After the CAPETOWN video (DRS Crew & Friends) here is another HELLO FROM Episode this time from Warsaw (Poland) featuring … [more]

Reka is back on a visit in Melbourne after a few years overseas. While in town, he hooked up with … [more]

We caught up with London legend TIZER of ID Crew and asked some questions! Here is the short interview with … [more]

After spray paint today the pump paint marker is probably the second important product for graffiti and street artists. Since … [more]

After the sad news about Berlin Stylemaster ODEM and PHED from the UK who both passed away way too young … [more]

Graffiti artist PHED from London recently passed away while painting legally in Hanoi, Vietnam, and to make sure he is … [more]

„Art in a frame…“ – Performance by ROCCO AND HIS BROTHERS „One morning policemen were alarmed by a recently put … [more]

In the last couple of years we at ILOVEGRAFFITI.DE have noticed some really nice graffiti here and there by stylewriter … [more]

Graffiti artist BOOGIE of SML Crew and the HOMBOOG Collective went to Asia in december 2016 to visit Jakarta (Indonesia), … [more]

Many of you might remember the TAKEN BY A VANDAL DVD project (Stylefile, 2012), a film with a running time … [more]

Film maker STEFAN POHL, the man behind the documentary movie HELLO MY NAME IS – GERMAN GRAFFITI (premiered Spring 2015) … [more]

ODEM of SOS Crew Berlin was more than an iconic figure in the graffiti movement in the 80’s and 90’s … [more]

A monumental and playful installation spread over 3 floors, crosses 20 years of work, from the street to the museum, … [more]

It´s always great to see full color sketches popping up like the works from MATE ONE recently featured here. There … [more]

Vr0n is an female embroidery artist based in Philadelphia who creates incredible embroidery work based on graffiti pieces that have … [more]

Last night the span of the New York Brooklyn Bridge were spray painted with the words “Love, Love, Love” Mass … [more]

Here is one of many new videos recently popping up on a website called THE SECOND SPRING. This short one … [more]

This is the official music video for the upcoming 3rd album of the History of Bass series. The album will … [more]

It´s always great to see new burners coming up by graffiti artist GESER of 3A crew, who started painting styles … [more]

Here is another interesting collaboration of graffiti art, body painting, calligraphy and photography. Hamburg based photographer and film maker Randy … [more]

The BIZARRE BEYOND BELIEF Team just went online with their latest digital magazine issue number 23 featuring specials with Skape289, … [more]

Here is a new video featuring the dutch graffiti artist SAME entitled „Same – Sprinter“ uploaded by the good guys … [more]

Imagine grabbing a tube of paint, dipping your brush in the black goop and gliding the brush across a canvas. … [more]

In October 2016 the ONO’U Festival took place again in Tahiti and Raiatea. The festival primarily aims to become a … [more]

Here is some friday adrenaline for you: the pixação gringos ALERTA,G SUINA,LARICA,CRISE,EXTASE,CAIO,OS BM,RASTA BOYS,FRANCISCO,LIMITS and BIRUTAS doing the do the … [more]

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