I Love Graffiti DE http://ilovegraffiti.de Fri, 07 Oct 2016 12:57:05 +0000 de-DE hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=4.2.10 VIDEOS – Graff TV – SKORE79, BIOS & QUES http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2016/10/07/videos-graff-tv-skore79-bios-ques/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2016/10/07/videos-graff-tv-skore79-bios-ques/#comments Fri, 07 Oct 2016 12:44:47 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=25460 [more]]]> In this three new episodes of Graff TV by Spraydaily the graffiti writers SKORE79 from Germany, BIOS from Ukraine and QUES from Mexico are featured. GRAFF TV is a series of graffiti videos capturing the style and techniques of some of the best and most interesting writers around the world. From simple new school styles to futuristic 3D-burners or playful naive pieces. Follow the process from sketch to finished piece, all cut down and compressed to three minutes episodes.





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WEBZINE – Bizarre Beyond Belief #22 http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2016/10/07/webzine-bizarre-beyond-belief-22/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2016/10/07/webzine-bizarre-beyond-belief-22/#comments Fri, 07 Oct 2016 11:31:19 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=25456 [more]]]> The BIZARRE BEYOND BELIEF Team just went online with their latest digital magazine issue number 22 featuring specials with Woolly Goat and Love Letter Projects alongside interviews with Andre Kan, Dean Reynolds, Edit TVC, Imon, Sege1 and Nemco on the cover. Always worth a second, well done!

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VIDEOS – #WallsOfWir Mural Project by Jägermeister – BERLIN & COLOGNE http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2016/10/02/videos-wallsofwir-mural-project-by-jaegermeister-berlin-cologne/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2016/10/02/videos-wallsofwir-mural-project-by-jaegermeister-berlin-cologne/#comments Sun, 02 Oct 2016 14:40:53 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=25451 [more]]]> After the Kick Off Mural of #WallsOfWir painted in Hamburg St. Pauli (Detlev–Bremer–Straße 55) by ANNA T-IRON, OJEY 80, HEIS and the ALPHABET BOYS here is the second and third Mural painted in Berlin in Cologne by DEE DEE KID, GOGO PLATA, DEJOE, DIE DIXONS, POUT SPENCER, SEMOR, THE TOP NOTCH and RANDOM EXP. It´s a commercial project to promote the brand Jägermeister where 4 murals got to be painted in 4 cities (Hamburg, Cologne, Berlin, Stuttgart) by 4 different teams. This weekend the last one will be painted in Stuttgart!






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VIDEO – „Children Playing In The Subway“ – Mexico city http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2016/10/02/video-children-playing-in-the-subway-mexico-city/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2016/10/02/video-children-playing-in-the-subway-mexico-city/#comments Sun, 02 Oct 2016 14:33:54 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=25448 The following Video shows you roundabout 5 minutes of action on the Mexico city Metro.

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MURAL ART – Steak Mural by Xi-Design in BERLIN http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2016/10/02/mural-art-steak-mural-at-berlin/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2016/10/02/mural-art-steak-mural-at-berlin/#comments Sun, 02 Oct 2016 14:33:10 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=25444 [more]]]> At Strelitzer Straße 18 in 10115 Berlin next to the Berlin Wall memorial there is an extraordinary new mural.

The historical and political message behind this design was devided by Marcus Haas, who was winning the Talenthouse mural contest „If walls could talk“.

„If this wall at Bernauer Street could talk“, says Marcus Haas about his idea, „it would surely tell a lot about this dramatic happening to Berlin: the buiding of the Berlin Wall and the seperation of both parts of Berlin until 1989. The mural shows this kind of cut through the city and the injuries of the Berlin citizens which accompanied to that. In the texture of the meat you can see the boarders and parts of Berlin. Additionally the house where the mural is painted on also looks like it is cut. That´s why the idea of the design, the architekture and the artwork fit perfectly to eachother.“

The steak mural was painted by Xi-Design, a Berlin based graffiti crew.

