I Love Graffiti DE http://ilovegraffiti.de Sun, 19 Nov 2017 19:31:10 +0000 de-DE hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=4.2.17 360º Graffiti Video following RAGE of DSF Crew http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/11/19/360o-graffiti-video-following-rage-of-dsf-crew/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/11/19/360o-graffiti-video-following-rage-of-dsf-crew/#comments Sun, 19 Nov 2017 19:30:07 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=28421 [more]]]> This is a 360º Graffiti Video following RAGE of DSF Crew leaving his mark on Hamburg subways. The video was uploaded by THE GRIFTERS on YouTube with some more informations on the RAGE Book hitting the streets November, 23rd, 2017 at the same day the GOLDEN HANDS GALLERY opens the exhbition „THE ART OF RAGE“ in Hamburg.

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The RAZOR – COLORS ON STEEL Book Preview http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/11/19/the-razor-colors-on-steel-book-preview/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/11/19/the-razor-colors-on-steel-book-preview/#comments Sun, 19 Nov 2017 17:06:19 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=28407 [more]]]> The time has come. After more than 25 years of graffiti one of Germany´s finest on steel opens his blackbook. In the mid of december 2017 the book „RAZOR – Colors On Steel“ hits the streets and features his work from the early beginnings in the late 80s up to his recent works in 2017. The reader gets an insight in his artwork, his thoughts and adventures.

From the press release:

„His approach is as follows: ´From the street. For the streetª. Photos from the early days were rarely perfect, but they have all this special flavour we all love. The texts, rough and raw, reflecting the attitude of RAZOR in both respects, contentually and textualy. The layout is kept like a big magazine, stuffed with photos, sketches and stories. All the work was done by RAZOR himself, with just two helping hands of a friend, who took care for the texts. RAZOR did the concept, the layout and the financing all by himself, so every purchased book goes directly to the artist as a support.“

The book wil be available at www.razor-graffiti.com from mid-December 2017 on. Below check out an exclusive preview into a book, everyone interested in german graffiti history should have this one on their shelves. We will post news as soon „RAZOR – Colors On Steel“ will be avaiable!

Bildschirmfoto 2017-11-19 um 17.52.14
Bildschirmfoto 2017-11-19 um 17.52.27
Bildschirmfoto 2017-11-19 um 17.52.41
Bildschirmfoto 2017-11-19 um 17.52.50
Bildschirmfoto 2017-11-19 um 17.52.59
Bildschirmfoto 2017-11-19 um 17.53.08
Bildschirmfoto 2017-11-19 um 17.53.17
Bildschirmfoto 2017-11-19 um 17.53.25
Bildschirmfoto 2017-11-19 um 17.53.32
Bildschirmfoto 2017-11-19 um 17.53.40

Concept, layout, photos: RAZOR
Texts: Daniel Goebel

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1UP & ÜF – BERLIN HERMANNPLATZ BALCONY http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/11/19/1up-uef-berlin-hermannplatz-balcony/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/11/19/1up-uef-berlin-hermannplatz-balcony/#comments Sun, 19 Nov 2017 10:30:04 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=28404 Here is a new video from Berlin featuring the 1UP and ÜF Crews bombing a balcony rooftop at at Hermannplatz!

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THE RISE OF GRAFFITI WRITING – FROM NEW YORK TO EUROPE – EPISODES 03-04 http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/11/16/the-rise-of-graffiti-writing-from-new-york-to-europe-episodes-03-04/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/11/16/the-rise-of-graffiti-writing-from-new-york-to-europe-episodes-03-04/#comments Thu, 16 Nov 2017 10:36:53 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=28399 [more]]]> THE RISE OF GRAFFITI WRITING – FROM NY TO EUROPE | EPISODE 03 | FROM DOWNTOWN NY TO EUROPE

Following up on the first two episodes of THE RISE OF GRAFFITI WRITING – FROM NEW YORK TO EUROPE (The Origins, Wild Style Coms To Life) and a quick insight to the ´70s and ´early ´80s by talking to members of the TATS CRU, LEE, FUTURA2000, SKEME, CHARLIE AHEARN, FAB5FREDDY and some more, here is episode 03 and 04. American art critic CARLO McCORMICK explains the New York Downtown Scene in 1980 and 1981, the birth of Street Art, how the Punk movement, the Street Art scene and the Subway graffiti movement met there. At that time FUTURA2000 worked with the punkband THE CLASH which led to the first graffiti piece in Europe. A very limited group of around 20 subway graffiti artists like DAZE, CRASH and DONDI started to work on canvas was very important. This is how YAKI KORNBLIT, a Dutch gallerist from Amsterdam became aware of the new movement and visited New York in 1980. This and many more stories are told in these two episodes, explained by the protagonists and LARS, who is the one taking the tour through the history of graffiti writing and how it made its way over the Atlantic ocean.


HE RISE OF GRAFFITI WRITING – FROM NEW YORK TO EUROPE tells the story of the New York origins and the rise of modern graffiti in Europe from 1981 and beyond. LEE, FUTURA2000, CHARLIE AHEARN, FAB5FREDDY, SKEME, the TATS CRU, YAKI KORNBLIT and a very limited group of European graffiti pioneers like SHOE (Amsterdam), BANDO (Paris), MODE2 (London), 3D (Bristol), DELTA (Amsterdam), STONE (Munich), LOOMIT (Munich), HESH (Hamburg), CANTWO (Mainz), MICKEY (Amsterdam) and a few more protagonists will be featured in the series.

