FLAME Blue Review by SLOTS from Ottawa

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Here’s another FLAME Paint Review. This time by Slots from Ottawa.

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“From the order I got i painted about 4 different pieces. I would like to say how amazing the quailty of Flame paint is, I loved using it. The pressure was great perfect for using outline caps and ultra fats! All the colors i ordered and i mean every single one worked perfectly and had a consistent coverage amungst all of the color. I used the paint on both raw virgin walls and on walls that were primed and it worked great in all conditions. I could use this paint every day of my life and be extremely happy. Its a shame that there are no providers here in Canada where i live. This paint would be highly used and people would really like it out here. I had an amazing time using these cans and the fact that they were a free test really made me have fun and paint how i felt at those times. FLAME PAINT YOU RULE! Thanks for everything! ALWAYS here to test any product of yours. “

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“I chose to test my selection of Flame Orange Paint on a clean hopper freight car.
Blue dot, NY fat, Rusto fat, and pink dot caps were used to test the the following colours; Pure White, Deep Black, Melon Yellow, Telemagenta, Grape, Riviera, Lagoon Blue, Aqua Light, and Aqua. The paint flowed well with no clogs or duds on all caps and cans tested, however the cans seemed to run out quite abruptly.

Pure White did not coat large areas very well using the pink dot cap included and certainly needed more than one coat over other colours to achieve a “pure white” colour or even coat. Definitely needs to be more opaque. Pure White and Melon Yellow definitely the worst colours in terms of opacity. Mellon Yellow needed a few coats over any colour or surface to achieve fully opaque colour. I wanted to test at least one of the High Pressure yellows because most any yellow produced is pretty translucent. Flame Orange Mellow Yellow could be thicker and more opaque. I used a blue dot on the Flame Orange Deep Black to do the outline for this piece. The paint flowed flawlessly and covered great on all colours and surfaces tested. I actually ran out of black for my 3D and had to finish with Belton Deep Black—which blended very well. Very comparable in terms of flow and opacity, only slight difference at first was the blue/green hue of Belton Black. Grape flowed really well with the pink dot cap included. Covered the steel really well and colour was very vibrant. Only issue seemed to be that the paint was bubbling on the panel. May be because I hadn’t shaken up the can enough. Telemegenta with the pink dot flowed well, but didn’t seem to cover as consistent as the purple. Could be more opaque. Each of the green and aqua colours flowed and covered very well using the pink dot cap included. Each colour was very vibrant and blended well with the similar colours. Using the NY Fat cap, Aqua needed an extra pass to clean up the edges of the lines.

Overall, really liked the vibrant matte colours on steel hopper and the high pressure was great for covering quickly. The paint flowed really well using the pink dot, but felt like the high pressure was eating the paint quite rapidly. Would be interested in trying out the chrome for some bombing and seeing how the black or red would cover the chrome. Now we wait for the results from the true test of time, and weather. “ (SOFER)


Thanks to Bombing Science!

FLAME Review by HSIX

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Here is a new feedback on FLAME Paint by graffiti artist HSIX! Thanks to Bombing Science!


“After a couple of days of pure procrastination (eating breakfasts, wearing a silk shirt, having brunch), I realized that I was still commited to do that review, thus I really had to shut down my main activities and go to paint. So I highjacked a blank wall and started a piece. At this point, I had mostly tried the Flame with NY fats for my fill. Since this cap is magic, it makes anything look good so I was not really impressed by the paint itself… But then I grabbed a uni cap (the yellow one) and started my outline: by then I was really amazed. It was like the old True Colorz brand, with less pressure and more pigment. Super sweet. Just imagine Dimmu Borgir making a Bone Thugs cover. Or vice versa. Well, it was like the perfect blend. Plus it smells like propane, thus you keep thinking about bbq and food and then you have to stop painting cause you’re too hungry. Well played Flame!”

Since I’m more into characters and not very good with letters, I thought I had nothing to loose to try it first with something I did’t mind to fail at… I thought «FLAME… another shitty brand from Greece». Now I know I was wrong. This paint is perfect for details and it delivers medium/high opacity pigments through very smooth and consistant lines. It feels like silk.

H.SIX 156



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And here is another FLAME Paint Review by graffiti artist FIVE8 for Bombing Science!


Painting with the new Flame paint was a pleasure. The valve system is accurate and responsive. There was a noticeable difference in the amount of muscle force applied. I used NY Fats and Universal Thins with the Flame Blue cans. Both resulted in beautiful lines and, thanks to the NY Fats, fills went quickly and smoothly. Had some opacity issues going over the first outline with Piglet Pink and Red Orange. Apricot covered well, as did the rest of the colors I tried. Nothing struck me as extraordinary about this paint. It matches the quality of the leading brands. Thanks to Bombing Science for the samples.


Dvate, Askem, Sabeth, CDH x MELBOURNE

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Here is a new Wall in Melbourne, Australia by graffiti artists Dvate, Askem, Sabeth, CDH.



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Brazilian Graffiti Artist DOES painting a fresh piece with FLAME™ Spray Paint, thanks to Eny27 GraffShop for the support!

DRE x FLAME™ Review

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Here is another FLAME Product Feedback by graffiti artist DRE for Bombing Science!

Recently, Bombing Science was nice enough to give me some of the new Flame™ paint to write a review. Five and I decided to test it out in an abandoned building. It was a pretty neat place without any dead people inside. As usual when I get inside an abandoned building, I had to take a piss. Obviously the water wasn’t running so I chose the bathroom floor which was a welcome change from the norm.

Anyway, I found a nice wall and took out my “not 94″ to paint a piece. I primarily used the caps already on the can which were like a soft fat, but less shitty than the blue dots. I also tried a pro skinny at one point and it was just the way you’d expect. The colours were very opaque and smelled exactly like poison. I like how Molotow made 94 colours and put them in chrome coloured cans. I’m sure MTN isn’t going to be pushed out of business, but I bet they’re pretty fucked off about this whole thing, which I find funny.

I started to paint a second piece after this one, but I got so hungry that I straight up gave up on it, and to make matters worse, it took forever to find a damn sandwich afterward! Luckily I found one before I died.


IN FLAMES Jam Hungary

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Here is footage of the IN FLAMES Jam in Hungary, hungarian Graffiti Artists together with artists from France and the UK had a good time painting 3 days. FLAME Orange and FLAME Blue in use!

MOTER & TWIK – Bella Italia 2014

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FLAME™ Blue Reviews by ZEK & SKOR

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2 new FLAME reviews online to check and read, one by graffiti artist ZEK and one with SKOR!