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The Berlin Kidz have become infamous, shocking the graffiti world with extreme, adrenaline fuelled stunts and actions and taking it to whole different level. With their red and blue tags proudly strung across the majority of the city’s rooftops and mysterious installations of bicycles locked up high on city landmarks, their presence in the city of Berlin cannot be ignored. A close knit and organised group, well connected with arguably the world’s biggest graffiti crew 1UP, have shot to the top of many peoples radars with their self-titled movie and appearances in the music videos of German rap star Kontra K. With skill sets far exceeding those of your standard graffiti writer, the Berlin Kidz go to extreme lengths to create their works; lock picking their way to lofty heights, only to dangle from them with ropes.

This summer the Berlin Kidz team dropped a trailer teasing the second part of the BERLIN KIDZ movie (watch below) supported by FUZZ ME´s „Runby run“. It seems like the movie is gonna be published by november latest december 2017! We will keep you posted!

Posted: 17. Oktober 2017