The series takes a very first look into the european origins by going to Amsterdam, since the dutch capital city had a very vivid graffiti scene already, before it was influenced by New York later on.

The next episodes will be online in a few days!

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THE RISE OF GRAFFITI WRITING – FROM NEW YORK TO EUROPE – EPISODES 01-02 http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/11/14/the-rise-of-graffiti-writing-from-new-york-to-europe-episodes-01-02/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/11/14/the-rise-of-graffiti-writing-from-new-york-to-europe-episodes-01-02/#comments Tue, 14 Nov 2017 16:03:41 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=28395 [more]]]> The graffiti movement known today has existed for more than 5 decades, and it’s still going strong. Throughout history, graffiti was used by political activists to make statements, by street gangs to mark territory or by funny guys writing jokes in bathrooms. It wasn’t till the late 1960s that graffiti’s current identity and started to form. In Philadelphia during the mid to late ’60s people began to write their nicknames all over the city, gaining attention from the community and local press. A few years later the concept made its way to New York City. In the Washington Heights section of Manhattan graffiti writing caught on and in 1971 The New York Times published an article about TAKI 183, a kid from Washington Heights. TAKI wrote his name all over the city, it was a nickname for his given name Demetrius and 183 was the number of the street where he lived. More about TAKI and his generation of writers you can find out watching the new movie WALL WRITERS!


Through the 70’s graffiti writing caught on like wildfire in New York, kids all over the city started to write their names everywhere with markers and spray paint. The subway trains quickly became a rolling platform for the movement and carried their names all over the city. Techniques and methods on how to paint your name were developed and led to bigger and bolder paintings until they filled up entire subway cars. When the 80’s arrived, is where our story starts.

All the standards had been set and the most active generation was about to reap the benefits of the artistic foundations established by prior generations and a city in the middle of a financial crisis. New York City was broke and therefore the transit system was poorly maintained. By the early 80’s the city and especially the subway trains were covered in graffiti. At the same time graffiti artists from New York started to transfer work from the subways to canvas. The New York downtown scene played a very important role in the spread of graffiti to Europe in the early 80´s. The downtown scene was a culture clash of art galleries, the punkscene, the disco movement, filmmakers, street art and graffiti. Everyone met at that time in the downtown scene. FUTURA2000 met the punkband THE CLASH and started to work with them on backdrop paintings. The subway graffiti king LEE met the filmmaker CHARLIE AHEARN through FAB5FREDDY who had the very first vision to create a historical document.


THE RISE OF GRAFFITI WRITING – FROM NEW YORK TO EUROPE (TRAILER) tells the story of the New York origins and the rise of modern graffiti in Europe from 1981 and beyond. LEE, FUTURA2000, CHARLIE AHEARN, FAB5FREDDY, SKEME, the TATS CRU, YAKI KORNBLIT and a very limited group of European graffiti pioneers like SHOE (Amsterdam), BANDO (Paris), MODE2 (London), 3D (Bristol), DELTA (Amsterdam), STONE (Munich), LOOMIT (Munich), HESH (Hamburg), CANTWO (Mainz), MICKEY (Amsterdam) and a few more protagonists will be featured in the series.

The first season of the web-series (1973-1988) will be online in 10 Episodes to watch on ARTE.TV/CREATIVE, ILOVEGRAFFITI.DE and the world wide web from now on episode by episode. The first two episodes are now online to watch, starting with a quick insight to the ´70s and ´early ´80s by talking to members of the TATS CRU, LEE, FUTURA2000, SKEME, CHARLIE AHEARN, FAB5FREDDY and some more.

The next episodes will be online in a few days!


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WOW123 AND DAIM – DIALOGUE – LONG DISTANCE http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/11/13/wow123-and-daim-dialogue-long-distance/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/11/13/wow123-and-daim-dialogue-long-distance/#comments Mon, 13 Nov 2017 12:59:10 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=28377 [more]]]> DIALOG_Long Distance_Flyer-A_kl

The two german graffiti artists Markus Genesius and Mirko Reisser better knowns as WOW123 and DAIM recently collaborated on a group exhibition entitled DIALOGUE – LONG DISTANCE. The two are part of the same graffiti generation and started graffiti in the ´80s, painted numerous walls together in the past 20 years and know each other for a long time. This exhbition project was established in 2015 with its first edition to facilitate a direct exchange between the artist from Bremen, Germany (WOW123) and his international contact. Some of you might remember another collaboration project WOW123 was involved in, when working together with ATOM ONE on a canvas series titled SIMILARITIES. Here is what the Gallery explains about LONG DISTANCE:

