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Bildschirmfoto 2017-02-25 um 10.09.05

Bildschirmfoto 2017-02-25 um 10.08.37

Bildschirmfoto 2017-02-25 um 10.08.55

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First impressions from POW WOW HAWAII 2017 http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/02/23/first-impressions-from-pow-wow-hawaii-2017/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/02/23/first-impressions-from-pow-wow-hawaii-2017/#comments Thu, 23 Feb 2017 11:12:25 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=27093 [more]]]> The annual Pow Wow mural festival in Honolulu, Hawaii took place last week and photos and videos from the event are slowly flowing out online. Pow Wow gathers artists mainly from the west of America and a few internationals and brings them to the south shore of the island of Oahu each year in February to paint murals, streetart and urban contemporary art in a big warehouse district in downtown Honolulu. Here is a selection of walls and videos from the island way out in the Pacific ocean.

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 11.37.56

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 11.37.26

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 11.36.47

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 11.36.28

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 11.36.00

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 11.35.28

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 11.49.10

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 11.48.49

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 11.48.25

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 11.48.07

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 11.47.51

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 11.47.31

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 11.47.16

Music video with animated murals!

Short video recap:

Tourist video from the walls of 2017:

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Benchtalk Interviews with REKA and AEON http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/02/23/benchtalk-interviews-with-reka-and-aeon/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/02/23/benchtalk-interviews-with-reka-and-aeon/#comments Thu, 23 Feb 2017 08:26:19 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=27071 [more]]]> The Benchtalk podcast is updated with two aussie interviews, check out below what Berlin-based Reka is up to these days, travelling, painting, living in Berlin and much more, like the legal wholetrain in Kiev! Also, what happens when the tables turn and Rone sits down and interview Benchtalk creator Aeon and talks about his art, his crazy travels to exotic locations and much more!




Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 09.41.34

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 09.40.55




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I try to break the rules with impossible-to-mix color schemes – Interview with MUSA http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/02/23/i-try-to-break-the-rules-with-impossible-to-mix-color-schemes-interview-with-musa/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/02/23/i-try-to-break-the-rules-with-impossible-to-mix-color-schemes-interview-with-musa/#comments Thu, 23 Feb 2017 06:02:38 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=27029 [more]]]> Painting for almost three decades, Barcelona-based Musa keep blasting out new pieces and sketches in a constant stream, always bending and twisting her letters into new shapes and looks. If you like stylewriting, it is a pleasure to follow her work as she paints her way across the globe. We caught up with her in between her paint missions and daily graffiti work, and guess what, she also looooves graffiti!


ILG: Please introduce yourself.
Musa: Hi, my name is Maria aka Musa71, Maria, Venus.

ILG: How did you start and where are you today?
Musa: I’m from Barcelona, but I did my first piece in Madrid, in 1989. Before that I did a few latex pieces and tags… I learned about graffiti from a classmate in school who goes by the name of Kapi, one of the original writers from Barcelona who was always sketching during class. I was curious and didn’t have any clue what it was about. One day on my way to school I saw a man facing the wall, spitting some colors on it and I thought it was some kind of magic! Later I found out it was Futura 2000, and from that moment I fell in love with it.


ILG: You have painted for many years, and you are still very active, why?
Musa: Why not? It makes me happy and I feel that everyone should do what they can to be happy. Also I met some great people, that made my world bigger and better.

ILG: What crews are you in, and how important are they to you?
Musa: Actually I represent 5 crews.
FHJ (Fucking Hell John) with Dilk, Sunk, Cryone, Flai. We are friends/family. For me they’re home.
Black Magic (Hen, Noise, Nexie, Sher, Crime, Fons, Ovas, Jank). We are friends and we are all old writers that have been painting for a lot of years.
TFP, you know, it’s an honor to be in a crew like this. It’s a pleasure to always learn something from the history of graffiti and to share moments and walls with such talented writers. Pure style.
TDS, same as above.
Fours. (Eskae, Harrybones, Hoacs, Jat, Rask, Roachi, Scan, Sear, Soten, Trace1) We met in the last years, but we connected through Miami Art Basel and Roskilde Festival. We are very involved and passionate about graffiti, crazy in a very positive way. We encourage each other to do more and better. It is very refreshing.


ILG: Whats it like for you to be painting in Barcelona?
Musa: Well, I love my city. I watched it grow and change from being easy to paint everywhere to just the opposite. Now there’s a window to paint but mostly for the street art. I have watched people quit, and come back decades later. My city is always alive, even in the hardest moments against graffiti there was always plenty of it. For me, I try to adapt myself to the moment and paint as much as I can.

ILG: You paint both walls, canvas and paper, is there any differences for you?
Musa: Yes, there are some. Normally I don’t spent more than some hours to do a piece. I think it is important to paint fast and do a decent piece. On paper and canvas I don’t have this priority, it’s like a meditation. Also, I experiment with different colors, styles, ideas and even mediums.


ILG: Colors, you use many different color combinations in your work, how do you come up with them?
Musa: Some of them I have seen on random advertisements, movies, records, basically anything that has color and inspires me… I try to break the rules with impossible-to-mix color schemes. Some others appear while I’m dreaming, I dream a lot, very crazy dreams and I love bright color combinations that make your eyes bleed.

ILG: Social media, how do you like them, and how do you use them?
Musa: I work on social media, so for me it’s good because I can see what people are doing, and show what I’m doing. Of course there’s always an ugly side, but it’s like most things in life, if you uses it wisely it’s all good.


ILG: Travelling, what memorable places have you been, and where do you plan to go?
Musa: I love travelling, and get to know different ways to do things, and people. Every place has its charm, but a notable one is Hawaii just because it’s a paradise, and I had a really good time there with my friends. Miami is always fun and stress and good weather. Denmark, Roskilde is crazy madness, people painting as if was the last day on earth. I smile every time one of those memories comes to mind. Mexico challenge you and I love that too, but I also I had the opportunity to swim with turtles in Cancún. (I love turtles). The thing is, for me it is healthy to change scenarios, and cultures, and meet new people and old friends. It makes you grow as a person and writer. This year I have traveling on my mind but I’m not sure where to exactly just yet.

