Der Designer und Graffitikünstler Andre Morgner aka BOOGIE präsentiert dieses Jahr nun schon zum dritten Mal seine Holzkunst-Serie „BOYS FROM … [more]

In this two new episodes of Graff TV by Spraydaily the graffiti writers SLIDER from Germany and KAISY from Slovakia … [more]

Here is a video of GFK and QMS Crews from Hamburg painting all over Sri Lanka including the streets of … [more]

Another great installment by the TOY Crew from Berlin („Das schöne Haus„,Window box installation on S-Train) just went live on … [more]

another TOY Crew installment („Das schöne Haus„) just went up today, this time featuring an intervention installing window boxes on … [more]

„Er gehört zum Tafelsilber des Berliner Graffiti: DEJOE. Gefühlt ist er schon immer dabei, tatsächlich auch: Seit fast 30 Jahren … [more]

MyFinbec is again cooperating with the artist collective HERAKUT for an amazing new collection entitled „BETWEEN HERE & FAIRY TALE“, … [more]

After OBVIOUSLY 2 and UNCREASED Leipzig based graffiti artist SNOW21 (Ich bin Leipzig) just finished his latest urban intervention entitled … [more]

Mural Artist Douglas “Hoxxoh” Hoekzema was just working on his biggest project ever in Miami: a beautiful 25,000 square-foot mural, … [more]

In this three new episodes of Graff TV by Spraydaily the graffiti writers SKORE79 from Germany, BIOS from Ukraine and … [more]

The following Video shows you roundabout 5 minutes of action on the Mexico city Metro.

At Strelitzer Straße 18 in 10115 Berlin next to the Berlin Wall memorial there is an extraordinary new mural. The … [more]

MISSION is a new videoseries by swedish 4608 of train action videos aiming to portray different elements of painting on … [more]

In this STREET ATELIER Episode by ARTE Creative and ILOVEGRAFFITI.DE LOOMIT (48), one of the first german graffiti artists talking … [more]

Young filmmaker Paul Trienekens went to Hawaii to produce his bachelor work about the POWWOW Mural Festival. The result is … [more]

The SCHÖNZ ZÜRI Team just sent in a new video entitled CARGOPOWER 2016 with freights painted and running in Switzerland.

Here is a new video by the DUA BOYS from Copenhagen painting trains in Italy. The movie has a message … [more]

After episode 01, episode 02, 03 and 04 here is the fifth part of FAST DRIPS´s videoseries entitled ON TOUR … [more]

Another ADOPTED BAD MAID Video by the ABM Crew from Osnabrück (Germany) is online, this time painting trains in Vienna. … [more]

The Writer Stories Team presents »UN_TITLED« — a 17minutes running video with with footage from Frankfurt, Hannover, Stuttgart and Vienna … [more]

Some fresh pieces running in this benching video entitled „RÄPSCHRIFT ON STEEL!“ from Hamburg produced by Graffiti artist S-FLY who … [more]

For this 5MINUTES episode we finally made it to Moscow following the Russian graffiti writer RASKO (Instagram, Facebook) on his … [more]

The TOY Crew just found a „nice house“ to paint in Berlin, checkout the video! Photo: Fresh Graff Instagram

For those of you interested in Graffiti down south germany: this is a video by the ADHS and DISKO crew … [more]

This is how to backjumpp a commuter train in Russia, a video by the Orlines Organization shot in Nizhny Novgorod … [more]

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