„The idea is to support the international networks of the Bremen art scene by making existing relations visible and by encouraging an artistic dialogue in situ in an exhibition. Markus Genesius is an artist from Bremen who has been a protagonist of the international Urban Art scene for many years. He has worked in numerous cooperations with other artists. In recent times he transferred his urban graffiti art increasingly into institutions and media of the traditional visual arts. As his supraregional contact he has asked Mirko Reisser to participate in this DIALOGUE to work together in the spaces of the Städtische Galerie Bremen. Both artists are in close contact for many years, did public projects together, and took a similar development as to their changing relation towards art institutions. For the Städtische Galerie Bremen they will deal with the huge exhibition spaces that architecturally were determined by their former industrial use. As representatives of an art medium that has gained importance and visibility Mark us Genesius and Mirko Reisser will adapt the special qualities of their public art form for the institutional frame of an exhibition space. Just like in the first DIALOGUE by Mia Unverzagt (Bremen) and Anna Gaskell (New York) the exhibition will enable a close cooperation between the artists, which will result in joint art works that exceed the basic idea of making visible the references between two artistic positions. A publication is planned to capture the results of this DIALOGUE and the specific achie vements within the spaces of the Städtische Galerie.“

Bildschirmfoto 2017-11-13 um 13.46.48

A publication is planned to capture the results of this DIALOGUE and the specific achievements within the spaces of the Städtische Galerie.

Long Distance | Markus Genesius (Wow123) & Mirko Reisser (DAIM)
Städtische Galerie Bremen (Municipal Gallery) Buntentorsteinweg 112, 28201 Bremen
November 5th, 2017 till January 7th,2018

Bildschirmfoto 2017-11-13 um 13.51.53

Bildschirmfoto 2017-11-13 um 13.47.27

Bildschirmfoto 2017-11-13 um 13.47.19

Bildschirmfoto 2017-11-13 um 13.47.05

Bildschirmfoto 2017-11-13 um 13.46.57

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BENCHING – „Die Geschichten gehen weiter #04″ – Rhein-Ruhr & Belgium – VIDEO http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/11/10/benching-die-geschichten-gehen-weiter-04-rhein-ruhr-belgium-video/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/11/10/benching-die-geschichten-gehen-weiter-04-rhein-ruhr-belgium-video/#comments Fri, 10 Nov 2017 16:32:00 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=28374 [more]]]> After those two here and the third episode here is one more BENCHING Video by the spotter team behind DIE GESCHICHTEN GEHEN WEITER with trains running in the Rhein-Ruhr Area (Germany) and Belgium. Watch more here

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ROSYONE & AZUR – „Stop that train!“ – BIEL http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/11/10/rosyone-azur-stop-that-train-biel/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/11/10/rosyone-azur-stop-that-train-biel/#comments Fri, 10 Nov 2017 10:46:54 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=28367 Here is a fresh new wall recently painted by AZUR and ROSY ONE in Biel, CH titled „Stop that train!“






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SPRÜHSPORT MAGAZIN 03 http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/11/10/spruehsport-magazin-03/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/11/10/spruehsport-magazin-03/#comments Fri, 10 Nov 2017 10:02:28 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=28362 [more]]]> Today is the release day of SPRÜHSPORT MAGAZINE´s Issue number 03. One of several specials in the german magazine with focus on trainwriting is the FAST DRIPS ON TOUR report (Trailer)

# SPECIAL: 11 Buden – chik
# SPECIAL: Die Mannschaft – fast drips on tour
# TEAMS: Germany, Italy, Belgium, METRO Hunter and much more

Language: german & english
Pages: 132 DIN A4
Available here (9,95 Euro)

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„RITUAL“ BY HUR – An experimental graffiti film from Bergen, Norway http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/11/10/ritual-by-hur-an-experimental-graffiti-film-from-bergen-norway/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/11/10/ritual-by-hur-an-experimental-graffiti-film-from-bergen-norway/#comments Fri, 10 Nov 2017 09:48:44 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=28359 [more]]]> Norwegian Graffiti gets a darker more conceptual makeover in this moody new film by HUR. The film pushes the boundaries of what graffiti is, while still focusing on graffiti on trains, metros and street bombing, HUR says aboutt he fulm titled „Ritual“:

„I have just released the first full length graffiti film to come from Bergen, Norway. It’s an experimental graffiti film that focuses on trains, metros and street bombing, but in a new and more performative way that i would claim haven’t been done before. Contains footage from Norway, Denmark, Belgium and Portugal. The film has a gloomy atmosphere and music you wouldn’t usually hear in a hardcore graffiti film.“

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BOMBING WITH ESHAE – HAMBURG http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/11/10/bombing-with-eshae-hamburg/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/11/10/bombing-with-eshae-hamburg/#comments Fri, 10 Nov 2017 09:39:04 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=28356 [more]]]> After the GOFEY episode TagsAndThrows follows ESHAE out in the streets and tunnels of Hamburg, Germany as he’s getting his name up.

I’ve always wanted to make bombing videos in Germany and this spring it finally turned into reality. This is Bombing With Eshae – the second out of two Spring in Hamburg episodes.