ILG: Inspiration, what makes you paint, who inspires you?
Musa: A lot of things, my friends and family, sci-fi books and movies, funk music, other artists and writers. I try to make my letters dance, or fight. I try to imagine that they have personality, and they are somehow the reflection of my mood.


ILG: How did computers, smartphones and the internet change graffiti?
Musa: They make it faster, for the good and the bad. I like to communicate with friends that live really far from me, and technology make it easier and better. Maybe we blame the internet, cause we miss the old times, but I think this is one of the things that make you (mind) older.

ILG: Describe a regular good day for you?
Musa: I work for MTN Colors at the communication department. My work in not under a specific schedule. So I combine my own things with it during the day.


ILG: Have you got a motto for graffiti?
Musa: Well, I don’t know if it’s a motto, but I don’t like people telling me what to do, (I accept suggestion and advice, that’s different), graffiti is about to feel free even when failing.

ILG: Do you love graffiti?
Musa: Like the first day.

ILG: Thank you for the great ilovegraffiti sketch!
Musa: You’re welcome!


Meet Musa online:
Instagram: @musa71_
Facebook: Musa71












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„I Neeeeed It“ – FABU http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/02/21/i-neeeeed-it-fabu/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/02/21/i-neeeeed-it-fabu/#comments Tue, 21 Feb 2017 06:12:31 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=27060 [more]]]> This is NO FUGAZI again with a new video titled „I NEEEEED IT“ featuring FABU of KGZ and BK Crew painting trains, soundtrack provided by Heartpete!

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VIDEO – The Buchawrestlers Chronicles: Issue No. 8 http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/02/20/video-the-buchawrestlers-chronicles-issue-no-8/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/02/20/video-the-buchawrestlers-chronicles-issue-no-8/#comments Mon, 20 Feb 2017 20:32:30 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=27025 [more]]]> Here is a new video produced by the BUCHAWRESTLERS Team straight out th romanian capital this tiome featuring graffiti writer FEAR:

„Founded in 2007, Buchawrestlers was established as a team with the goal of featuring the Bucharest’s underground graffiti scene by releasing street related videos as monthly episodes and annual movies, putting together the footage received from the local writers and served the final product to the hungry-for-adventure viewers, without any comments or no other specifications included.

Buchawrestlers is featuring something a little more underground than usual, such as the Bucharest’s hidden and rather widely ignored society, the subway at night, tension, trouble and everything, as a huge, dirty and realistic gallery, like an exhibition, as raw as possible.“

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UNSEEN PIECES – A Videoseries by SKENAR73 http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/02/20/unseen-pieces-a-videoseries-by-skenar73/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/02/20/unseen-pieces-a-videoseries-by-skenar73/#comments Mon, 20 Feb 2017 20:15:24 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=27015 [more]]]> Berlin based graffiti artist SKENAR73 of the SBB and BUDDIES Crews just went online with the first episode of his videoseries UNSEEN PIECES on YouTube. The series basically is about painting pieces at forgotten and abandoned places. You can watch more episodes here over at his Facebook Page!





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VIDEO – Graff TV – DATER127 http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/02/20/video-graff-tv-dater127/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/02/20/video-graff-tv-dater127/#comments Mon, 20 Feb 2017 13:34:33 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=27012 [more]]]> In this new episode of Graff TV by Spraydaily the graffiti writer DATER127 from Koblenz, Germany is featured. GRAFF TV is a series of graffiti videos capturing the style and techniques of some of the best and most interesting writers around the world. From simple new school styles to futuristic 3D-burners or playful naive pieces. Follow the process from sketch to finished piece, all cut down and compressed to three minutes episodes.

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Epsilone Mural in Lille by GREY, JEROO, SLY2, DEFO, EYES B and some more http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/02/20/epsilone-mural-in-lille-by-grey-jeroo-sly2-defo-eyes-b-and-some-more/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/02/20/epsilone-mural-in-lille-by-grey-jeroo-sly2-defo-eyes-b-and-some-more/#comments Mon, 20 Feb 2017 10:37:24 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=26999 [more]]]> Graffiti artist GREY of EPS Crew from Lille, North France sent in nice footage of a mural painted by him and JEROO, SLY2, DEFO, EYES B and some more for EPSILONE. You can watch a video with interviews and final results below!

Bildschirmfoto 2017-02-20 um 11.24.13
Bildschirmfoto 2017-02-20 um 11.19.35
Bildschirmfoto 2017-02-20 um 11.19.58

Bildschirmfoto 2017-02-20 um 11.26.02

Bildschirmfoto 2017-02-20 um 11.25.50
Bildschirmfoto 2017-02-20 um 11.24.33

Bildschirmfoto 2017-02-20 um 11.25.24

Bildschirmfoto 2017-02-20 um 11.25.03

Photos: Alain Couzinet

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Train in Paint Vol.2 – The TIP CREW from POLAND http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/02/20/train-in-paint-vol-2-the-tip-crew-from-poland/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/02/20/train-in-paint-vol-2-the-tip-crew-from-poland/#comments Mon, 20 Feb 2017 10:10:34 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=26996 [more]]]> This second part of TRAIN IN PAINT runs 12 minutes and features the polish TIP crew with actions and running trains from Poland and all over europe.

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„Sky’s The Limit, Painters of the Extreme” – A Documentary by Jerome Thomas http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/02/20/skys-the-limit-painters-of-the-extreme-a-documentary-by-jerome-thomas/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/02/20/skys-the-limit-painters-of-the-extreme-a-documentary-by-jerome-thomas/#comments Mon, 20 Feb 2017 09:20:01 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=26991 [more]]]> Thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign the Street art documentary „Sky’s The Limit, Painters of the Extreme” by French filmmaker Jerome Thomas is now about to release and screen. The documentary narrates the history of international muralism as a growing worldwide phenomenon as todays neo-muralist movement. The filmmaker worked with ten talented artists from around the globe with interviews about the way they define what they do and why they do it, weather and technical challenges, authorities, reactions from residents and some more. „Sky’s The Limit, Painters of the Extreme” introduce PANTÓNIO from Portugal, KATRE, JACE, MARKO93, ASTRO, KOUKA, STEW, SETH and C215 from France, INTI from Chile and MADC from as protagonists.

