Das SPRUESHPORT Magazin kommt der vierten Ausgabe und steht kurz vor dem Release. Das 90seitige Graffiti Magazin im Format A4 … [more]

Mit einer dicken Verspätung kommt nun endlich die 51te Ausgabe des STYLEFILE Magazins. Die COSMICFILE zeigt auf 88 Seiten neben … [more]

Time flies! The STYLEFILE MAGAZINE is about to release issue 50 (!). This one is titled MIRRORFILE, according to the … [more]

Today is the release day of SPRÜHSPORT MAGAZINE´s Issue number 03. One of several specials in the german magazine with … [more]

ARTISTZ from Berlin comes with Issue 08 after 10 years of publishing the magazine regulary it was about time to … [more]

November is Calendar release time, so let´s start with this one illustrated and released by graffiti artist ROSY ONE from … [more]

The 3rd issue of the fanzine GUIDE03 features four graffiti taggers based in Prague by the name of BIOR, PAOO, … [more]

The HITZEROT Team Berlin just informed us about a few new interesting items available at their online store. New publications … [more]

In 2015, dutch graffiti writer SAME set out to paint the ʻnamesʼ of the friends he’s made during his extensive … [more]

In June 2017 Berlin based photographer PETER STELZIG (Analog vs. Digital – Trainwriting Artphotography) released his second book entitled „Graffiti … [more]

German graffiti legend RAZOR of COS CREW just launched a small online shop with different items to buy! Available at … [more]

Straight outa Berlin comes a new graffiti magazine called STAHL MAGAZINE. Stahl Magazine No.1 is a 300 copy limited edition, … [more]

The WRITING HESSISCH Magazine from Frankfurt/Main, Germany comes with issue 04 and a Rhein/Main Train Section on 120 pages. „Ebbe … [more]

GHETTO FEVER Magazine 2 – The Return of the Mag. Nearly one year after the release of GHETTO FEVER VOL.1, … [more]

The Downbylaw Graffiti Art Magazine from northern germany is out with Issue #18. Specials with HEIS of Jukebox Cowboys, HOPARE … [more]

Here we go with some more news by Good Guy Boris of the Grifters and his very first book to … [more]

The team behind BERLIN WRITERS provides a nice 2017 calendar with monthly photos and images from Berlin and elsewhere. The … [more]

The new STYLEFILE Issue #48 entitled the COPFILE is out now! Graffiti artist SLIDER from Dresden has the main feature … [more]

The guys behind BERN INTERNATIONAL PLAYGROUND (Instagram) from Switzerland just released their first Fanzine about trainwriting in Bern. The magazine … [more]

The ADOPTED BAD MAID Videoseries by the ABM Crew from Osnabrück (Germany) were previously released episodes produced to promote the … [more]

After running an interesting TUMBLR for a while the EDELSTEIN Team from Berlin now published a printed magazine with its … [more]

“This is not an autobiography in the practical sense. I didn’t cover the day-to-day minutia of my childhood or formative … [more]

After the release party a few days ago austria´s GO ON Magazine is out now with its eight issue entitled … [more]

The ACHTUNG MAGAZINE (by Issue number 08 is about to be released! Here is a short list of featured … [more]

Here is a new Coloring Book fresh out the JUKEBOX COWBOYS Box. Illustrations inspired by popular 80´s songs and evergreens … [more]

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