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„THE ART OF RAGE“ – GOLDEN HANDS GALLERY HAMBURG http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/11/09/the-art-of-rage-golden-hands-gallery-hamburg/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/11/09/the-art-of-rage-golden-hands-gallery-hamburg/#comments Thu, 09 Nov 2017 16:12:23 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=28347 [more]]]> Bildschirmfoto 2017-11-09 um 16.42.42

The Golden Hands Gallery (Kaiser- Wilhelm- Str. 87, Hamburg, Germany) just announced the next exhbition, a show with works by Hamburg based trainwriter RAGE of DSF Crew. The exhibition titled „The Art Of Rage“ starts on a thursday, November, 23rd, 2017 (Opening 7-10 pm) and runs until February, 09th, 2018. The same day a publication by THE GRIFTERS is gonna be released, a first monograph of RAGE, they say. Looking forward to the show and the book! Below check out a short teaser by THE GRIFTERS, A few photos with recent works by RAGE and the german press text (german) by curator Dr. Christoph Tornow.

Vernissage The Art Of Rage, Golden Hands Gallery
Kaiser- Wilhelm- Str. 87, 20355 Hamburg
Thursday, November, 23rd, 2017, 7 . 10pm, Facebook Event

From the Gallery´s press release (german):

Immer wenn ich einen Künstlertext schreiben soll, habe ich drei Tage schlechte Laune. Ist das wirklich der Grund warum ich eine Galerie betreibe? Soll ich jetzt etwas wie all die anderen Galeristen, Kuratoren und `Studierte`, wie ich neulich genüsslich zur Kenntnis genommen hatte, schreiben? Vielleicht einen Erguss auf `meinen Künstler` halten, indem alle Heldentaten und das Außergewöhnliche seines Werkes, seine Bedeutung für die Kunst, den Stil, die Welt, was auch immer herausarbeiten? Wie, verdammt nochmal, soll das gehen ohne sich in einem von Lobhudelei triefenden Text auf Abiturientenniveau (bestenfalls!) wiederzufinden!? Ich lese diese Texte doch auch schon seit Jahren nicht mehr weil sie alle gleich sind. Wenn man dann auch noch, wie in diesem Falle, den Textbaustein jedes vergleichbaren Künstlers benutzen muss:

´Hat mit 4 Jahren angefangen illegal zu sprühen. Gelangte schnell zu Weltruhm und möchte jetzt der etablierten Kunstszene diesen Stil näherbringen.´

Bildschirmfoto 2017-11-09 um 16.44.36

Kommt man augenscheinlich zu dem Schluss, dass man sich die Mühe eigentlich gar nicht machen müsste und dann hat man ein ECHTES Problem. Denn anscheinend muss es so sein. Man braucht diesen Text. Den Künstlertext. Den Ausstellungstext. Das erwarten die Kunden von einem Galeristen. Das erwarten die Künstler von einem Galeristen. Er soll den Künstler so darstellen wie dieser sich gerne sehen würde. Nicht zu schleimig und nicht zu ehrlich. Schmeichelnd, aber nicht anbiedernd. Anpreisend, aber ohne den Eindruck zu erwecken, dass die Not unter den Fingernägeln brennt und man schreien möchte: KAUFEN! Das verkannte Genie, das scheue Reh, das eigentlich nur damit angefangen hat zu malen, weil es sonst seiner Seele keinen Ausdruck verleihen konnte!

Aber nein, nicht mit mir! Zumindest heute nicht. Ja, es ist wahr, RACHE ist ein alter Kollege von mir. Wir kennen uns seit Ewigkeiten. Ich bin sein Freund. Sein Protegé und mit Sicherheit nicht neutral. Trotzdem bin ich sein größter Fan. Ich weiß, wie gut er ist. Ich weiß wie ernst er seine Kunst nimmt. Ich weiß, welchen Preis er bereit ist für seine Kunst zu zahlen und bereits gezahlt hat, darin sind wir uns ähnlich. Ich habe ihn in die `kommerzielle Kunst` hineingelockt und werde, zumindest für die Dauer der in diesem Zusammenhang geplanten Zusammenarbeit meinen Kopf hinhalten. Hinhalten, wenn wir nichts verkaufen. Hinhalten, falls seine über mehr als zwei Jahrzehnte mühevoll aufgebaute Kredibilität von den Kritikern aus Szene und Internet zu Staub pulverisiert wird. Hinhalten, wenn er zu dem Schluss kommt, dass es in seiner Comfort Zone auch ganz gemütlich war und er das Trainyard besser niemals gegen die Galerie eingetauscht hätte. Ebenso werde ich mich jedoch auch feiern lassen, wenn die meisten begreifen, dass mir hier wirklich mal ein großer Coup gelungen ist.


Dass ich das enorme Talent, das mir seit mehr als 20 Jahren vor meiner Nase auf- und ab läuft endlich dazu gebracht habe, die viel zu kleine Leiter und das Tapeband irgendwo anders als in einem Zugdepot zum Einsatz zu bringen.

Denn ich meine, dass es schwer wird, nicht zu erkennen, dass die beste Kunst häufig tatsächlich nicht von der Hochschule stammt. Dass es nicht nur die Meisterschüler sind, die heute gefeiert und morgen erinnert werden. Nein, es sind die Könige der Yards und der Straßen, die Künstler, die längst alle Publikumspreise eingesammelt hatten. Diejenigen die tausende Fans haben, aber aus kommerzieller Sicht einfach die Falschen. Diesmal ist es ganz einfach für mich-hier haben wir einen ganz Großen gefunden. Er wird seinen Weg gehen. Hier oder woanders. Jetzt oder in Zukunft.