„The documentary intends to present a fresh approach to what we today call “Street Art” by drawing some parallels to the muralist movement from the 1930s and the rise of the so-called Neo-Muralism in France.“

You can follow the filmproject over here on Facebook for more informations and the release. Below checkout the teaser and some more excerpts and previews.

SKY IS THE LIMIT: The Extrem Painters (Trailer)





Source: MANA PROD,

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MOSES proposal to the Hamburg S-Bahn http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/02/20/moses-proposal-to-the-hamburg-s-bahn/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/02/20/moses-proposal-to-the-hamburg-s-bahn/#comments Mon, 20 Feb 2017 08:33:34 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=26983 [more]]]> Some Monday fun from Hamburg by graffiti artist MOSES and his proposal to the Hamburg S-Bahn system, it reads:



Bildschirmfoto 2017-02-20 um 09.21.56
Bildschirmfoto 2017-02-20 um 09.24.00

Photos: Twitter, Instagram

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WALL WRITERS – A Documentary by Roger Gastman http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/02/19/wall-writers-a-documentary-by-roger-gastman-2/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/02/19/wall-writers-a-documentary-by-roger-gastman-2/#comments Sun, 19 Feb 2017 19:01:00 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=26980 [more]]]> ww04

5 years ago on ilovegraffiti we told you about a documentary movie and book project in the making by Roger Gastman called Wall Writers. The movie and book about the 1st generation of moden graffiti writers in the late 60’s and early 70’s in America has now been released and screened all over the States. Its also available worldwide via iTunes. “This is the bible and encyclopedia combined with the true birth of graffiti as it is known today” Author Gastman says, and at over 350 pages, this isn’t hyperbole. It’s the place to start.

The synopsis for the project is as follows:
Before artists such as Banksy and Shepard Fairey became household names, there were graffiti pioneers who were responsible for adding such things as the first ever crown or arrow to their moniker beginning the evolution of style.

Wall Writers: Graffiti in its Innocence is a documentary film and 350+ page companion book. Both film and book were conceived and directed by Roger Gastman. Legendary filmmaker John Waters narrates the documentary and the book’s forward is written by acclaimed artist Barry McGee.

Graffiti and street art today are largely considered the rock n’ roll of visual art, and Wall Writers is the story of its birth from Philadelphia and New York City during 1967 to 1973. Wall Writers is an exclusive account of the beginnings of the largest art movement of the Twentieth Century. No one has been able to tell this story until now, because no one could get complete access to the full cast of the movement’s originators featured in this film. Most of these artists have given their first ever on-camera interviews for this project. Wall Writers offers a once-in-a-lifetime look at the origin of graffiti and street art that continues to capture the imaginations of young people the world over.

Wall Writers explores graffiti’s eruption into the mainstream society during a period of social turmoil in the late 1960s and early ‘70s, and takes a closer look not only at early graffiti’s place on the wall but its place in the culture of the time. Featuring unprecedented access to and exclusive interviews with graffiti’s originators CORNBREAD, TAKI 183, LSD OM, and more than a two-dozen others.Testimonies from journalists, historians and politicians who bore witness to the wall-writing revolution are also included in the film.

More comprehensive than anything on this subject, Wall Writers explores not only early graffiti writing itself but the writers creating it and the culture that drove them to write — be it a need to rebel against the government, to pass a message, or simply be recognized by society. The film’s exclusive interviews are coupled with rare photographs and archival footage, most of which have never been seen on screen before and serve as historical reference points as well as evidence of early graffiti that was buffed away decades ago.

From graffiti’s humble beginnings in 1967 to the first painting being sold in 1973, Wall Writers reveals the context of the start of a movement that would eventually grow to transform city life, public transit, public art, and ultimately visual art the world over.

You can watch the full movie Wall Writers here via iTunes

Check out the Q&A that took place after the screening of Wall Writers at the SVA Theater in New York with Roger Gastman, Taki 183, CornBread, Snake 1, Coco 144. Rocky 184, Henry 161 & others.

Website for the Wall Writers the movie here.

Follow the Facebook page here

WW Book Cover













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25 Minutes In The Streets of PRAGUE – The TCS CREW http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/02/19/25-minutes-in-the-streets-of-prague-the-tcs-crew/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/02/19/25-minutes-in-the-streets-of-prague-the-tcs-crew/#comments Sun, 19 Feb 2017 18:35:59 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=26969 [more]]]> Here is a video from one of our favourite european capitals, Praha! 25 minutes graffiti in the streets of Prague (CZ) with Helen, Fiver, Oxid, Fire, Kity and some more writers of the local TCS crew aka The City Stars.

http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/02/19/25-minutes-in-the-streets-of-prague-the-tcs-crew/feed/ 0
„Two months – Two windmills“ – MAFIA / TABAK & ZSOMBOR SÁLI http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/02/19/two-months-two-windmills-mafia-tabak-zsombor-sali/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/02/19/two-months-two-windmills-mafia-tabak-zsombor-sali/#comments Sun, 19 Feb 2017 11:17:17 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=26954 [more]]]> The austrian artists MAFIA / TABAK and ZSOMBOR SÁLI painted two huge wind power stations in the summer of 2016. The video shows footage from two months of living and working in the Austrian mountains (Hochpürschtling, Styria).

„The whole project is documented and edited by themselves, which was a big challenge to do alongside painting on a tight schedule. The working conditions where tough due to the inconsistent mountain-weather, including pelting rain, thunder and wind speeds of nearly 80km/h. However – completely free of faults, MAFIA / TABAK and ZSOMBOR SÁLI managed to realize their very own vision by painting these murals and pulled off a unique and new way of combining their different styles.“

All in all, the video gives insight into an exceptional project from the artists perspective.