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HAMBURG – #WallsOfWir Mural Project by Jägermeister – KICK OFF http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2016/09/15/hamburg-wallsofwir-mural-project-by-jaegermeister-kick-off/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2016/09/15/hamburg-wallsofwir-mural-project-by-jaegermeister-kick-off/#comments Thu, 15 Sep 2016 09:03:25 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=25438 [more]]]> Here is the Kick Off Mural of #WallsOfWir painted in Hamburg St. Pauli (Detlev–Bremer–Straße 55) by ANNA T-IRON, OJEY 80, HEIS and the ALPHABET BOYS. It´s a commercial project to promote the brand Jägermeister where 4 murals got to be painted in 4 cities (Hamburg, Cologne, Berlin, Stuttgart) by 4 different teams. Next stop is Berlin!

Check the video and the finished mural below! More informations here at jaegermeister.de/wallsofwir



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BERLIN – „Ghetto Blast from the Past“ – SPADE, DRIK, DIKE, POET, INKA & TRIP http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2016/09/01/berlin-ghetto-blast-from-the-past-spade-drik-dike-poet-inka-trip/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2016/09/01/berlin-ghetto-blast-from-the-past-spade-drik-dike-poet-inka-trip/#comments Thu, 01 Sep 2016 11:36:30 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=25434 [more]]]> Here is a fresh new wall painted at the Spreeufer Berlin by Graffiti Artists SPADE, DRIK, DIKE, POET, INKA and TRIP entitled „Ghetto Blast from the Past“.

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MURAL ART – ‚La Madre Secular‘ – A three walls series by INTI http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2016/09/01/mural-art-la-madre-secular-a-three-walls-series-by-inti/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2016/09/01/mural-art-la-madre-secular-a-three-walls-series-by-inti/#comments Thu, 01 Sep 2016 11:12:04 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=25431 [more]]]> Here we would like to share with you a three walls series entitled ‚La Madre Secular‘ by Street Artist INTI. The series is about female image standing as an icon of creation and protection that crosses all cultures, regardless of any religious context. It is a lay representation of the Madonna where the sacred coexists harmonically within the laws of nature.

‚La Madre Secular I‘
Placed in Marseille; was made in collaboration with the Galerie Saint Laurent, at the classic and crowded Marche aux Puces.
‚La Madre Secular II‘
Produced for the StreetArt13 project by the Galerie Itinerrance at the 13en district in Paris.
‚La Madre Secular III‘
The last of the trilogy, has its place in Lisbon and was made possible by Underdogs.

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BREMEN – UKIF Mural Project 2016 http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2016/09/01/bremen-ukif-mural-project-2016/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2016/09/01/bremen-ukif-mural-project-2016/#comments Thu, 01 Sep 2016 11:01:31 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=25427 [more]]]> Graffiti Artist Tobias Kroeger for the second time invited a great line up of artists to paint a mural for the Urban Art Project „UKIF – Urbane Kunst im Fluss“ Bremen, Germany. For 4 days him plus Didier Jaba Mathieu, Dirk Mertin, Golden Green (5MINUTES) and Base23 painted 130 squaremeters with five superclean artworks. Great. The previous mural (2015) you can check here!

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VIDEOSERIES – 4608 Mission #01 – MISSION http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2016/09/01/videoseries-4608-mission-01-mission/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2016/09/01/videoseries-4608-mission-01-mission/#comments Thu, 01 Sep 2016 10:32:29 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=25424 [more]]]> MISSION is a new videoseries by swedish 4608 of train action videos aiming to portray different elements of painting on steel.

Chapter 1: Mission

The first chapter in the series is trying to pin down the adventure behind the the mission of painting a train. The video is a 2 minute extraction of graffiti culture, working with live action, aerial shots & 35mm still photos of missions, drugs, parties and friendship. The films are produced and directed by Fabian Sigurd in collaboration with 4608.