Dr. Christoph Tornow

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NOT JUST LETTERS – ARTISTZ MAGAZINE ISSUE 08 http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/11/04/not-just-letters-artistz-magazine-issue-08/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/11/04/not-just-letters-artistz-magazine-issue-08/#comments Sat, 04 Nov 2017 13:11:54 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=28330 [more]]]> ARTISTZ from Berlin comes with Issue 08 after 10 years of publishing the magazine regulary it was about time to release a special edition, they say. And it looks like a really good one, the preview of the NOT JUST LETTERS issue tells us about a RIP Skey Special, write ups by Poki69, Johanna, Bored Kidz, TM87 and Special Features with Susie, Techr, Buzzers, Hacf in Moscow, „Unser Haus“ and „Überstunden“. The Magazine comes in DIN A4 format, 148 pages, Softcover and is available at the ARTISTZ online shop, the Writers Corner Onlineshop, Graffitiboxshop and your favourite graffiti store.


http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/11/04/not-just-letters-artistz-magazine-issue-08/feed/ 0
THE NAMEDROPPING PROJECT BY AMIT 2.0 http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/11/04/the-namedropping-project-by-amit-2-0/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/11/04/the-namedropping-project-by-amit-2-0/#comments Sat, 04 Nov 2017 11:21:09 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=28298 [more]]]> Switching names is a familiar thing to most of the graffiti writers out there: Painting a friends name and the other way. There are several reasons to do that, the challenge to paint something else than repeating the own name over and over again. Different letters and look, or simply the fact that you can develop your own style when drawing something else. Hamburg based graffiti artist AMIT 2.0 made its own little project out of this and invited graffiti artists to paint his name so he will do the same. The project titled NAMEDROPPING was started a while ago so lets take a closer look on what has been painted so far. Most of the walls were painted in Hamburg, since the artist is based there. A few selected exchanges with STOK, AREES, TWIK, PAS1, DESK7, SOFLY and some more checkout below, regular updates on the project you can see here on Instagram, Facebook and MOLOTOW.COM.

Bildschirmfoto 2017-11-04 um 11.45.48
Bildschirmfoto 2017-11-04 um 11.45.59
Bildschirmfoto 2017-11-04 um 11.46.12

DESK7 paints AMIT | AMIT paints DESK7
Bildschirmfoto 2017-11-04 um 11.49.49

SAOL paints AMIT | AMIT paints SAOL
Bildschirmfoto 2017-11-04 um 11.51.38
Bildschirmfoto 2017-11-04 um 11.51.46
Bildschirmfoto 2017-11-04 um 11.51.55

AREES paints AMIT | AMIT paints AREES
Bildschirmfoto 2017-11-04 um 11.53.49
Bildschirmfoto 2017-11-04 um 11.53.56
Bildschirmfoto 2017-11-04 um 11.54.06

TWIK paints AMIT | AMIT paints TWIK
Bildschirmfoto 2017-11-04 um 11.56.36
Bildschirmfoto 2017-11-04 um 11.56.41
Bildschirmfoto 2017-11-04 um 11.56.50

PAS1 paints AMIT | AMIT paints PAS1
Bildschirmfoto 2017-11-04 um 11.58.33
Bildschirmfoto 2017-11-04 um 11.58.40
Bildschirmfoto 2017-11-04 um 11.58.48

Bildschirmfoto 2017-11-04 um 12.00.39
Bildschirmfoto 2017-11-04 um 12.00.44
Bildschirmfoto 2017-11-04 um 12.00.52

LORD SCAN paints AMIT | AMIT paints SCAN
Bildschirmfoto 2017-11-04 um 12.03.13
Bildschirmfoto 2017-11-04 um 12.03.18
Bildschirmfoto 2017-11-04 um 12.03.22

SFLY paints AMIT | AMIT paints SFLY
Bildschirmfoto 2017-11-04 um 12.05.28
Bildschirmfoto 2017-11-04 um 12.05.34
Bildschirmfoto 2017-11-04 um 12.05.40

SOFLY paints AMIT | AMIT paints SOFLY
Bildschirmfoto 2017-11-04 um 12.07.41

YUGO paints AMIT | AMIT paints YUGO
Bildschirmfoto 2017-11-04 um 12.13.29

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„STYLE ANIMALS“ CALENDAR 2018 BY ROSY ONE http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/11/04/style-animals-calendar-2018-by-rosy-one/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/11/04/style-animals-calendar-2018-by-rosy-one/#comments Sat, 04 Nov 2017 10:02:54 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=28295 [more]]]> November is Calendar release time, so let´s start with this one illustrated and released by graffiti artist ROSY ONE from Switzerland. The „Style Animals“ Calendar 2018 comes with 13pages and 4 color print and is available for 14,50 Euro at the artist´s onlineshop rosyone.com. While visiting her shop make sure to check out numerous fresh shirt designs and prints!


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MR.CENZ FROM LONDON – SPRAYING BRICKS http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/11/03/mr-cenz-from-london-spraying-bricks/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/11/03/mr-cenz-from-london-spraying-bricks/#comments Fri, 03 Nov 2017 16:28:55 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=28286 [more]]]> The SPRAYING BRICKS Team spent some time of their Summer with UK graffiti artist MR.CENZ on what has turned out to be a rather busy year for the South London based artist!

