GOUCH is a documentary movie about New York graffiti culture and one’s man drive to leave a legacy within it. … [more]

Here is episode of Leerfahrt Ent by the DFV Crew plus LTN, TFE, ABM, EQT, LPS and ATS crews rocking … [more]

Portuguese graffiti artist Odeith is a pioneer of anamorphic graffiti art. Painting on more than one surface, he creates a … [more]

Here is a new video straight out the MOLOTOW Headquarters featuring graffiti artist WOK of BANDITS DRESDEN crew rocking the … [more]

Here is a fresh new Jungle comic themed wall production by graffiti artists RICO79 (Sprayday), ENJOY and TWEET of the … [more]

The good people over at Caribes TV (YouTube) just sent in another video featuring thesouth american CMS Crew painting subways, … [more]

Here is the second and third part of another Videoseries by the FAST DRIPS Team: „A Taste of“ – previously … [more]

Here is a new installment by the Spraydaily Team with a video featuring graffiti artist TASTE of ATT Crew from … [more]

In this two videos entitled LEIPZIGER ALLERLEI young graffitiwriters Pera and Demon of SAM Crew travel to Prague and Vienna.

Gav and Dan aka THE SLOW MO GUYS seem to have lost their paint brushes. However, not all is lost, … [more]

Here is a weird short web media (Berliner Morgenpost) documentary about Berlin´s CTY NO and two other parties talking about … [more]

As seen in with episode 01 (Turkey), episode 02 (India), episode 03 (Thailand), episode 04 (Malaysia), episode 05 and 06 … [more]

After ONE DAY IN Episode 01 from Lisbon here is episode 02 with footage from the italian capital Rome.

The TRG Crew meets the local GLK Crew to hit the Budapest Metro, no HD video footage but fun to … [more]

HUBIK from Brazil presents a video featuring graffitiwriter REKS running the streets of SANTIAGO DE CHILE!Soundtrack provided by E.S.S.D

The dutch CHEMISTRY MAGAZINE also kicks off with a videoseries, entitled TALES FROM THE RAILS – EPISODE 01 GEELBLAUW and … [more]

After the first RUNNERS episode featuring STEREO in Amsterdam this second one features UTAH & ETHER again: „As a graffiti … [more]

In August 2015, film director Selina Miles travelled with artist Guido van Helten to Akureyri – a town on the … [more]

As seen in with episode 01 (Turkey), episode 02 (India), episode 03 (Thailand), episode 04 (Malaysia), episode 05 and 06 … [more]

This video entitled C-LINE LOVERS represents Trainwriting in the portuguese capatail Lisbon featuring graffiti artist Kiler and friends, local and … [more]

Here is a Stop Motion Video by graffiti artist FURIOUS that looks as unreal as it is real: first lines, … [more]

Here is part 02 of the 00SERIES by the TODOS in cooperation with

On Saturday June 18th, 2016 the SCHÖNZ ZÜRI Team from Zurich, Switzerland celebrates the release of their print magazine issue … [more] from Australia just sent in a new piece they just released alongside melbourne style writer ASKEM. A short video … [more]

JoeMakesMovies just produced a short film about Stefano Phen, a graffiti and tattoo artist based in Barcelona Here’s the link: … [more]