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BERLIN – ‚Project M/3′ – Urban Nation

Das URBAN NATION Projekt ist am vergangenen Wochenende mit Project M in die dritte Runde gegangen. Es wurden wieder diverse internationale Street Art Künstler in die Hauptstadt eingeladen, darunter Martha Cooper, Dotdotdot, Ernest Zacharevic, Various & Gould, M-City, Levalet, Plotbot Ken, David Hochbaum, Martin Whatson, Evol und Buff Diss! Kuratiert vom NUART Team aus Stavanger (Norwegen). Für Mai kündigt die Projektleiterin Yasha Young Project M/4 an.


Project M is a temporary art project with the objective to improve the neighborhood, to push creativity and to connect people. At regular intervals Urban Nation with director Yasha Young invites a group of internationally reclaimed contemporary urban artists to re-design the facade and shop windows of a prominent residential building in Berlin, while it is being reconstructed.

Project M/3 is curated by norwegian street and urban art festival Nuart and features international artists like the legendary US photo journalist Martha Cooper, the Lithuanian native Ernest Zacharevic, Norwegian Martin Whatson, Berlin-based urban art duo Various & Gould and many more. The artworks are on view in Berlin since March 15 until the launch of Project M/4 in May.

Much more than just being a creative cover-up during construction time, the art invites passers-by and residents alike to engage with the building, the motifs and the styles of the different artists. Project M is all about communities and also about sharing. This is why it is a group of artists coming together to create a colorful cocoon for the building.

Urban Nation presents: Project M/3!
curated by Nuart

featuring: Martha Cooper, Dotdotdot, Ernest Zacharevic, Various & Gould, M-City, Levalet, Plotbot Ken, David Hochbaum, Martin Whatson, Evol, Buff Diss!

Additional artworks at the new Urban Nation Workspace by: James Bullough, Tankpetrol and SellFable City


Yasha Young is the director and curator of Urban Nation, her creative vision is catalyst to the growth and evolvement of the Project M series. As a gallery owner, curator and celebrity talent handler, Young is deeply involved in the international urban arts sphere.!

What if there was a home for international urban contemporary art – visionary – innovative – brave and in Berlin ?

What if there was a space for supported projects, workshops, events and exhibitions?

What if there was a platform to initiate worldwide cultural exchange, to empower the next generations of artists and to enter a dialogue between interdisciplinary communities?

We all are our cities.

Urban Nation aims to bring together and connect the creative voices of the cities around the globe in a non- profit public space.

Urban Nation is a unique vision with the goal and potential to help support and shape the future of urban art, communities, neighborhoods and city planning.

URBAN NATION: Connect. Create. Care.

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Source: Urban Nation Press Release
Photos: Henrik Haven

Posted: 18. März 2014