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VIDEOSERIE – ‚Versus Project‘ – Episode 16 – 29


Die Sprühdosenmarke MTN aus Barcelona hat im Frühjahr 2013 das VERSUS Projekt gestartet. Für diese ambitionierte Videoserie haben die Spanier im Vorfeld ‚Hardcore‘ 400ml Dosen der neuen Generation an diverse Graffitikünstler in der ganzen Welt gesampelt. Mit dabei uA Risko aus Portugal, Bitch aus Polen, Rosy aus der Schweiz, Towns aus England, Marvel aus SchwedenEgs, Zmogk aus Russland, Gris aus Frankreich, die VIM Crew uvm. Die ausgewählten Farbtöne werden in meist schnellen Aktionen getestet und die Clips dazu für das Projekt bereitgestellt. Die ersten 10 Episoden haben wir hier im Mai 2013 gepostet, weitere 5 Episoden könnt ihr hier im Beitrag vom August 2013 sehen. Ist also schon etwas her, daher hier mal wieder ein Update was so alles danach online gestellt wurde inklusive dem neuesten Video aus Berlin mit TRUS von der BAD und den MOAS zu sehen ganz unten in der Videoliste. Ausserdem dabei sind wieder LIGISD mit SLAP und NIRO aus Schweden, BRUS aus Rom, OGRE aus Lyon, BOING aus Athen und viele mehr.


Three for the price of one is the deal we got in our latest edition of Versus! No one less than NIRO WUFC and his mates SLAP and LIGISD gets down on the tracks to confront our green color Verde Ufo. The mission: a freight train. This original video in the style of a mid 20th century documentary has its focus on the vintage feeling and romantic atmosphere of being around freight trains. This together with three different swedish styles of the most authentic character makes the result of this episode completely outstanding. Ladies and gentlemen…. Enjoy the show!


The VERSUS project has crossed the ocean and came ashore over in the United States. Californian writer AMEND chose to confront our ‚Merlot Red‘, one of the colors on our Hardcore 2 scale which in no time has become a classic due to its nice garnet tone and high potential in covering. The following VERSUS offers elegance and class in all ways possible, don’t miss it!


Below the alias of PW13 he presents the 10th episode of our second season of VERSUS. The PW, WCA and FTW member from Brussels has chosen the Hardcore 2 ‚Malva‘ to cover parts of the mythic Belgian maroon colored trains. A fast and disturbing type of video, same as its main character…


If you thought that the challenge of our project VERSUS would not visit Madrid, you have been wrong… Our ‚Marrón Galgo‘ (Greyhound Brown) fell into the hands of our friend MAMÓN. Both Madrid traditions and originality can be seen in the style of this classic writer who know is confronted with only one color. Game on!


In this eight run of our second round of our project Versus it is time for Ogre to show his skills. This infamous writer from Lion chose to face our ‚Amarillo Atacama‘ and the conditions are as usual: One color chosen from our Hardcore 2 range, black and white. Lets see how it goes down…


Greece is one of the countries in Europe with a culture of train-writing that should not be forgotten about. One of the reason for this must, with no doubt, be the beautiful metro of Athens. Famous for being hard to paint, it now seems like things has slightly changed over the last two years. However it is, the Athens model of metro is a desire of many writers, all which surely has looked upon the pieces of Boing on its metal panels with envy. And it is Boing alone which will try out our Violeta Bruja (‚Witch Violet‘) when he represents greek graffiti in this next episode of Versus! Lets see how he does!


Our PATAGONIA BLUE has travelled all the way to Australia where it ended up in the hands of CEKIOS. No one less than him is who’s next in line for our VERSUS project, the challenge of painting with one color only out of our MTN Hardcore range. Don’t miss this exciting train action from Sydney!


Next stop in our series Versus is Croatia, and OBELICS is one of the most experienced train writers from this small central European country. Who better to show us what can be done with GLACIER BLUE, Black and White HARDCORE 2? Lights, camera and… ACTION!


Another episode of VERSUS! This time our „FLAMINGO“ Hardcore 2 color travels to Mexico gets into the hands of SMUGGLE WD. A true show of style is what we are in for when the writer makes a rooftop in Mexico City along with the rest of the of the world going about their everyday life. But thats not enough…


EXIT, who recently could be seen in a video where he made a piece with the MTN MEGA PLATA, is now about to confront our Poison Green (Verde Veneno) of the HARDCORE 2 range. A beautiful color brought along for some action inside one of the garages of the Eusko Train. Tension and tranquility are mixed together in this latest episode of Versus which ends with EXIT fantastic creation rolling around in traffic.


This last episode of our VERSUS project is like taken from a dream. Our favorite Roman writer, Brus, gets involved with Pangea Brown (Marrón Pangea) from our HARDCORE 2’s with his unmatchable wildstyle. Bricks and metal is the SDT and MOAS member’s choice of canvases. This guy really puts his foot down…


The VERSUS project made a visit to Portugal again. But this time the challenge of painting with one HARDCORE 2 color only took its ways to Porto in the north. Writer FYND confronts our MAX GREEN. Various actions on many different surfaces captured in a video just as raw as the styles of FYND.


The Buzludzha monument is a majestic construction from the Soviet era, and the USA94 crew chose it as the scene for their contribution for this new chapter of our VERSUS project. We get to see the three bulgarian writers GOAT, MAZE and FELON getting down with our Hardcore 2 UNICORN YELLOW. Lets check out when they bring these Hardcore 2’s along on this risky mission made with the beautiful scenery of the Mount Buzludzha.


Versus project has returned. The new edition resumes hard with this magnificent episode featuring Trus. Being one of the Moas components, he’s one of the Berlin train and metro writers with the best overall balance between quantity and quality. A polished style of German decent on the beautiful yellow metro, perfectly resolved using only one color: Element Green.

Posted: 20. Januar 2015