The chapters to come is to be released once a month over the autumn and are to illustrate elements of an lifestyle

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STREET ATELIER – „Ich habe nicht dieses Darstellungsbedürfnis…“ – LOOMIT http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2016/09/01/street-atelier-ich-habe-nicht-dieses-darstellungsbeduerfnis-loomit/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2016/09/01/street-atelier-ich-habe-nicht-dieses-darstellungsbeduerfnis-loomit/#comments Thu, 01 Sep 2016 09:53:10 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=25419 [more]]]> In this STREET ATELIER Episode by ARTE Creative and ILOVEGRAFFITI.DE LOOMIT (48), one of the first german graffiti artists talking about the past and the present, his travels and the internet. LOOMIT has painted thousands of walls, trains and murals. Worldwide. But he is one of these artists who never upload work to the www, not to his retro website, not on Social Media. He is also one of a very few travelling and living the world without Smartphone or Laptop.

The episode is in german with french subtitles (no english version available)

„Mitte der 80er: Graffiti steckt in Deutschland in den Kinderschuhen. Einer ist schon da: LOOMIT. 2016: Graffiti ist erwachsen geworden, kein Nischending mehr für vermeintlich sozial auffällige Jugendliche. LOOMIT ist immer noch da. Der Grandfather des deutschen Graffitis spricht in dieser Folge von STREET ATELIER darüber, was sich seit den 1980er Jahren geändert hat, seinen Stil und Reisen, Gesundheitsrisiken und warum er Graffiti nicht im Internet sieht, sondern dort, wo es stattfindet: auf der Straße!“ (ARTE CREATIVE)

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DOCUMENTARY MOVIE – The POWWOW Mural Festival through the eyes of Paul Trienekens http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2016/08/31/documentary-movie-the-powwow-mural-festival-through-the-eyes-of-paul-trienekens/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2016/08/31/documentary-movie-the-powwow-mural-festival-through-the-eyes-of-paul-trienekens/#comments Wed, 31 Aug 2016 14:01:10 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=25416 [more]]]> Young filmmaker Paul Trienekens went to Hawaii to produce his bachelor work about the POWWOW Mural Festival. The result is a 15min documentary movie and long interview with the mind behind the project: Jasper Wong. Interesting in case you would like to learn more about how and why people organize such festivals.

„Who would say ‚no‘ to a painting vacation in Hawai’i?“

Thanks to:
My Mum & Dad

Tom Breuer
Marina Brittner
Patrick Buchta
René Eschke
Tamara Fittig
Niklas Geller
Paul Sous

Michael Brucherseifer
Matthias Knézy-Bohm
Jasper Wong & the whole POWWOW Crew and Artists

Filmed with:
Canon 5D3
Canon 24-105 4.0
Canon 16-35 2.8



http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2016/08/31/documentary-movie-the-powwow-mural-festival-through-the-eyes-of-paul-trienekens/feed/ 0
VIDEO – „Cargopower 2016″ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2016/08/31/video-cargopower-2016/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2016/08/31/video-cargopower-2016/#comments Wed, 31 Aug 2016 13:45:14 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=25413 The SCHÖNZ ZÜRI Team just sent in a new video entitled CARGOPOWER 2016 with freights painted and running in Switzerland.

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VIDEO – „Nothing but good memories“ – DUA BOYS http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2016/08/31/video-nothing-but-good-memories-_-dua-boys/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2016/08/31/video-nothing-but-good-memories-_-dua-boys/#comments Wed, 31 Aug 2016 13:33:01 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=25408 [more]]]> Here is a new video by the DUA BOYS from Copenhagen painting trains in Italy. The movie has a message and everyone painting trains know what they talking about….

„They say that a graffiti writer’s second hobby is photography. Since it’s the only way to immortalize the action, virtually all writers become accustomed to photographing their work, especially when it comes to pieces, and if they’re on trains, even more so. This is the topic at hand in this video made by the Dua Boys crew, in which they explain to us about the relationship between graffiti and photography, their boundaries, and also what it represents according to their own perspective. It’s the prefect excuse to accompany Zombie and Money on some of their trips and experiences, the majority of which occur in Italy, and enjoy their impeccable productions done in their jaw dropping style. This short documentary gives us a gift in the form of first class pieces, unique anecdotes, and above all, a lot of excitement and empathy, while at the same time offering us a moment for reflection on the meaning of graffiti and its rituals.“

