VTM Crew x FLAME Blue x Puro Sabor

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Spanish Graffiti artists Sirek, Fres and Hasno of VTM Crew painting a large mural with almost all of the 108 available FLAME BLUE Colors! Thanks to Writers Madrid there is a Making of Video (above) and photos to checkout here!

SLIDER x Woody Wall

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Here is a new video by URBNARTS.SE featuring swedisch graffiti artist Kurir of the PUBB Crew-


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Finally the new FLAME BLUE 200ml is available in 6 bright colors! CHeck it out, ask your local dealer!


Element Tree x Art Primo x SERRINGE

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This video features two time-lapse videos featuring Serringe of Element Tree rocking two burners with FLAME Paint, one of which was shot at The Bridge Skate park. The Bridge is not there anymore and was home to Element Tree’s indoor winter shoots which kept him shooting through the cold.

„Fortunately for all of us it is only temporary as the owner Anthony Beckner is working towards getting a new facility to reopen. When it does…. Ill be ready. The park had visitors like Mast, Stae 2, Forsakn, Sebs, Zeso, Acroe, Distort, Sue Works, Ex1, Then One, Mans One and a few others.“


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Kaldea Nakajima, a visual and street artist from Paris collaborated with the graffiti writer Dingo Babusch from Stuttgart for a wall mostly using FLAME BLUE, Here is a timelapse Video and some pictures! Cheers to Kaldea!


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„Hi Flame,, Iwrote you a while ago about how impressed I was with flame blue. I just want to let you that, I’m still using flame blue as my primary paint for my work. The quality is unmatched by any other paint, its a perfect paint for graffiti. When I paint in the Bronx, other writers always ask, how’s that flame. As always I tell them, its the best. Here is a few pics of a wall I recently painted. Thanks for making great paint.“


FLAME ORANGE ROUTE – Amsterdam – Rotterdam

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here is the first FLAME WARRIORS Video Episode, kicking off with a funny Madrid Episode!

FLAME BLUE – 14 new colors!

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Finally the FLAME BLUE Spraypaint Range receives 14 new colors!! So all in all 108 Colors available very soon! The new colors includes Gold, Copper, great Fluos in Yellow, Orange, Pink and Fluo Green! Check it out soon available in well sorted Stores! http://flame-paint.com/