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Der Berliner Kunstverlag DRAW A LINE hat mit Adrian Falkner aka. SMASH 137 einen neuen Print heraus gebracht. Zudem, und für uns an dieser Stelle fast spannender, gibts es wieder ein interessantes Interview mit dem Artist (englisch) inklusive Fotostrecke von Rüdiger Glatz.


By now you have dissolved your letters completely. One wouldn’t even dream of attempting to read letters into your actual works.

Yes, that’s true, although there’s a lot that reminds the viewer of script. The letters that I used as a formal scaffold for a long time made room for abstract painting. Graffiti to me is all about how I write, not about what I write – and that’s what fascinates me about painting too. Especially abstract art is all about how it is made and not about what it depicts. All of that might sound easy as pie, but to get rid of the constraint to depict something was extremely hard. That took me seven, maybe even 25 years.


Posted: 14. März 2015