Here is a new video produced by the BUCHAWRESTLERS Team straight out the streets of the romanian capital! „Founded in … [more]

The graffiti movement known today has existed for more than 5 decades, and it’s still going strong. Throughout history, graffiti … [more]

Here is a new NC FORMULA Video featuring Hamburg´s APRIS of GBR Crew and KCBR, cutted and edited by Superspray

The 3rd issue of the fanzine GUIDE03 features four graffiti taggers based in Prague by the name of BIOR, PAOO, … [more]

TagsAndThrows following GOFEY out in the streets and tunnels of Hamburg, Germany as he’s getting his name up. „I’ve always … [more]

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A great happy birthday FASIM meet up with PRO176, EMAK and DERK painting a wall with the Pro176, Emak, Derk … [more]

After a two years break the 247STYLE team just announced the 9th edition of the INFUSION FESTIVAL, to run November … [more]

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Here is the latest release by Belgian filmmaker Romain Vennekens entitled ‘As the city grows, I grow,‘.The short documentary was … [more]

Good old DAOR („I need more euros for painting trains“) from Slovakia is back with this clip entitled DISCOVERING PORTUGAL … [more]

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In case you wondered what happend to the RADICALS DVD Volume 2 out of LEIPZIG, Germany, here is the answer. … [more]

We were just informed about another incredible loss out of the blue: German graffiti artist KISS81 of WCDIB, ZNC and … [more]

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