here is another one by MERLOT and AMUSE126 painting with FLAME BLUE!

AMUSE126 painting a piece in Judkins Park in Seattle with FLAME BLUE spray paint.

So I’ve been mainly using Molotow Flame Blue paint for the past year. I figured, after all the great experiences … [more]

Greek Graffiti artist POISON painting a super nice wall with an interesting FLAME BLUE Spraypaint Color Combination!

Here is a fresh new video by MERLOT and AMUSE126 rocking a wall with FLAME BLUE Spraypaint!

Local Graffiti artists from Stuttgart (Germany) recently painted the S21 railstation construction side of the Sängerstraße with the support of … [more]

Graffiti artist RIAM ONE of USH Crew from Gdansk (Poland) recently painted a nice silver style piece with the MOLOTOW … [more]

Checkout AMUSE126 rocking two pieces in San Antonio and Austin, Texas, here!

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