Camera and Edit:


Links to the Artists:



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One of the finest writers to come from ATHENS – An Interview with TONES GFR http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/02/15/one-of-the-finest-writers-to-come-from-athens-an-interview-with-tones-gfr/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/02/15/one-of-the-finest-writers-to-come-from-athens-an-interview-with-tones-gfr/#comments Wed, 15 Feb 2017 13:21:09 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=26926 [more]]]> Reigning from Athens, Greece, TONES of the GFR Crew started writing graffiti in 2006, and is now one of the finest writers to come from his home country. Hid letters are strong and dynamic with a nice flow, strong colors, tones and effects. Athens offers uncountable and untouched virgin walls. Raw brick or concrete, clean, untouched spots in nature that just beg for some colors. TONES is always exploring to create a stack of colorful burners within the past years. We visited INDIANA TONES recently for some paint and now decided to send some questions to present a portfolio of his works painted in 2015 to now.


ILG: For those who don´t know, please introduce yourself.
Tones: Hello! I write TONES and I am a graffiti writer from Athens, Greece. I’ve been doing graffiti since 2006 and to start painting was the worst decision of my life.. ahahahaha

ILG: How did you start and where are you today?
Tones: I was introduced to graffiti by two friends back in 2001. We had a graffiti crew with some friends in school but I was only doing some silly sketches every now and then.. Most of us did the same thing I guess because we grew up at the suburbs of Athens which was great for us kids to play outside at our neighborhood, you know playing every kind of game you can imagine out in the fields around our houses with all our friends etc.. So that was our priority back then hehe..

But that graffiti ‚thing‘ was inside me I guess so it was around 2006 when I saw a friend from my neighborhood, that we were hanging out, painting and I decided to go grab some cans and paint a ‚complete‘ piece too. I liked the feeling so much, so I started doing sketches more actively and together with my friends we started painting more and more.. I guess that was the beginning of the story. Today 10 and a half years later I think I am more active and productive than
ever (even though I paint alone a lot). But I still see graffiti the same way as back then.. A way to go all around the place with some friends, or by myself, find new spots and do my thing. The only thing that changed is that now I see things in a different scale. From the scale of the pieces and the amount of effort i put into creating them to the places that I do graffiti. Instead of my neighborhood I see that I can travel to places around the world, see so
many interesting things and meet great people.. That’s one aspect of graffiti that I didn’t think of back then but know it means a lot to me as an artist and as a person.


ILG: What crews are you in, and how important are they to you?
Tones: Since I started painting more actively I haven’t been a member of any crews. All of my friends quit painting and I was painting by myself for some years, So after some point I wasn’t thinking of being a member of a crew. In my mind, to be part of a crew means a lot more than just painting.. It means to spend your time with good friends with whom you can share things, people that you can inspire and get inspired by (and not only on an artistic level) and generally have a deeper connection than just painting a wall together. All that changed very recently though (last summer) when me, Poison and China (two of my friends that I paint a lot with) joined the GFR crew from New York.

Although the guys are from another continent we had such an amazing time here in Greece when they visited last summer that it felt like we’ve been knowing them forever. So I’m very happy to be part of a crew with really cool people and great artists, whose work inspires me a lot.


ILG: Whats it like for you to be painting in Athens in general?
Tones: Athens is a really cool place to paint and I really enjoy it. You have a lot of nice spots in the center of the city or in the suburbs and good weather to paint most of the year. You can walk around freely bombing even during the day in some places and most of the people I think are tolerant towards graffiti (especially if it includes characters haha). On the other hand we have the financial crisis which has done a lot of damage to our country. So, graffiti wise, it’s difficult for someone nowadays to start painting at a constant rate and keep evolving and be active for many many years. That’s why you can see a lot writers start painting for a couple of years and then they quit. Also here in Greece there aren’t a lot of opportunities for graffiti writers to do things and also graffiti graffiti events are a few and they have limited resources. So it’s a bit difficult to promote graffiti and for people to come in contact with other artists which is something really useful for everyone I think. So I feel that the same environment that helps me go forward is also holding me (and other writers) back sometimes.

ILG: How do you work with your letters and with colors?
Tones: I don’t have a standard way of working with my letters. It changes from time to time. For the basis I like to have well balanced, good looking, dynamic letters that can also stand by themselves. Then I add various elements I like, to keep the balance of the piece and sometimes make it more ‚wild‘. For the colors I like to use more earthly colors and some duller shades of typical colors and then give the colorway that extra boost it needs using some ‚strong‘ vivid colors for fades and/or highlights.

Bildschirmfoto 2017-02-15 um 13.44.46

ILG: You paint a lot with Insane51, can you tell us about your connection?
Tones: Oh yeah, I’ve known Insane51 almost since the beginning.. We started painting at the same time but we met a couple of years later at a wall and after that we started talking more and more and started painting every now and then. The last couple of years we painted bigger and more detailed walls together and that was something that we both enjoyed so we started traveling together and last summer we travelled to a lot of places in Europe and in Greece to paint. Also last year at Roskilde festival we found out that we are really good at playing ping pong and now we are team mates.. So beware!

ILG: What does „malakes“ mean?
Tones: Ahahahahahaha.. everybody in the world knows what malakes means! And if you don’t, ask the person next to you..

ILG: Social media, how do you like them, and how do you use them?
Tones: I was born in 1990 so as a teenager (when I started painting) social media was already around us and everybody already had a pc or an early smartphone. So everything I wanted to see I was just googling it and boom, it was right in front of me.. from graffiti to whatever. So for me it’s something natural to use the social media and I like how people all around the world connects via some applications. Also it’s a great thing that we are just a few clicks away from other people’s works and we can see them and get inspired by, something that it was a bit harder back in the days without the internet and stuff. I also like the fact that many artists can show their works in the social media and get to be known to a lot of places around the world. What I don’t like is that everyone can use social media and that sometimes is not good in many ways regarding graffiti or not. I use social media a lot to connect with people around the world and to show my work (not all of it though) and also to see other people’s work and get inspired by it.

Bildschirmfoto 2017-02-15 um 13.45.56

ILG: Last year you travelled a lot, tell us where you went and what you experienced?
Tones: Yeah, last year it was really cool traveling to various places with friends painting and having a great time. I travelled to several cities in Greece and in Europe, like Thesaloniki, Berlin, Antwerp, Roskilde and others.. I really like to travel and that was something I really enjoyed. I met a lot of cool people that I painted with or we just hung out, I saw some amazing places, I took part in some really nice projects, I made strong friendships and I got inspired by a lot of artists. The best experience for me, I think, from last year was at the Roskilde festival in Denmark in which we had a blast, painting together with so many graffiti artists, partying and having a great time.. It was inspiring in every way and not only graffiti wise. Other stuff that I enjoyed was painting a train station in Berlin and making a really big piece in a mural festival in Naousa city in Greece..

