The two german graffiti artists Markus Genesius and Mirko Reisser better knowns as WOW123 and DAIM recently collaborated on a … [more]

The Golden Hands Gallery (Kaiser- Wilhelm- Str. 87, Hamburg, Germany) just announced the next exhbition, a show with works by … [more]

November 17th, 2017 the „Partners in Crime – The 100 Wholecars Exhibition“ at Okk / Raum 29, Berlin, Germany. Everything … [more]

Photography legend Martha Cooper has a new solo show at Steven Kasher Gallery in New York featuring her photography from … [more]

Through our network we heard little stories and rumours about a new project in Berlin called THE HAUS. Only a … [more]

The URBAN NATION Berlin project invited Berlin based Street Artist and Photographer JUST, Hamburg based blogger and journalist Rudolf David … [more]

A monumental and playful installation spread over 3 floors, crosses 20 years of work, from the street to the museum, … [more]

On Friday 3rd February 2017 in Copenhagen, Cheeky will have a solo show titled Stay Cheeky. Cheeky is a multidisciplined … [more]

Graffiti artist Mason is known for his affinity for a graphic style with geometric traits and for typographic constructions. His … [more]

As mentioned before here and here, the MAGIC CITY Group exhbition is running in Dresden since beginning of october 2016 … [more]

As mentioned before here, the MAGIC CITY Group exhbition is running in Dresden since beginning of october 2016 with more … [more]

In Dresden, Germany MAGIC CITY – THE ART OF THE STREET just opened its doors october, 1st, 2016. A big … [more]

Graffiti crew TOY from Berlin (Das schöne Haus) will be exhibiting for the first time from 10th to 11th of … [more]

The OZM Gallery Hamburg recently opened the doors of their very last exhibition in the rooms of Bartelsstrasse 65. On … [more]

In September 2015 the Kolly Gallery initiated a series of exhibitions, held in temporary locations, that are intended to bring … [more]

The Kolly Gallery Zürich presents a solo exhibition by the German artist collective MOSES & TAPS™. The exhibition takes place … [more]

For the first time in Zurich the Kolly Gallery presents a solo exhibition of the German artist collective MOSES & … [more]

On March 31st, 2016, the exhibition IN MEMORIAM with works by Sigi von Koeding aka DARE opened reception at the … [more]

This is a short videopreview of the upcoming exhibition CORPORATE IDENTITY by MOSES & TAPS™ at Golden Hands Gallery Hamburg, … [more]

MOSES & TAPS™ are currently the most prominent players of an artistic genre which is so current that it has … [more]

Wie bereits hier angekündigt, wurde gstern (21.01.2016) die Ausstellung AUSWÄRTSSPIEL mit Arbeiten von Sigi von Koeding aka DARE in der … [more]

Ab 21.Januar 2016 zeigt die KOLLY GALLERY Zürich Arbeiten des im März 2010 verstorbenen Baseler Graffitikünstlers Sigi von Koeding aka … [more]

Die Graffiti Ausstellungsreihe THE FENCE des Berliner YARD5 Stores geht 2016 in eine neue Runde und startet mit Arbeiten von … [more]

Das Projekt SIMILARITIES wird ab kommenden Samstag in Dortmund (05.12.2015) erstmals in einer Ausstellung gezeigt. Wie die Leinwandarbeiten zu SIMILARITIES … [more]

Am 21. November 2015 öffnet die Colab Gallery ihre Türen für Ihre Winterausstellung „Rough Cast“. Im halbjährlichen Rhythmus präsentiert die … [more]

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