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PHOTOGRAPHY – 1900: NYC Photochroms – Artificial coloring gives these 20th century postcards of New York a dreamy look http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2016/08/27/photography-1900-nyc-photochroms-artificial-coloring-gives-these-20th-century-postcards-of-new-york-a-dreamy-look/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2016/08/27/photography-1900-nyc-photochroms-artificial-coloring-gives-these-20th-century-postcards-of-new-york-a-dreamy-look/#comments Sat, 27 Aug 2016 10:00:27 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=25405 [more]]]> These postcards of New York City at the turn of the 20th century gives you an interesting view on how NYC looked more than 100 years ago. These were produced by the Detroit Publishing Company using the innovative Photochrom process to add precise gradations of artificial color to black and white photos. Invented in the 1880s by an employee of the Swiss printing company Orell Gessner Füssli, Photochrom was an exacting and time-consuming process. It involved the creation of a lithographic stone from the photo negative, followed by the successive creation of additional litho stones — one for each tint to be used in the final image. More than a dozen different tinted stones might be involved in the production of a single image, but the result was remarkably convincing color at a time when true color photography was still in the earliest stages of development.

via mashable.com

http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2016/08/27/photography-1900-nyc-photochroms-artificial-coloring-gives-these-20th-century-postcards-of-new-york-a-dreamy-look/feed/ 0
STREET ART – ibug Festival 2016 kicks off! http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2016/08/26/street-art-ibug-festival-2016-kicks-off/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2016/08/26/street-art-ibug-festival-2016-kicks-off/#comments Fri, 26 Aug 2016 12:23:53 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=25402 [more]]]>

ibug 2016 – August 26-28 in Limbach-Oberfrohna

New wear, new city – in it´s 11th edition the ibug takes place in Limbach-Oberfrohna, a small town in western Saxony, Germany. This year an abandoned dye-works serves the festival for urban art as canvas and playground. The formerly industrial area called “VEB Buntfärberei” will be transformed into a complete artwork and can be visited between the 26th and the 28th of August.

For the creative phase starting mid August around 120 artists from 17 countries come over to create a masterpiece of murals, graffiti, illustrations,installations, garbage and multimedia-projects. Next to well-known faces like Tasso (Meerane), Quintessenz (Berlin), Guido Zimmermann (Frankfurt), Kera (Berlin) oder Hifi (Dortmund) there will be fresh talents and guests from all over the world like Messy Desk (Hong Kong), Uncle and Rainbo (China), Benuz and Said Dokins (Mexico), Vera Primavera (Ecuador), Elmar Karla and Clara Reichertz (Argentina), Megan Mosholder (USA), Key Detail and Yu-Baba (Belarus), Nootk (Russia), Dima Fatum (Ukraine), Morfai (Lithuania), Kid Crayon (UK), Koctel (Spain), Noon and Madame Moustache (France), Majilina (Italy), HNRX (Austria), Taina (Switzerland) or Sokar Uno (Berlin) to just name a few…

The result of their work and passion will be shown at the festival-weekend. Visitors can expect a colourful program including workshops, panel discussions, artist-talks and guided tours filled with worth knowing facts and witty anecdotes around the dye works and the ibug itself. There will also be an ibug-cinema, made in cooperation with ARTE Creative, looking backward on 10 years of ibug and showing films and clips of the urban art scene. „El Presidente“ Tasso, the initiator of the ibug-festival, will read out of his new biographic book „Am Ende fehlt doch immer was“ (In the end something is always missing). An art market is selling the ibug-artist´s masterpieces and Friday and Saturday the beer-garden invites to chill and calm down.

It wouldn´t be the ibug without a party. So for that on Saturday (27th of august). Live-musicians or DJs like like Philipp Matalla (Kann / Leipzig), Gyrl (Slowereastside / Leipzig), Gazelle Horn (Lonesome Riders / Leipzig), Felde (Treibsand / Chemnitz) or Monkeyman (ibug / Chemnitz) play around serving Hip-Hop, Techno and Trash to the dancing crowd. Another highlight is the „Paint Club“ with ibug artists battling each other in a duel only armed with markers and cans.

