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Here is the latest short FLAME™ ORANGE Video this time featuring SORNE of BKP Crew from Czech Republic. More about FLAME™ ORANGE here at flame-paint.com

FLAME Review by STAN

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“Did a really quick thing this fall on the tracks with my brother Some using the new Flame Blue paint by Molotow. Here are my thoughts; Really good handling, the valve system is my favorite from any brand I’ve used. The colors are dope though some cover better than others with the orange being the one that covered the least on this session and the Tarzan Green being the most solid one. Overall, this is the best bang for your buck. Amazing valve, good choice of colors, covers well, low odor bla bla bla, what more do you want? Skills, welp, unfortunately, that ain’t included with the paint. Skills sold seperatly”

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To me, the only way to put a new paint brand to the test is by painting sumthin’ complex and technical, so I did what I do best, a wildstyle. As you can tell, my letters are evil and super hard, definitely not soft, and to get these results, I must cut and clean my lines and to do so, I require quality paint. Flame provides the efficiency that I’m seeking.


How can I describe the paint? To me, the feeling of using Flame paint is just like making Love to a woman and ejaculating all over her face. It’s thick, it covers wells, the only difference is that Flame paint does not drip! The pressure is perfect. What I like is that you can easily choose how your lines come out. Depending on how hard you press the cap, you can really control the flow of your spray. Whether you’re trying to gently outline a burner, or if you’re straight up rocking tags on somebody’s property, Flame allows you to do it all. So else do you want? For this specific piece, I only used the cap that comes with the can, I’m satisfied with the results. I was also totally wasted during the whole process of this piece, turned out pretty good.


I was painting with mostly Molotow in the past few years. I’m happy the Flame paint is out so I can finally boycott Molotow. The quality is just as good but the price is better. Anyways, at the end of the day just remember this, if you’re a toy, you’re a toy, if you’re a king, you’re a king. Paint is paint and once you master your can control, it don’t change shit what kind of paint you use. A dope writer should able to properly rock regardless of the paint brand he is using. That’s my word! / KILLA EF / thanks to BOMBING SCIENCE!



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MERAS – Local Vandal

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Here is a new video featuring local vandal MERAS!


RIAM in London

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Here is a video and photos of RIAMs trip to London, more here!

Frost187 (RSK-VB) from Hamburg – El Clásico (VIDEO)

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Graffiti Artist FROST187 from Hamburg just released this video! Check it out!


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Here is another FLAME ORANGE feedback this time by berlin based AKTE ONE. No text review but the video explains pretty much everything! Enjoy!


FLAME Review by GESER 3A

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Graffiti Artist GESER of 3A Crew just tested the FLAME BLUE Line, here is his feedback!

From the first time I heard about the new FLAME line of paint, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on some to try it out. Having used Molotow Premium exclusively for the last 4 years, I must say that my standards and expectations were quite high going into it.

As a first impression, the silver cans have a high-quality, classy look with a nice large color ring (making it easy to spot the color you are looking for). From the very first lines I made to put up my sketch, one of the first things I noticed was the valve system… pushing down the cap was so smooth and easy a baby could do it! The benefits of an easy valve system are obvious… precise can control and less fatigue after hours of painting.

It’s no secret that green is one of my favorite colors, so I decided to use a range of greens as the basis of my fill. As far as caps are concerned, I am a creature of habit and continue to stick to what has worked for me for years… NY fat and NY outline caps. I was able to fill the entire piece surprisingly fast. The paint covered solid in one shot and blended easily with the next color in my fade all the way up to white at the top.

Outlining is my favorite stage of the piecing process, (and probably the stage that gives many beginning writers the most anxiety!) and this is where the valve system really shined. Even when the can was totally full, it had that “last-quarter can” low pressure control right from the start. The lines were sharp (despite painting with a strong tunnel cross-wind), and required no cleaning up. Despite Flame Blue being a low-pressure can, I was able to achieve very wide and even output for my background blends, which makes it a very versatile can. Being able to work both large areas quickly, and small areas with precision with the same can is a huge plus.

Overall, my high expectations were met (if not exceeded) during my initial trial of this line. The most noticeable strengths are:

1. Effortless valve system = increased can control and less fatigue
2. Matte finish paint covers quickly & smoothly in one shot
3. Vibrant colors
4. Precise low-pressure control for details (while still able to smoothly fill large areas quickly)
5. Low odor
6. The cans look cool!

I look forward to using FLAME more extensively, and am especially interested in seeing how the black outlines chrome…the true test!!! (GESER 3A)

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