Imagine grabbing a tube of paint, dipping your brush in the black goop and gliding the brush across a canvas. … [more]

„Welche Schrifttypen, Schriftzeichen, Arten von Typografie begegnen uns im urbanen Raum? Wie beeinflussen sie unsere Wahrnehmung der Stadt? Eine Reise … [more]

In October 2016 the ONO’U Festival took place again in Tahiti and Raiatea. The festival primarily aims to become a … [more]

After Hamburg, Brussels, Barcelone and Copenhagen – here are Fast Drips´s TASTE OF episodes 05 to 08 from Athens, Gdansk … [more]

Without resorting to Photoshop, artist-photographer Florian Krause creates incredible images by manipulating the light he sheds on graffiti during a … [more]

With new technology comes new possibilities. In a new series titled LIVE SUNDAY will use the LIVE function on … [more]

WASTED is a graffiti movie from Poland provided by the good guys over at CONCRETE MAGAZINE. WASTED features 24 minutes … [more]

Here is some friday adrenaline for you: the pixação gringos ALERTA,G SUINA,LARICA,CRISE,EXTASE,CAIO,OS BM,RASTA BOYS,FRANCISCO,LIMITS and BIRUTAS doing the do the … [more]

Here is the TOP TEN 2016 pieces by graffiti artist SLIDER of BANDITS Crew painted and selected by himself!

Galerie Openspace and British artist Mode 2 are very pleased to present the exhibition they have been working on for … [more]

The boys over at TAGSANDTHROWS just went up with a new videoseries entitled SUMMER IN NEW YORK featuring graffiti in … [more]

After episode 01, episode 02, 03 and 04 plus the fifth part here is of episode 06 and 07 of … [more]

Another new videoseries by Spraydaily titled „The Good Fellas“ kicks off with this episode shot in Japan, metro and street … [more]

SKETCHY PEEPS is a series of graffiti videos from Spraydaily. As the name says it’s all about paper styles and … [more]

German graffiti artist MATE ONE recently did some great sketches and came up with two fresh videos of him sketching … [more]

We already featured on of the „Real Time Web Series“ episodes here, the one with ASKEW! This series is a … [more]

The 1UP and BHF Crews back again with Berlin S-Train wholecars in the making: TWO HANDS ARE NOT ENOUGH

Element Tree just released a new video titled „One For The Road“ feat. graffiti artist Then One. He came through … [more]

This video reviews in just a few minutes the year 2016 of french street artist ASTRO of ODV Crew who … [more]

Our friend and graffiti artist BOND (5MINUTES) just sent in three new making of clips of work painted in August … [more]

As mentioned before by posting the trailer here is a new movie out of Essen,Germany with focus on trainwriting and … [more]

If you have time to watch 30 minutes of train actions in Slovakia, Italy, Germany or Austria push the play … [more]

As mentioned before here and here, the MAGIC CITY Group exhbition is running in Dresden since beginning of october 2016 … [more]

SNOW21 send christmas greetings from the streets of Leipzig, Germany with this nice video entitled: CIRCLE!

Mister QUES from Mexico sharing some of his highlights in 2016! Check out a nice package of graffiti pieces painted … [more]

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