Mit „Hate The Player – Urdin Aroaren Amaiera“ kündigt das Vampire Team aus dem spanischen Baskenland bereits den dritten Teil … [more]

Here is a short appetizer by OPDERAILS to announce another fresh Benching video from Holland coming soon! After this one … [more]

It´s been a while since we have posted the first trailer of the DEVILS NEVER SLEEP movie, supposed to be … [more]

The german SPRUEHSPORT MAGAZINE (Insta) just announced a FAST DRIPS ON TOUR Special to be published in their upcoming November … [more]

In case you wondered what happend to the RADICALS DVD Volume 2 out of LEIPZIG, Germany, here is the answer. … [more]

It´s been a while since we´ve posted the trailer for PAPAS´s 4th edition, 2 years after the first preview here … [more]

Pretty keen to watch this movie in full length soon: check the short teaser for ‚On Track‘ from Holland. More … [more]

5 years ago we featured the Hamburg based GBR Crew aka the Ghettoblasters with a 5MINUTES episode painting trains in … [more]

One Step Beyond is a new DVD coming from Brno, Czech Republic featuring the WATT and TFM Crews on tour … [more]

Thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign the Street art documentary „Sky’s The Limit, Painters of the Extreme” by French filmmaker … [more]

„Über Freaks“ is a new documentary movie by THE GRIFTERS taking place deep in the heart of Berlin, and chronicles … [more]

There is a new movie coming soon out of Essen,Germany with focus on trainwriting and the CVA Crew celebrating their … [more]

„The Get Down“ is an upcoming musical drama television series created by Baz Luhrmann and Stephen Adly Guirgis that is … [more]

The PointOfViewTV (PRE O.V. Video) Team just announced the release of a movie with this trailer. The DVD Movie features … [more]

Here is some information for our german readers interested in german Hip Hop and its History. Filmmaker Michael Münch is … [more]

Banksy is the world’s most infamous “street artist”, that´s a fact. his work is mostly illegal, as fast as his … [more]

The ‚Schönz Züri‘ is trying to realize a film project entitled CARGOPOWER. Therefore they just released this trailer and the … [more]

Here is the very good trailer for „La Pintura“, a graffiti documentary that reveals the motivation, purpose and commitment of … [more]

Not quite sure how often we posted teaser and trailer clips of GIRL POWER through the past years, but this … [more]

Der hier bereits erwähnte Photo-Blog MANAGE THE DAMAGE präsentiert ab kommenden Jahr einen neue Videoserie mit dem Titel “TODOS“. Einen … [more]

Am 27.Februar 2016 kommt eine neue Graffiti DVD aus Sachsen mit dem Titel ‚Hunkey Kongs‘. Der einstündige Film von der … [more]

Die SMT Crew aus London will kommendes Jahr den zweiten Teil von SYSTEM TUMOURS auf DVD veröffentlichen, Teaser und Trailer … [more]

Wir haben soeben eine weitere DVD Ankündigung aus Berlin hochgeladen, den Trailer für ‚Devils Never Sleep‘, ein 90minütiger Film von … [more]

Nach KILLING THE DARKNEZZ aus Berlin, BUCHAWRESTLERS III aus Rumänien und DISKOPOLO III aus Polen noch ein Trailer für einen … [more]

Aus der rumänischen Hauptstadt kommt ebenfalls ein neuer Trainwriting Film, mit der BUCHAWRESTLERS Fortsetzung und dem inzwischen dritten Teil. Wie … [more]

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