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New year, new city – in it´s 11th edition the ibug Street Art festival took place in Limbach-Oberfrohna, a small … [more]

Here is the second part of CARGOPOWER 2016 by the SCHÖNZ ZÜRI Team with freights painted and running in Switzerland, … [more]

MyFinbec is again cooperating with the artist collective HERAKUT for an amazing new collection entitled „BETWEEN HERE & FAIRY TALE“, … [more]

In Dresden, Germany MAGIC CITY – THE ART OF THE STREET just opened its doors october, 1st, 2016. A big … [more]

Mural Artist Douglas “Hoxxoh” Hoekzema was just working on his biggest project ever in Miami: a beautiful 25,000 square-foot mural, … [more]

After the Kick Off Mural of #WallsOfWir painted in Hamburg St. Pauli (Detlev–Bremer–Straße 55) by ANNA T-IRON, OJEY 80, HEIS … [more]

Here is the Kick Off Mural of #WallsOfWir painted in Hamburg St. Pauli (Detlev–Bremer–Straße 55) by ANNA T-IRON, OJEY 80, … [more]

ibug 2016 – August 26-28 in Limbach-Oberfrohna New wear, new city – in it´s 11th edition the ibug takes place … [more]

August 27th and August, 28th, 2016 it´s HAFENDAMPF Graffiti Jam Time in Essen/Germany (Area Stadthafen / Hafenstr.). The 4th edition … [more]

In this episode of Graff TV by Spraydaily the Berlin based graffiti writer DEPOT is featured. GRAFF TV is a … [more]

This month 5MINUTES episode features russian graffitiwriter RASKO running the streets of Moscow. Here is a short teaser – the … [more]

TOO STRONG (ATOM & DOZE) presents together with BEATSTREETS an interesting event entitled „THE REAL DEAL“ celebrating the 20th anniversary … [more]

Graffiti writer ACID, BOKS, KESH and VIZE made it to the Hawaii news with a nice wholecar on a train … [more]

The Issue 14 of the italian EGOWAR Magazine is out now, subways only on 68 pages (english) featuring RUMBA, UTAH … [more]

Have a look at some of the murals from this years MURAL festival in Montreal, which began in 2013. Very … [more]

The project Tracing Morocco began in 2014, at the artist residence Jardin Rouge where Hendrik ECB Beikirch painted 22 portraits … [more]

The Kolly Gallery Zürich presents a solo exhibition by the German artist collective MOSES & TAPS™. The exhibition takes place … [more]

Another german graffiti magazine is out ow with its first issue. This one goes under the name SPRÜHSPORT and contains … [more]

Here is our next 5MINUTES episode with focus on Trainwriting in Berlin featuring none other than TRUS of BAD CREW … [more]

We are very close to the TRAFFIC CARTEL DVD Release (May 20th, 2016), a trainwriting graffiti movie with and produced … [more]

The graffiti artists MEGA and ROMEO from the north of Holland are about to release a selection of their best … [more]

Thomas Bratzke (a.k.a. Zasd, Zast) from Berlin is a central figure within the experimental urban art scene of the past … [more]

The ‚Vandals on Vacation‘ series just dropped the second episode, 11 minutes actions on trains and subways Italy (Naples, Catania..) … [more]

This scene from the swedish graffiti documentary STOCKHOLM LIVE Movie just made its round through the world wide web the … [more]

Looking forward to another installment entitled „The South Connection“ from the NWO Crew and Friends from Australia. Stay tuned for … [more]

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