Dvate, Askem, Sabeth, CDH x MELBOURNE

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Here is a new Wall in Melbourne, Australia by graffiti artists Dvate, Askem, Sabeth, CDH.



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Brazilian Graffiti Artist DOES painting a fresh piece with FLAME™ Spray Paint, thanks to Eny27 GraffShop for the support!

DRE x FLAME™ Review

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Here is another FLAME Product Feedback by graffiti artist DRE for Bombing Science!

Recently, Bombing Science was nice enough to give me some of the new Flame™ paint to write a review. Five and I decided to test it out in an abandoned building. It was a pretty neat place without any dead people inside. As usual when I get inside an abandoned building, I had to take a piss. Obviously the water wasn’t running so I chose the bathroom floor which was a welcome change from the norm.

Anyway, I found a nice wall and took out my “not 94″ to paint a piece. I primarily used the caps already on the can which were like a soft fat, but less shitty than the blue dots. I also tried a pro skinny at one point and it was just the way you’d expect. The colours were very opaque and smelled exactly like poison. I like how Molotow made 94 colours and put them in chrome coloured cans. I’m sure MTN isn’t going to be pushed out of business, but I bet they’re pretty fucked off about this whole thing, which I find funny.

I started to paint a second piece after this one, but I got so hungry that I straight up gave up on it, and to make matters worse, it took forever to find a damn sandwich afterward! Luckily I found one before I died.


IN FLAMES Jam Hungary

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Here is footage of the IN FLAMES Jam in Hungary, hungarian Graffiti Artists together with artists from France and the UK had a good time painting 3 days. FLAME Orange and FLAME Blue in use!

MOTER & TWIK – Bella Italia 2014

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FLAME™ Blue Reviews by ZEK & SKOR

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2 new FLAME reviews online to check and read, one by graffiti artist ZEK and one with SKOR!

Boldness Island – Balogna – VIDEO

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This is a video about the “Boldness Island” Festival in Balogna (South Corsica Island). FLAME Paint in use!They have uploaded many photos over at their Facebook Page here!

Lacks, Kieku & Eore x FLAME™

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Here is a new FLAME™ Spraypaint Video by the Geezers store Helsinki (Finland) featuring great paint and the artists Lacks, Kieku and Eore!

CEBO 3 – MADRID METRO GRAFFITI – ‘The Golden Age 2000 – 2002′

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This video documents the golden age of graffiti (2000-2002) on the subway in the spanish capital Madrid.


The Dark Knight Rises

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With our black knight in shining armor – the new FLAME™ ORANGE Tryout-Pack 1 – each battle is won! We’ve selected the six ultimate colors exclusively for you.

As we are genuine noblemen, we confer a knighthood on every shop supporting us: every color was dedicated to a shop. THANK YOU! 

So, don’t think twice!