„Mr Cenz has been scribbling on surfaces since 1988 when he first discovered hip-hop culture and graffiti art. He soon became obsessed with this new and exciting art form and after a few brushes with the law he decided to find ways of developing his skills legally. Since his first commissioned mural at 11yrs old he has continued progressing and experimenting with his art through college and University. This has led to a career as a professional graffiti artist, several solo shows in London and high profile commissions internationally.

His distinctive work can currently be seen all over the streets of the world, especially in his hometown of London. It features layers of intricate and flowing letterforms, shapes and line work, which are abstracted in a unique and aesthetically pleasing way. His style is full of funk and movement and fuses different skills together such as photorealism, illustration and graffiti letterforms. His work is open to individual interpretation and has been described as “surrealist graffiti art for the soul”. He works hard to make sure each piece he creates is very individual and distinctive in its quality. His influences range from the old school graffiti artists that inspired him as a kid such as Dondi and Mode 2 to abstract expressionist painters like Paul Klee and Roger Hilton.
His new work focuses on female faces, which he distorts in his trademark style. He works from portrait and fashion photographs to create unique interpretations, which are abstracted in a spontaneous and freestyle way to create interesting and mysterious compositions.“

More by Spraying Bricks here on YouTube!


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„1980“ – A CONVERSATION WITH HENRY CHALFANT – SPEERSTRA GALLERY PARIS http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/11/03/1980-a-conversation-with-henry-chalfant-speerstra-gallery-paris/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/11/03/1980-a-conversation-with-henry-chalfant-speerstra-gallery-paris/#comments Fri, 03 Nov 2017 16:01:12 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=28281 [more]]]> Who don´t know about Henry Chalfant (Henry´s Vault), here is a short introduction provided by the La Speerstra Gallery Paris:

„Henry Chalfant is an American photographer and videographer. In the late 70’s, he discovered the premises of the New York hip-hop culture and soon became one of the privileged witnesses. He is the man who revealed New York graffiti to the rest of the world by accumulating a photographic archive. Fascinated by the colors graffiti gave to the city in full social and economic chaos, he intuitively posed his objective in front of the railway tracks and took pictures of painted trains. To succeed in the heat of capturing a train quickly at full speed, he develops a fast capture technique with his 35 mm camera. His approach intrigues some artists with whom he becomes friends. Henry brings them an unfailing support and an intellectual eye on an art that disturbs. It is necessary to realize that his clichés are historical today. The impressive extent of his iconography allowed him to publish books, make films but also to bring his testimony in the private and institutional collections.“

For his third exhibition at Speerstra Gallery Paris, Henry Chalfant presents the exhibition „1980“. The year 1980 marks the beginning of the golden age of graffiti on New York’s metro trains. Twenty photographs in a exceptional format of trains are exhibited on the white walls of the gallery till November 10th, 2017. Many are exhibited for the first time, and show the early works by artists such as Dondi White, Crash, Daze, Seen and Blade.

Here is a quick insight view including an interview with Henry!

Speerstra Gallery Paris presents „1980“ by Henry Chalfant

7 October to 10 November 2017. Gallery opening hours : 2.30 to 7 pm.
Speerstra Gallery – Paris – 24 rue Saint-Claude / 75003 / Paris.

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BACK TO THE STYLE 2017 http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/11/03/back-to-the-style-2017/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/11/03/back-to-the-style-2017/#comments Fri, 03 Nov 2017 12:11:05 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=28277 [more]]]> On September 23rd and 24th, 2017 the BACK TO THE STYLE Graffiti Meeting went down again in Naples, Italy. The event is about Stylewriting in its purest form and thats how the artist line up was putted together. Besides local graffiti writers such as ZEUS, TRUE, TRES or OPIUM the curators invited a big group of internationals to take part in this years edition: RIME of the MSK Crew, YES2, MOSDEFYNITE from Puerto Rico, SAWER, WERT, ATOM, SLIDER, PAS1, RAGE and many more!

Enjoy more than 80 styles in the mix on this years BACK TO THE STYLE walls plus two videos inlcuding interviews with YES2 from New York and MOSDEFYNITE from San Juan.

YES2 (New York, USA) at BACK TO THE STYLE 2017

MOSDEFYNITE (San Juan, Puerto Rico) at BACK TO THE STYLE 2017

via BTTS

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„I START THIS SHIT 1965″ – DARRYL ‚CORNBREAD‘ McCRAY http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/11/03/i-start-this-shit-1965-darryl-cornbread-mccray/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/11/03/i-start-this-shit-1965-darryl-cornbread-mccray/#comments Fri, 03 Nov 2017 11:06:13 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=28274 [more]]]> Among graffiti writers and those influenced by graffiti culture, everyone knows of Darryl “CORNBREAD” McCray, the person credited as the first in modern history to write his name on the walls for hood fame. In his native Philadelphia, CORNBREAD was known for his repetitive nom de guerre all over the City of Brotherly Love in 1965, about six years before TAKI 183 was acknowledged by the New York Times for starting the writing epidemic in NYC. “New York had actually took graffiti culture about five levels higher than where Philadelphia was at,” says CORNBREAD about the pioneers who started painting subway cars.

