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Task Piecing with Flame


Photography and Editing by: Danny Hernandez

It’s getting cold in up north a perfect time to test the new Flame colors on cold, wet rail cars. Our man Task equipped with the commando knowledge trudged into a spot at 6:00am just to see exactly how well they hold up. Most of the panels in the yard were taken by fresh burners, and being the fine gentleman he is he kept looking for something more long in the tooth. In the back of the yard we found a lonely old Rio Grande box car with an illegible piece ragged out by 420 FTW. This old rusty box car is a bit of a gem as you don’t seem many of them in service anymore. This one was fully in service but the piece had run its course. It was time for something new. For an Acrylic we were pretty impressed with he flame. Especially since some of the cans were cold ones from the back of my trunk. Watching Task paint is like watching Rambo kill 20 commies with only a knife and some fishing line. He gets in quick, does his dirt, and bounces out before the shift change. he makes painting freights seem easy but it requires a lot of knowledge about how they work. Not knowing this could land you in jail or get you literally chopped in half. Just ask my home girl ‚Trainwreck Jen“

-Danny Hernandez

Posted: 24. Oktober 2012  Posted By: admin