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VIDEO – ‚These Dreams‘ – Ein Sonntag mit SKOR72

Der Name SKOR72 ist vielen aus dem Musikbereich (Soundcloud) ein Begriff ebenso ist er auch als Graffitikünstler (Facebook) bekannt. Vor einigen Tagen feierte SKOR sein Jubiläum mit den „Sunday Sessions“. Einen Musik Mix aus seiner Vinylsammlung, den er seit 5 Jahren jeden Sonntag auf Soundcloud online stellt.

Der Filmemacher Julian Voltmann (OutOfFocus/OOF) hat SKOR72 in seinem Studio besucht und einen typischen Sonntag gefilmt. Das Ergebnis ist ein kurzes Videoportrait über einen sehr kreativen Menschen mit dem Titel „These Dreams“. Kategorie sehenswert.

„The fact that Graffiti evolves around written words should be a known fact to all of us, but the definition of a writer is left to the interpretation of each and every one of us.

I was always unable to form a letter to a notable degree, but i still admire those who understood the structure and build up of a letter completely, instead of being satisfied with making a 4 to 5 letter combination look good that they chose when they graduated from ground school. People who are able to create a whole alphabet within one style, are the ones that are supposed to be entitled as writers under a typographic point of view.

SKOR72 had a clean but yet sophisticated style, ever since i met him. Built up without unnecessary distractions, pure, if you will. His hand styles stuck out from the ones you would be used to see by that time. Arabesque without a lack of the traditional Graffiti touch. That constructed flow soon was notable in his pieces as well. Constructivism meets natural flow, describes it best, i’d say. An understanding that grew from years of examination, all before the script and type boom that floods social media and advertising nowadays.

So his typographic work might seem to come out of thin air, but really is the result of years of dedication and hard work paired with great character, that tends to an understatement most of the time, so the lack of visibility was always self inflicted.

I know the Artist SKOR72 for ages by now and i’m lucky enough to also call Pascal my friend. Very few can look back on a history so consequent, consistent and steady as his. Never afraid to explore new mediums, without forgetting about his roots.“ – HOMBRE SUK


Posted: 8. September 2015