As seen in with episode 01 (Turkey), episode 02 (India), episode 03 (Thailand) and episode 04 (Malaysia) in this project … [more]

There is a new fourth episode attached to this three videos of the SONDERZUG Videoseries by graffiti artist SOAP and … [more]

The SWR Crew from Germany just released their first episode of an videoseries entitled RUNAWAY. There you go…

Here is another Videoseries Kickoff by the FAST DRIPS Team: „A Taste of“ with episode one from Hamburg, street and … [more]

„A group of Old Traveling Gentlemen went to Italy to meet some old friends. We were lucky to get some … [more]

The WRITERS MADRID Team continues their FLAME ORANGE ROUTE Videoseries with this one from a recent trip to Marseille, Lyon … [more]

After TALES OF YESTERDAY 04 it´s WEIRD IMAK again with a video entitled JUST ANOTHER VACATION featuring graffitiwriter IRAS and … [more]

In this project UTAH & ETHER (dubbed the „Bonnie & Clyde“ of the graffiti world by The New York Times) … [more]

Here is another COPENHAGEN TRAINSPOTTING Update of the videoseries ‚Running in Copenhagen‘ by Kim Matthiesen: since our last post in … [more]

After episode 01 the FAST DRIPS Team continues their new videoseries entitled ON TOUR with the second chapter and footage … [more]

The second issue of BLURRED FACES is online (Episode 01). This time with actions on subways and trains from Oslo, … [more]

AKZENT and PIRAT on vacation in bella italia…

ORMAGEDDON is a 1hour film made by the ORM crew from Moscow about trainwriting in Russia and Europe with footage … [more]

Here is a new video featuring the PLUS Crew hitting subways in New York, Chicago and San Francisco!

The T.PD Crew from Russia (T.roublemakers Movie) just released this adrenaline clip painting a commuter train somewhere in Russia.

If you want to spend 18 minutes watching the HM Crew painting trains in Copenhagen, Denmark, press play below!

BLOCKSPORT TV brings a new videoclip entitled „Train graffiti action Agent Orange“ featuring trainwriter AKTOR and the PL piecing on … [more]

After a little break here is episode 04 of the TALES OF YESTERDAY videoseries by featuring 9 minutes with … [more]

Some of you might know the sender behind this new political graffiti video from the Ruhr Area (Germany) entitled FUCK … [more]

Watch an army of ONEUP Crew Members painting a BERLIN Wholetrain on Berlin S-Train…

Einmal im Jahr ist es Zeit für das traditionelle 10minütige Gee Spotting Benching Video aus Holland. „Who Are You Now?“ … [more]

‚Hardcore Regio Mission With Team Norbert‘ aka GBR Crew and Friends painting a wholecar… Equipped with stark shooters, called Uwe … [more]

Globetrotter Rumba of TRG and 180 Crews went Berlin with crewmate Super BM45 plus a couple of friends!

Here is a short video by the KIDS and REDRÖM Crews painting trains in Italy…

Here is a short video by NIGHT SHIFT featuring a few graffiti artists from munich painting S-Trains plus Benching…

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