In an exclusive interview with Mass Appeal, Cornbread, a now mild mannered 63-year-old who still lives in North Philadelphia, came all the way to Manhattan to grab a can of Rusto, get up on a wall on the Lower East Side and give up a piece of history. Aging gracefully has only allowed Cornbread to continue to eloquently describe his adventures and what it’s like to be considered the planet’s very first writer. Watch the legend speak about his origins as a young writer in a Philadelphia juvenile detention center, giving autographs to judges while in court and intricate details of the infamous painted elephant story at the Philadelphia Zoo.

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WILDSTYLE SHOP SUBWAY BERLIN painted by FOK, KONE, VER, TRISD, RIZM & OLDI http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/11/03/wildstyle-shop-subway-berlin-painted-by-fok-kone-ver-trisd-rizm-oldi/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/11/03/wildstyle-shop-subway-berlin-painted-by-fok-kone-ver-trisd-rizm-oldi/#comments Fri, 03 Nov 2017 10:17:12 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=28260 [more]]]> The Graffiti artists FOK, KONE, VER, TRISD, RIZM and OLDI of DNS, RMA and UMS Crews recently painted the Berlin Subway Train Wall at the WILDSTYLE SHOP Hall of Fame in Berlin, Haselhorst. Here is the result! The Subway Train Wall is painted regulary by permission of the WILD STYLE SHOP only (read more here), to see more follow them on Facebook or simply pay a visit (Lagerweg 22, 13599 Berlin)


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THE DEADGUARD – HALLOWEEN SUBWAY BERLIN http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/11/03/the-deadguard-halloween-subway-berlin/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/11/03/the-deadguard-halloween-subway-berlin/#comments Fri, 03 Nov 2017 09:52:10 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=28252 HALLOWEEN greetings from the Berlin Subway by HUCK, MIES, PILOT and some more, „The Deadguard“ brought to you by BerlinGraffiti.de.

Bildschirmfoto 2017-11-03 um 10.39.39
Bildschirmfoto 2017-11-03 um 10.39.51
Bildschirmfoto 2017-11-03 um 10.40.04
Bildschirmfoto 2017-11-03 um 10.41.05
Bildschirmfoto 2017-11-03 um 10.41.31
Bildschirmfoto 2017-11-03 um 10.40.33

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BERLIN – „Partners in Crime – The 100 Wholecars Exhibition“ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/11/02/berlin-partners-in-crime-the-100-wholecars-exhibition/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/11/02/berlin-partners-in-crime-the-100-wholecars-exhibition/#comments Thu, 02 Nov 2017 19:17:39 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=28247 [more]]]> 23116798_122152671885900_1266833041137600257_o

November 17th, 2017 the „Partners in Crime – The 100 Wholecars Exhibition“ at Okk / Raum 29, Berlin, Germany. Everything we heard about it sounds very promising and worth a visit. You can check it out on 3 days between November 17th, 2017 (Vernissage, 7pm) and November 19th, 2017.

Wholecar [ hoʊlkɑɹ] , m.
Bezeichnung für einen einzelnen Zugwaggon, der in ganzer Höhe und Länge mit Graffiti in einer Aktion bemalt wurde. Meistens teilen sich mehrere Writer die Arbeit an einem Zug; besprüht jedoch ein Writer einen Waggon allein, so spricht man von einem One-Man-Wholecar. Wholecars finden in der Writing-Szene hohes Ansehen. Für Fahrgäste und Verkehrsbetriebe ist diese Art von Besprühung auf Zügen sehr unangenehm, da hierdurch der Waggon verdunkelt wird.

Partners in Crime – The 100 Wholecars Exhibition
Location: Okk / Raum 29
Prinzenallee 29, 13359 Berlin

Opening Times 17. November – 19. November, 2017
Friday, November 17th: 19:00 Vernissage
Saturday, November 18th: 10:00 – 17:00
Sunday, November 19th: 12:00 – 18:00

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BANKSY’S „WALLED OFF“ HOTEL BETHLEHEM – A Film by Anna-Louise Bath http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/11/02/banksys-walled-off-hotel-bethlehem-a-film-by-anna-louise-bath/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/11/02/banksys-walled-off-hotel-bethlehem-a-film-by-anna-louise-bath/#comments Thu, 02 Nov 2017 18:24:35 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=28244 [more]]]> On November 2nd, exactly one hundred years ago, Lord Arthur James Balfour, who was then British Foreign Secretary, signed a paper today commonly known as the Balfour-Declaration. With this letter, the British Empire assured the Zionist movement of the establishment of a national home in Palestine for the Jewish people. This declaration was preceded by another assertion by the British state towards the Arab people in 1916. Herewith, the latter were guaranteed the approval of a sovereign Arab state in Palestine as a reward for the intended common victory over the Ottoman Empire. Both of these two contradictory promises which both have, at least in their initial form, been broken at a later date, have significantly affected the Mideast conflict until today. This long-running and still unsolved conflict has ever since been entangled by the interferences of western super powers in the Middle East.