ILG: Inspiration, what makes you paint, who inspires you?
Tones: Everything inspires me I guess in certain ways.. From graffiti and art in general to the shapes and the vibes of the urban environment or the colors and patterns out in the nature. What I really like to watch and I really get inspired by is the nature. I love how nature uses color. The colors and the shapes you see at certain landscapes is really amazing and nothing can beat that.. Also artists that I really like their work inspire me to keep on going and always try harder to push forward my art.

Bildschirmfoto 2017-02-15 um 14.11.51

ILG: Do you have goals you have already accomplished, and what goals do you have for the future?
Tones: I think that yeah I’ve accomplished some goals like being able to produce a decent graffiti piece that I, first of all, like and feel good about it. Also traveling to other cities and paint was something that I really wanted to do and the last couple of years I managed to do it. For the future I want to be able to do graffiti and evolve what I do in general, travel as much as possible around the world and take part in several projects.

ILG: Describe a regular good day for you?
Tones: Ok here we go. I wake up in the morning, I eat my breakfast and then workout a little bit. Then get to work on any projects I might have (graphic design or graffiti). If I don’t have to work then probably I will go out spot searching, or go out to paint a wall. If the weather is bad then stay inside and do sketches or I sit at my pc and search for information about several stuff that I find interesting.. Then at night I go out to find friends and drink some beers or I go out bombing hehe..

ILG: Any last words?
Tones: I’ll answer when my time has come..

ILG: Do you love graffiti?
Tones: Sometimes.. I guess..

List your online medias:

Instagram: @Dirtysprayer
Facebook: @Tonesgfr



Bildschirmfoto 2017-02-15 um 13.44.22

Bildschirmfoto 2017-02-15 um 13.44.34

Bildschirmfoto 2017-02-15 um 13.45.04

Bildschirmfoto 2017-02-15 um 13.45.18

Bildschirmfoto 2017-02-15 um 13.45.35

Bildschirmfoto 2017-02-15 um 13.45.46

Bildschirmfoto 2017-02-15 um 13.46.06

Bildschirmfoto 2017-02-15 um 13.46.14

Bildschirmfoto 2017-02-15 um 13.46.23

Bildschirmfoto 2017-02-15 um 13.46.34

Bildschirmfoto 2017-02-15 um 13.46.43


http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/02/15/one-of-the-finest-writers-to-come-from-athens-an-interview-with-tones-gfr/feed/ 0
A gentrification-themed street-art battle happening in LONDON http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/02/15/a-gentrification-themed-street-art-battle-happening-in-london/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/02/15/a-gentrification-themed-street-art-battle-happening-in-london/#comments Wed, 15 Feb 2017 12:22:03 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=26901 [more]]]> Bildschirmfoto 2017-02-15 um 13.09.21

Remember when graffiti artist MOBSTR had a year-long battle with the council? Well, it happends again and again. London is constantly changing at a house rate only the locals can really feel. Rent anywhere near overground and underground trains is through the roof. You can expect to pay close to 50% of your paycheck on rent. Many blame it on Gentrification and Street Art.

There is new new murals and graffiti up all the time, so you can’t expect your favourite piece or murals to stick around forever. Street artist EDWIN apparently made his mark on a mural in Hackney Wick, London. Painting over an mural of a woman and an octopus, he wrote: ‚For just a moment, this pretty face and octopus has made me forget that my rent has doubled and that my neighbourhood is being destroyed‘. Another gentrification-themed street-art battle just started.

Bildschirmfoto 2017-02-15 um 13.09.32

For whatever reason, EDWIN seems to have quickly had a changed of his mind – and has brought back the woman and the octopus, along with the word ‚sorry’and a new interpretation of the mural.


Source: FifthWallTV, Edwin, Timeout.com

http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/02/15/a-gentrification-themed-street-art-battle-happening-in-london/feed/ 0
ROCK STEADY – A 1982 Documentary by Anthony Ralph on The Rock Steady Crew from The Bronx http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/02/15/rock-steady-a-1982-documentary-by-anthony-ralph-on-the-rock-steady-crew-from-the-bronx/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/02/15/rock-steady-a-1982-documentary-by-anthony-ralph-on-the-rock-steady-crew-from-the-bronx/#comments Wed, 15 Feb 2017 11:25:54 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=26898 [more]]]> This here is a recently uploaded documentary, the legendary Rock Steady Crew was a part of. Even before Style Wars. This documentary by Anthony Ralph was aired on British TV in 1982. This video was lent to Jadell (YouTube) by ZAKI DEE (The Chrome Angelz / The Others).

„…as far as I can tell, Zaki is the ONLY person with a copy of this! – Jadell (The Others – The Death Squad – ROCStars)“

For our younger readers who don´t know: The Rock Steady Crew is an American b-boying crew and hip hop group which has become a franchise name for multiple groups in other locations. The group was initially formed in The Bronx, New York City in 1977 by b-boys Jojo and Jimmy Dee. The Manhattan branch was created by Crazy Legs and B-Boy Fresh. The New York Times called the Rock Steady Crew „the foremost breakdancing group in the world today.

You can watch more media on the Rock Steady Crew here in „The History of Breakdance“, a videoseries by ARTE Creative.

ROCK STEADY – A 1982 Documentary by Anthony Ralph on The Rock Steady Crew from The Bronx

http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/02/15/rock-steady-a-1982-documentary-by-anthony-ralph-on-the-rock-steady-crew-from-the-bronx/feed/ 0
HELLO FROM WARSAW – WOL CREW & FRIENDS http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/02/15/hello-from-warsaw-wol-crew-friends/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/02/15/hello-from-warsaw-wol-crew-friends/#comments Wed, 15 Feb 2017 10:12:07 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=26895 [more]]]> After the CAPETOWN video (DRS Crew & Friends) here is another HELLO FROM Episode this time from Warsaw (Poland) featuring locals and foreigners like the WOL Crew from Sweden! More WOL Crew here!

