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KÖLN – Aryz Mural für Cityleaks Festival

Lichthof Ehrenfeld hat ein schönes Video des ARYZ (Spanien) Murals für das Cityleaks Festival Köln produziert! Mehr vom Festival dann in einer unserer nächsten 5 MINUTES Episode.

CityLeaks proudly presents ARYZ.
This clip was shot for the CityLeaks Urban Art Festival (2nd-22nd of september 2013) i n Cologne Germany.
The mural is located at Severinswall 54, 50678 Köln.

more on the festivals second edition on:

For many reasons young Catalonian artist ARYZ counts among the protagonists on the international street art scene. Marked by an intensive colourfulness and compositional brilliance, his large-scale murals never fall short of fascinating the observer. No matter if human, animal or skeleton – ARYZ’s surreal characters always appear strangely decomposed and therefore in a precarious state between life and death. No wonder then that in his morbid universe even the laws of nature are suspended: the borders between inside and outside as well as between humans, animals and machines are continuously blurred. Despite being undeniably indebted to Dalí, ARYZ’s style along with its subtle air of social critique is of unmistakable originality. Wall-consuming illustration, striking graffiti, and detailed anatomical study eventually fuse into a symbolism of hypnotic power. In recent years ARYZ has been a restless traveller, painting his immense murals in metropolises all across the globe.

camera operators: Rodrigo Mirando, Jan-Simon Krüger
edit: Oliver Müller
production: Lichthof Ehrenfeld
interview: Georg Barringhaus
music content partner:

Posted: 13. Oktober 2013