The ibug-festival opens it´s doors an Friday, the 26th of August, between 3 and 8 pm and Saturday and Sunday, the 27th and 28th of August, between 10 am and 8pm. On Friday, the ibug garden is still opened late after 8pm and after a short break an Saturday the ibug party starts at 10pm. The Entrance to the festival is located at Weststraße 52 in Limbach-Oberfrohna, Germany.

Here you can find two videos with interviews (only in german) and impressions of this years location and the creative process. More about the IBUG checkout on their website and facebook!

http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2016/08/26/street-art-ibug-festival-2016-kicks-off/feed/ 0
VIDEO – ‚Fast Drips on Tour‘ – Episode 05 – FRANCE http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2016/08/26/video-fast-drips-on-tour-episode-05-france/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2016/08/26/video-fast-drips-on-tour-episode-05-france/#comments Fri, 26 Aug 2016 07:57:50 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=25399 [more]]]> After episode 01, episode 02, 03 and 04 here is the fifth part of FAST DRIPS´s videoseries entitled ON TOUR with footage from France.

http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2016/08/26/video-fast-drips-on-tour-episode-05-france/feed/ 0
VIDEO – ABM Crew – Vienna http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2016/08/25/video-abm-crew-vienna/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2016/08/25/video-abm-crew-vienna/#comments Thu, 25 Aug 2016 10:07:34 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=25395 [more]]]> Another ADOPTED BAD MAID Video by the ABM Crew from Osnabrück (Germany) is online, this time painting trains in Vienna. That one as well as previously released episodes are produced to promote the new Magazine THE COMAG, more informations here!

http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2016/08/25/video-abm-crew-vienna/feed/ 0
BERLIN – TOY CREW Exhibition – Zwei Drei Raum Kreuzberg http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2016/08/25/berlin-toy-crew-exhibition-zwei-drei-raum-kreuzberg/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2016/08/25/berlin-toy-crew-exhibition-zwei-drei-raum-kreuzberg/#comments Thu, 25 Aug 2016 10:02:40 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=25391 [more]]]>

Graffiti crew TOY from Berlin (Das schöne Haus) will be exhibiting for the first time from 10th to 11th of September 2016 in Zwei Drei Raum, Berlin Kreuzberg (Gitschiner Str. 20-22). A debut exhibition with large format canvases, installations, video screenings and live music. The opening will take place on Saturday, September 10th at 18:00 (FB Event)

„For this exhibition, Berlin based writers ROZER, IGIT, SPIRIT, LOFK, Viktor Treshkow and Max Grambow have come together to create new ways of experiencing graffiti art. Usually confined to street bombing and train painting, they adapted their own graffiti approach to a gallery setting. The graffiti aesthetics, the illegality of it, the flow and freshness of their style remain and can be felt through their canvases, videos and installations. Ultimately, the viewer should be able to understand the motivations behind TOY’s actions and grasp the subtlety, humor and honesty of their style. Artists included are among the biggest players of Berlin’s graffiti scene, with crews like TLS, CTM, CMD, TBR, IMK, to name just a few.“

Artist group TOY represents a careless youth, trying to explore adventurous ways of living. The notion of danger builds a strong sense of community and fuels their artistic expression. Their collaboration goes beyond the attempt to be against the system: it is about belonging to a youth movement, a group of friends that gathers together to shape new urban landscapes. It is also about expressing one’s freedom in an over-regulated world. Freedom to navigate in a city, to break rules and create new aesthetics, removed from conventional artistic codes.

Here is another nice teaser just went online.

http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2016/08/25/berlin-toy-crew-exhibition-zwei-drei-raum-kreuzberg/feed/ 0
VIDEO – Frankfurt, Hannover, Stuttgart & Vienna – UN_TITLED 01 http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2016/08/24/video-frankfurt-hannover-stuttgart-vienna-un_titled-01/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2016/08/24/video-frankfurt-hannover-stuttgart-vienna-un_titled-01/#comments Wed, 24 Aug 2016 20:29:54 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=25387 [more]]]> The Writer Stories Team presents »UN_TITLED« — a 17minutes running video with with footage from Frankfurt, Hannover, Stuttgart and Vienna featuring trainwriters such as ALEC or TASK.