Watch more HELLO FROM EPISODES here!

http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/02/15/hello-from-warsaw-wol-crew-friends/feed/ 0
REKA, SOFLES & GUIDO VAN HELTEN go big in MELBOURNE http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/02/15/reka-sofles-and-guido-van-helten-go-big-in-melbourne/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/02/15/reka-sofles-and-guido-van-helten-go-big-in-melbourne/#comments Wed, 15 Feb 2017 08:56:14 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=26883 [more]]]> Reka is back on a visit in Melbourne after a few years overseas. While in town, he hooked up with Sofles and Guido Van Helten to transform Melbourne Polytechnic’s Prahran Campus with 3 large scale murals on some seven storey walls. Check out the short video below and photos of the finished walls.





http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/02/15/reka-sofles-and-guido-van-helten-go-big-in-melbourne/feed/ 0
„Jest on jedynie próbą udokumentowania graffiti w Europie“ – GLITCH KIDS 01 – ZION http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/02/14/jest-on-jedynie-proba-udokumentowania-graffiti-w-europie-glitch-kids-01-zion/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/02/14/jest-on-jedynie-proba-udokumentowania-graffiti-w-europie-glitch-kids-01-zion/#comments Tue, 14 Feb 2017 16:07:17 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=26879 [more]]]> In this video graffiti writer ZION of DSTS crew from Poland is on tour painting some walls and european trains plus subways in Berlin and Vienna: GLITCH KIDS Episode 01

http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/02/14/jest-on-jedynie-proba-udokumentowania-graffiti-w-europie-glitch-kids-01-zion/feed/ 0
„London has such a fast turnover, you have to paint a lot to be noticed here“ – An Interview with TIZER http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/02/14/london-has-such-a-fast-turnover-you-have-to-paint-a-lot-to-be-noticed-here-an-interview-with-tizer/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/02/14/london-has-such-a-fast-turnover-you-have-to-paint-a-lot-to-be-noticed-here-an-interview-with-tizer/#comments Tue, 14 Feb 2017 15:15:37 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=26875 [more]]]>

We caught up with London legend TIZER of ID Crew and asked some questions! Here is the short interview with Mister Instagram of Graffiti!

ILG: Hey man, please introduce yourself!
Tizer: I’m Tizer 1 from South London, bandit country. I started painting in my early teenage years, I’m in my early 40’s now.

ILG: You have so many crews, how did that come about? Whats the difference between them?
Tizer: Ha ha yeah, I’m in a lot of crews. My main crew is ID, Shucks and I started it in 1997, there are 13 of us now, we are old friends and a group legendary dudes. I’m in some international crews too. SDM (Australia) RHC (Hungary) HOD (USA) YCP (Croatia) CVK (Wales) the rest are london crews GW, CBM, KTF, 1T, NHS, TDO, SHK & DUBL TRUBL. I’m friends with a lot of people in the scene, from young to old. I guess I’ve always tried to promote the positive sides of hip hop culture. My brother was a member of the Zulu Nation, we were Zulu’s before he even became one, doing youth projects, stopping beefs, that sort of vibe. I rep all the crews, they are my mates.

ILG: Well, we follow you, it´s not a secret you paint much more than others right?
Tizer: I had a really messed up childhood, I’m super dyslexic and I was an angry kid. Skateboarding and graffiti saved me, they both gave me confidence when I had none and made my friends proud of me, which in turn made me begin to like myself. When I’m bombing or painting, it’s all I’m thinking about, so my worldly problems disappear. I need to paint all the time. Over the last six years I’ve painted more than most crews or people who are sponsored. That was fueled by love loss and the death of my mother. Those were hard times, but I’ve laughed a lot and met some great people along the way. Graffiti literally keeps me grounded and sane. Ha ha


ILG: Describe a regular good day for you?
Tizer: Painting with my friends, going to a hip hop jam, hanging out with pretty girls in hot pants…I mean weather! Ha ha!

ILG: Whats it like for you to be painting in London in general?
Tizer: London has such a fast turnover, you have to paint a lot to be noticed here. London and the UK has incredible writers, past and present, we have been ignored throughout history. I’ve grown up here, so I don’t know about other scenes. I like it, but there isn’t much respect here for history as most older cats never gave direction to the youth. That’s just the way it’s gone, still love it.


ILG: Social media, no one in graffiti post more photos to Instagram than you, do you realize that and why do you post so much?
Tizer: If I’m not painting I get bored, I post way too much, but I’m painting all the time or hanging out with inspirational people or getting my „famous photos“ so the content is either really stupid or slightly interesting. I know it annoys the shit out of people, that I post so much. I don’t really care, it’s my page.

ILG: Travelling, what memorable places have you been, and where do you plan to go?
Tizer: I love traveling. I have met kings and queens, been shown around cities like I was a local, spent time with people’s families and friends. I’ve been to places and countries I would have never thought I’d go to, but through doing this art form, I’ve had the chance to see the world. Pretty amazing seeing many teachers at school said I was stupid and never amount to anything. When I started I couldn’t really draw, but over the years I taught myself how to paint. If I can do it, then anyone can. With hard work and perseverance you can make yourself important.


ILG: Inspiration, what makes you paint, who inspires you?
Tizer: I’m super self critical, so I’m rarely into what I do. I find inspiration from my city, nature and people I’ve seen. I freestyle 98% of everything I do. So my inspiration really depends on how I feel.For example, If I’m angry, my graffiti looks more aggressive. I use the paint I have. I’m a total tight ass when it comes to spray, I’ll use anything I can get my hands on. You can still do good stuff even if you’ve got awful materials. My first inspiration was my father, he was an illustrator, then my brother, he is my main inspiration, my mother was a great artist she also really gave me a great love for art, she was truly a great human. I am inspired to try and be the best person I can be. I was dealt a shit card when I was young, but I know it has helped me relate to young people I have taught who are troubled, I have been able to give sound advice because I went through the same things. If you can turn negatives to positives you will win. I’d like to hope in the future that I’ve been more inspirational in my life than necessarily been inspired by others. I love all types of art, but writing is the realist one going. It’s the voice of the people, the unheard, the forgotten. It’s ours.

