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Neben den hier schon vorgestellten Drucken von Erosie und Flying Fortress, hat nun auch der Münchener SATONE einen Print für den Kunstverlag „DRAW A LINE“ entworfen. Detailansichten gibt es hier und einen netten Artikel über SatOne und seine Kunst hier.

“This interaction – the dialogue around the work – is what fascinates me most at the moment,” he told us. “In the long run, I feel that the energy that emanates from a project does not only come from the picture, but more the things, the impressions, the encounters that happen around it.” In his work “Berlin Harddisc” we see this energy as a transparent blue mass that flows through his print, never fading, just being reinvested into every new layer.

This is typical of SatOne. For him, to be abstract is not as simple as painting in an abstract way. He describes, “On top of that, it means to concretize a thing or theme and then disassemble it in such a way that the spectator is offered enough room to add his or her own experiences and beliefs to the image.” And we suppose he makes a beautiful point. Sometimes, art should be more challenging. It should make you cringe your brow and wonder what it means, and then allow yourself to recognize that the only meaning that matters is the one you invent.





Posted: 17. Februar 2014