Concerning the issue of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, 2017 is a triple anniversary year: aside from the Balfour Declaration, also further events of serious consequences have their jubilees such as the centenary of the Six-Day War or the related Israeli Occupation and the 70th anniversary of the UN partition plan for Palestine.

Banksy has entered a new dimension of political art in 2017. Already with the bemusement park Dismaland, he has made the visitors of his interactive art installations become components of the same. Also, it is not new that he is publicly walking onto the explosive stage of the Mideast Conflict. He has already been doing political stencil graffiti in Palestine since a couple of years. But which is so far completely unseen is that he, being a famous artist, is unmistakably bringing in the European foreign policy since colonial times into the debate of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. By interpreting his role as a British citizen not as being an outsider but as being someone co-responsible in the conflict, he creates a courageous, although delicate statement by a European artist.

The film “Walled Off” by Anna-Louise Bath with music by Derek and Brandon Fiechter gives insights into the Walled Off Hotel and the current situation of the people in Palestine.

Read how Banksy throws an „Apology Party“ for the Balfour Declaration in Palestine here over at JUXTAPOZ (including some photos)

Am 2. November vor genau hundert Jahren unterschrieb Lord Arthur James Balfour, damals britischer Außenminister, die heute als Balfour-Deklaration bekannte Erklärung. In dem Schreiben sicherte das British Empire der zionistischen Bewegung die Errichtung einer nationalen Heimstätte in Palästina für das jüdische Volk zu. Jenem Brief nur ein Jahr vorausgegangen war eine weitere Erklärung des englischen Staates an das arabische Volk, in Palästina im Zuge des geplanten, gemeinsamen Sieges gegen die osmanische Herrschaft einen unabhängigen, arabischen Staat anzuerkennen. Diese beiden unvereinbaren Versprechen, die beide später in ihrer ursprünglichen Form gebrochen wurden, beeinflussen bis heute den Nahostkonflikt. Seit jeher ist der lang anhaltende, immer noch ungelöste Konflikt eng verwoben mit der Einflussnahme westlicher Großmächte auf den Nahen Osten.

Was die Israel-Palästina-Thematik betrifft, so ist 2017 ein Jahr der runden Zahlen. Neben der Balfour-Deklaration jähren sich noch weitere, folgenreiche Ereignisse wie der Sechstagekrieg und die damit einhergehende israelische Besatzung zum 50. sowie der UN-Teilungsplan Palästinas zum 70. Mal.

Banksy hat 2017 eine neue Dimension politischer Kunst betreten. Schon mit dem Bemusement-Park Dismaland hat er die Besucher seiner interaktiven Installationskunst zu einem Bestandteil dieser werden lassen. Neu ist auch nicht, dass er mit seiner aktuellesten Mega-Installation, dem Walled-Off-Hotel in Bethlehem, Palästina, nun öffentlich die explosive Bühne des Nahostkonflikts betritt. Schon seit längerem ist Banksy in Palästina mit politischen Schablonengraffitis umtriebig. Dass er als prominenter Künstler mit der Hotel-Installation nun aber unmissverständlich die europäische Außenpolitik seit der Kolonialzeit in die Thematik des Israel-Palästina-Konflikts miteinbezieht, ist ungesehen. Indem er seine Rolle als Engländer nicht als Außenstehender, sondern als Mitverantwortlicher im Konflikt interpretiert, schafft Banksy ein mutiges, doch auch heikles Statement für einen europäischen Künstler.

Der Film „Walled Off“ von Anna-Louise Bath mit Musik von Derek und Brandon Fiechter gibt Einblicke in das Walled Off Hotel und die aktuelle Lage der Menschen in Palästina.

Sprecherin: Miriam Harner
http://www.fraubath.de / https://fraubath.blogspot.de/2017/07/die-hasslichste-aussicht-der-welt.html

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ONTRACK 2017 – Benching Holland Appetizer http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/11/02/ontrack-2017-benching-holland-appetizer/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/11/02/ontrack-2017-benching-holland-appetizer/#comments Thu, 02 Nov 2017 13:54:33 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=28241 [more]]]> Here is a short appetizer by OPDERAILS to announce another fresh Benching video from Holland coming soon! After this one the next episode of ON TRACK with trainspotting footage from 2017 is on its way and coming soon!

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SAMY DELUXE – „Allein in der Überzahl“ feat. RAZOR & WOW123 http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/11/02/samy-deluxe-allein-in-der-ueberzahl-feat-razor-wow123/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/11/02/samy-deluxe-allein-in-der-ueberzahl-feat-razor-wow123/#comments Thu, 02 Nov 2017 10:28:20 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=28230 [more]]]> For his current music video „Allein in der Überzahl“ Hamburg´s Rapper SAMY DELUXE collaborated with trainwriter RAZOR of COS CREW and WOW123 of SUK Crew. The visual content shows a big ALLEIN IN DER ÜBERZAHL silver by RAZOR, some trains and walls by the three including SAMY´s graffiti who is a writer himself as part of the 13ERS crew. It´s pretty rare seeing Hip Hop MC´s teaming up with graffiti writers these days, so we thought it´s worth a mention!

This track is part of an upcoming SAMY DELUXE release entitled „Samy Deluxe – Deluxe Edition (KunstWerkStadt/Chapter ONE)“, for more informations check out the video descriptions on YouTube!



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