ILG: How did computers, smartphones and the internet change graffiti?
Tizer: I’m computer illiterate so I have no idea! Ha ha. When I was 15 my mum bought me a cheap camera but I got it robbed in The Pit (One of london’s first legal spots) in the early 90’s. In 2007 I got a phone and started taking photos of my stuff. I couldn’t afford a camera and at the time I didn’t really care, I didn’t have any evidence because I didn’t have any flicks. The internet has made the world smaller you can go anywhere in the world and hook up with people which is great. I think it’s sad that years ago you could tell which city you were from by your style. Now you got kids doing SF or Swedish throw ups, but they’re from England. Or someone will rinse a unknown Eastern European writers whole flex and hope nobody will call’em out for munching. But love it or hate it, it has to evolve and change. It might have made our subculture slightly corny in places, but it will always be street culture so it will always have a hardcore undertone.


ILG: You do both pieces and characters, is there anything you dont paint, or is there something you haven’t painted yet that you want to?
Tizer: I haven’t really painted much 3D stuff or any Anti-style pieces. I just personally like to try and push my self, by no way am I being down on either of those styles. I just dig other styles, personally. I would like to paint a large scale wall by myself. In London all the big walls are given to Street artists or popular travelling writers that also have gallery shows. They always get the same people, world wide. I know it sounds like sour grapes, but there are other people that could do just as amazing or maybe even better than some of the favored artists. I’d love to see Doze Green, Won ABC, RosyOne, Part 1 TDS, CMP, Hoxe, Neist to be given a side of a building. Actually bollox to that…. I’d like to be given a side of a building. I could do something nice too. I see cats with projectors, before they were successful street artists they were failed graphic designers, only jumping on the band wagon in 2006 when it was getting trendy. They can’t even really paint but just copied someone’s stuff, which I think is madness. What do I know though, I sound like a whingy old bastard.

ILG: Crazy fill-ins, you have done a lot of pieces with original fills, tell us about them?
Tizer: Ha ha, all my pieces are weird, Me and Shucks would fire ideas at each other for concepts, coming up with the worst ideas possible. If we’d end up crying in hysterics, we’d be totally doing that one. Normally I’ll do something in my letters which will give me an idea, which will then shape the whole rest of wall. If I do mad intricate pieces half way through I’ll be like why did I think this was a good idea, I will never know. I daydream a lot, it used to drive teachers and ex-girlfriends insane. I’m a space cadet. I should have been an ideas guy in a wanky advertising firm, I can endlessly come up with dumb ass concepts. I guess I did the same a kid, most of my early sketch books, I’d be trying to make every page look like was drawn by someone else.


ILG: What other things do you get yourself in to, you DJ too right?
Tizer: Shucks and a load of my friends are proper DJ’s. I’m a selector. When I went to college most of the DJ’s sucked, so I asked if I could play, people liked my music and I got a job. There’s an incredible DJ called DJ Cash Money, I named myself DJ BeerMoney, I was mostly paid in beer for the first few years. In the 80’s I hated most pop music. I was into Punk, Ska, Psycho-Billy and Reggae, but once British punk had died we got into hip hop, funk and soul. I had residencies in clubs and bars from 1997- 2016. I like playing my music loudly, getting drunk and making people dance. Mylon (P-Break) my longest DJ partner was amazing, we had a residency at Mango Landin‘ for 8 years in Brixton, would finish with Zorba the Greek and have hysterics at everyone making complete tits out of themselves. Miss it.

ILG: Got any sayings or mottos or oneliners about graffiti?
Tizer: Never Quit. You will be forgotten. Within a 2/3 year period max, you’ll be forgotten no matter how cool you think you are. Oh and having a shit attitude is really boring for me now, I grew up in South London when people from North and West were fearful of it, so that tough guy persona is really boring for me now, outside of this scene nobody knows us or even cares who we are, they all think we are assholes. Real gangsters don’t do graffiti, you wouldn’t hot up your business with a crime as wack as this. Ha ha I’m sure they’d like to believe they are loco, but I’d say most of the time they just want to be edgy. Ha ha

ILG: And, do you love graffiti?
Tizer: Totally Love it

ILG: List your online medias
Tizer: Tizerid/Instagram and Tizerone id/Flickr

















http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/02/14/london-has-such-a-fast-turnover-you-have-to-paint-a-lot-to-be-noticed-here-an-interview-with-tizer/feed/ 0
„I might not wake up from one of these seizures“ – SABER’s call from the hospital http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/02/14/i-might-not-wake-up-from-one-of-these-seizures-sabers-call-from-the-hospital-2/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/02/14/i-might-not-wake-up-from-one-of-these-seizures-sabers-call-from-the-hospital-2/#comments Tue, 14 Feb 2017 14:56:35 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=26868 [more]]]> stl00_saber

SABER of AWR and MSK Crew from Los Angeles, one of the most prolific graffiti writers in America and creator of the largest graffiti ever painted, is very sick at the moment. We think this is a serious case to share here on ILG. SABER has repetitive seizures and a lot of problems with the American healthcare system. This topic was also voiced by graffiti artist CHINO in the „The Vandal Hour“ Radioshow we posted today, about the IZ THE WIZ case. IZ passed away in June 2009 and needed so much money to stay alive and sold everything, even his old blackbooks and all his old photos, anything to get money for treatment. Not enough people supported him. After he died, everyone wanted to buy a canvas of his, but then he didnt need money anymore. SABER recently explained the struggle himself, please read and show support if you can!

sabersick01„Yesterday I had another bad seizure. I woke up in the emergency room strapped to a table. At the moment I’m home recovering with the worst headache imaginable but I still feel the need to craft these thoughts. I started having gran-mal seizures in 2001. Then I was denied insurance due to pre-existing conditions. My seizures were out of control leaving me at the mercy of these circumstances.