http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2016/08/24/video-frankfurt-hannover-stuttgart-vienna-un_titled-01/feed/ 0
ESSEN – Hafendampf 2016 with HACF, CANTWO, JBCB, ATOM and many more! http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2016/08/19/essen-hafendampf-2016-with-hacf-cantwo-jbcb-atom-and-many-more/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2016/08/19/essen-hafendampf-2016-with-hacf-cantwo-jbcb-atom-and-many-more/#comments Fri, 19 Aug 2016 13:27:43 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=25383 [more]]]> August 27th and August, 28th, 2016 it´s HAFENDAMPF Graffiti Jam Time in Essen/Germany (Area Stadthafen / Hafenstr.). The 4th edition with DJ´s playing and some great graffiti to watch in process by HACF Crew, CanTwo, Jukebox Cowboys, The Top Notch, Atom and many more. Full lineup and more infos below!

27.-28.08.2016, Essen – Stadthafen / Hafenstr.



Aftershowparty (FB-Event), 27.08.2016
start 10pm, Entry: 4,99€

On the tables:
Zwegatmann (Mc Fitti DJ / HH)
Joe Coseness (Body Movin‘ / E)
Max Gyver (Beat Me Up! / DO)


http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2016/08/19/essen-hafendampf-2016-with-hacf-cantwo-jbcb-atom-and-many-more/feed/ 0
STRAIGHT OUT THE PEN – Illustration works by VENTS137 http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2016/08/19/straight-out-the-pen-illustration-works-by-vents137/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2016/08/19/straight-out-the-pen-illustration-works-by-vents137/#comments Fri, 19 Aug 2016 11:19:50 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=25380 [more]]]> VENTS137 is an graffiti artist and illustrator whos work explores the rich history of his decade and a half involvement with the graffiti culture. From his early beginnings photographing trains with his father, to his obsession with 1960′s and 70′s comic illustration. His gallery pieces combine layered texture and wash, with a hyper detail finish through unique aerosol techniques. A colour palette split between the neutral earth tones of 1980′s car paint and flourishes of bright fluorescent tints allow his work to remain subtle yet sure footed. His work can be found in exhibition, mural and print throughout the Uk and Europe.

VENTS recently uploaded very nice new illustration works to his Facebook page, some paperworks with alcohol markers and some prints. You can check out a few below and more here over at his offical Website, Tumblr and Instagram

http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2016/08/19/straight-out-the-pen-illustration-works-by-vents137/feed/ 0
BENCHING – Hamburg http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2016/08/17/benching-hamburg-3/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2016/08/17/benching-hamburg-3/#comments Wed, 17 Aug 2016 17:11:17 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=25377 [more]]]> Some fresh pieces running in this benching video entitled „RÄPSCHRIFT ON STEEL!“ from Hamburg produced by Graffiti artist S-FLY who took the chance to promote his brand a bit.

http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2016/08/17/benching-hamburg-3/feed/ 0
5MINUTES WITH: RASKO [MOSCOW] http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2016/08/16/5minutes-with-rasko-moscow/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2016/08/16/5minutes-with-rasko-moscow/#comments Tue, 16 Aug 2016 12:44:33 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=25370 [more]]]> For this 5MINUTES episode we finally made it to Moscow following the Russian graffiti writer RASKO (Instagram, Facebook) on his daily journey in the streets, the tracksides and some freights. RASKO stays for cheeky and fast paintings, mostly illegal representing his very one way of graffiti writing, simple, clean and always coming fresh in terms of colors!

Check out this 5MINUTES episode and see more here!

http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2016/08/16/5minutes-with-rasko-moscow/feed/ 0
VIDEO – „Das schöne Haus“ – TOY CREW BERLIN http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2016/08/16/video-das-schoene-haus-toy-crew-berlin/ http://ilovegraffiti.de/blog/2016/08/16/video-das-schoene-haus-toy-crew-berlin/#comments Tue, 16 Aug 2016 10:42:32 +0000 http://ilovegraffiti.de/?p=25366 The TOY Crew just found a „nice house“ to paint in Berlin, checkout the video!


Photo: Fresh Graff Instagram

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