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MyFinbec is again cooperating with the artist collective HERAKUT for an amazing new collection entitled „BETWEEN HERE & FAIRY TALE“, original artworks on canvas, wood and cardboards. Therefore this video was produced to explain again the perfect merge between the artists working together since more than 12 years.

Since 2004, HERA (Jasmin Siddiqui) and AKUT (Falk Lehmann) have merged their names and styles to collaborate creatively as HERAKUT. Since then the duo have been painting murals all over the world, along with additional work on canvas, paper and film for gallery and museum shows.

HERAKUT consider themselves as „storytellers“ who want to share their thoughts and questions with the public, so their figurative work is always accompanied with text, Jasmin uses her drawing skills on finding the form and proportion of their characters, while Falk paints the photorealistic elements.

Check the full collection here!

Posted: 25. Oktober 2016