I can’t explain to you the horror stories I’ve experienced, not necessarily with the care I received in these emergency situations (all though going through the county system gets very messy) but more with how I was treated after these episodes. A for profit healthcare system is PREDATORY! Even though facilities are available they deny you access to treatment and empower an army of collection agencies that will go at great lengths to destroy you. Ruining someone’s credit, especially because of a sickness or accident is the first way to exacerbate illness including loss of housing, denied loans, etc. My credit was destroyed which perpetuated me and my loved ones into a downward spiral. And I am one of the lucky ones.

My passion for art drives my success. But I’m not out of the woods yet. Now, I am someone who has experienced this full cycle of our nation’s healthcare system. Then, no access to comprehensive healthcare with a serious condition to now having access to healthcare, keeping me out of the spiral of debt and recieving treatment with dignity, to in the very near future no more access.

Now the Republican administration wants to trash the #aca WITH NO PLAN IN PLACE brushing aside 20 million people and using thier platform to attack citizens with impunity is a very dangerous road to walk down. For me, I will carry on using my art and my children as inspiration. But, I have had to acknowledge the reality that at some point I might not wake up from one of these seizures. You could imagine what I would be feeling right now. If you feel so inclined to support me, buy my art.“

Link to Saber’s webshop here!

You can read more about his struggle on his very honest Instagram here.







SABER – Zero Tolerance Performance in Stavanger 2012 (VIDEO)

http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/02/14/i-might-not-wake-up-from-one-of-these-seizures-sabers-call-from-the-hospital-2/feed/ 0
The Vandal Hour – Radio talkshow featuring CES, BIO, DERO, TKID, CHINO, SADE and more. http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/02/14/the-vandal-hour-radio-talkshow-featuring-ces-bio-dero-tkid-chino-sade-and-more-2/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/02/14/the-vandal-hour-radio-talkshow-featuring-ces-bio-dero-tkid-chino-sade-and-more-2/#comments Tue, 14 Feb 2017 09:30:22 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=26813 [more]]]> The Vandal Hour is a radio show from New York that features graffiti. Recently they hosted a show featuring Ces, Bio, Dero, Tkid, Chino, Python, Ree2, Trike and hosted by Sade talking about „When Writers Put Down The Paint“

Fast forward to 16:10 on the video for the show to start! And to 27:40 for the discussion to start.
And never mind the gunshots that some technician thought it was a good idea to put over sound…


Bildschirmfoto 2017-02-14 um 10.35.07



http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/02/14/the-vandal-hour-radio-talkshow-featuring-ces-bio-dero-tkid-chino-sade-and-more-2/feed/ 0
170 Artists Invade a Giant Empty Bank Building in Berlin – THE HAUS [PREVIEW] http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/02/13/100-artists-invade-a-5-storey-bank-building-in-berlin-the-haus-preview/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2017/02/13/100-artists-invade-a-5-storey-bank-building-in-berlin-the-haus-preview/#comments Mon, 13 Feb 2017 18:13:58 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=26760 [more]]]> 15590662_1811196845759927_12603248112581588_n

Through our network we heard little stories and rumours about a new project in Berlin called THE HAUS. Only a few discreet photos have popped up here and there so far, so we went there to check out THE HAUS on Sunday for a short preview report. Here is what we were able to get away with from this secretive project scheduled to open in April 2017.

DSC02515-WPTHE HAUS gonna be a temporary gallery in the heart of Berlin that is going to showcase the essence of art by exposing it to irreversible destruction. Temporary means that when the project is over it’s not coming back. Never. THE HAUS is curated by the team behind XI-DESIGN better know as the THE DIXONS collective. Somehow they managed to enter an old empty 5 story bank building for 4 months before its demolition (see picture above) starting January 2017. So, what to do with this possibility? Let´s fill the whole building with its numerous rooms and countless space with art. That´s one crazy idea, and believe it or not, its reality now. It is at this point the THE HAUS – the BERLIN ART BANG is born.

„THE HAUS is going to be a multi-sensual adventure that will stick in the memories of all those who witness it. A collective of chosen artists and partners will create an exceptional space without borders.“

More than 170 artists were invited to realize themselves and their concepts in rooms that belongs completely to them. „The idea doesn’t matter“ they say, „as long as it’s dope“.

„A place full of libertines who dedicate themselves pursuing this one perfect moment. The moment you have to talk about because a picture is not enough to explain it.“

We came there in the early morning of Sunday, February, 13th, 2017 to check out the very last day of the workspace period, which started in January 2017. By talking to artists and discovering the 5 floors with rooms filled with very different kind of art, we realized little by little that this is not an ordinary artist camp or project. From Graffiti Art to Tape Art, Stencil Art, Installation, Illustration and object works, projections, it´s just one crazy mix of art compiled in a very special presentation. Of course we have seen similar ideas executed in old abandoned buildings (IBUG, CONS SPACE…) but we are pretty sure this is something new to everyone of you, and its very entertaining.

Bildschirmfoto 2017-02-13 um 18.54.44

While staying there for a full day we saw work in progress by ROCCO AND HIS BROTHERS, HERAKUT, the 1UP Crew, SEMOR, one great room designed by the SUPER BAD BOYS, STOHEAD, BASE23, AKTE ONE, CREN, BOND, DR.MOLROK, HRVB, DXTR & VIDAM, QUINTESSENZ, GOGO PLATA, INSANE51, INNERFIELDS, I LOVE YOU, KLEBEBANDE, TURBOKULTUR, MARIO MANKEY, MICHA KOCH, MISTER WOODLAND, CAPARSO, ONE TRUTH and many more. A very interesting line up and it´s not the names making the line up interesting, it´s the work you can discover in THE HAUS! We had the feeling that every very single artist went there with a strict and very serious agenda to create works. No matter if all this will be demolished from end of May on, its part of the whole concept.


It was strictly forbidden to take photos of finished artworks so you will not see the entire show online at any time before the show is running, the team told us they will publish a book about the whole project. Maybe it’s finished for the opening! We managed to bring home some detail shots posted below but believe us, that´s not nearly what to expect for the opening.

THE HAUS opens it doors to the public April, 1st, 2017 and is possible to visit the next 2 months till end of may. Make sure you invest a few hours and take a look!

With big respect to the XI DESIGN team we wish all the best for the opening and we will report again online latest in April 2017!

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