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And here is another FLAME Paint Review by graffiti artist FIVE8 for Bombing Science!


Painting with the new Flame paint was a pleasure. The valve system is accurate and responsive. There was a noticeable difference in the amount of muscle force applied. I used NY Fats and Universal Thins with the Flame Blue cans. Both resulted in beautiful lines and, thanks to the NY Fats, fills went quickly and smoothly. Had some opacity issues going over the first outline with Piglet Pink and Red Orange. Apricot covered well, as did the rest of the colors I tried. Nothing struck me as extraordinary about this paint. It matches the quality of the leading brands. Thanks to Bombing Science for the samples.


Dvate, Askem, Sabeth, CDH x MELBOURNE

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Here is a new Wall in Melbourne, Australia by graffiti artists Dvate, Askem, Sabeth, CDH.


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Brazilian Graffiti Artist DOES painting a fresh piece with FLAME™ Spray Paint, thanks to Eny27 GraffShop for the support!

DRE x FLAME™ Review

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Here is another FLAME Product Feedback by graffiti artist DRE for Bombing Science!

Recently, Bombing Science was nice enough to give me some of the new Flame™ paint to write a review. Five and I decided to test it out in an abandoned building. It was a pretty neat place without any dead people inside. As usual when I get inside an abandoned building, I had to take a piss. Obviously the water wasn’t running so I chose the bathroom floor which was a welcome change from the norm.

Anyway, I found a nice wall and took out my “not 94″ to paint a piece. I primarily used the caps already on the can which were like a soft fat, but less shitty than the blue dots. I also tried a pro skinny at one point and it was just the way you’d expect. The colours were very opaque and smelled exactly like poison. I like how Molotow made 94 colours and put them in chrome coloured cans. I’m sure MTN isn’t going to be pushed out of business, but I bet they’re pretty fucked off about this whole thing, which I find funny.

I started to paint a second piece after this one, but I got so hungry that I straight up gave up on it, and to make matters worse, it took forever to find a damn sandwich afterward! Luckily I found one before I died.


IN FLAMES Jam Hungary

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Here is footage of the IN FLAMES Jam in Hungary, hungarian Graffiti Artists together with artists from France and the UK had a good time painting 3 days. FLAME Orange and FLAME Blue in use!

MOTER & TWIK – Bella Italia 2014

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FLAME™ Blue Reviews by ZEK & SKOR

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2 new FLAME reviews online to check and read, one by graffiti artist ZEK and one with SKOR!

Boldness Island – Balogna – VIDEO

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This is a video about the “Boldness Island” Festival in Balogna (South Corsica Island). FLAME Paint in use!They have uploaded many photos over at their Facebook Page here!

Lacks, Kieku & Eore x FLAME™

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Here is a new FLAME™ Spraypaint Video by the Geezers store Helsinki (Finland) featuring great paint and the artists Lacks, Kieku and Eore!

CEBO 3 – MADRID METRO GRAFFITI – ‘The Golden Age 2000 – 2002′

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This video documents the golden age of graffiti (2000-2002) on the subway in the spanish capital Madrid.

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