: 30. August 2013