Among graffiti writers and those influenced by graffiti culture, everyone knows of Darryl “CORNBREAD” McCray, the person credited as the … [more]

The Graffiti artists FOK, KONE, VER, TRISD, RIZM and OLDI of DNS, RMA and UMS Crews recently painted the Berlin … [more]

HALLOWEEN greetings from the Berlin Subway by HUCK, MIES, PILOT and some more, „The Deadguard“ brought to you by

November 17th, 2017 the „Partners in Crime – The 100 Wholecars Exhibition“ at Okk / Raum 29, Berlin, Germany. Everything … [more]

On November 2nd, exactly one hundred years ago, Lord Arthur James Balfour, who was then British Foreign Secretary, signed a … [more]

Here is a short appetizer by OPDERAILS to announce another fresh Benching video from Holland coming soon! After this one … [more]

For his current music video „Allein in der Überzahl“ Hamburg´s Rapper SAMY DELUXE collaborated with trainwriter RAZOR of COS CREW … [more]

Watch graffiti artists SKAR of ETS Crew and POET of GFA Crew painting together at one historical spot in Berlin … [more]

Here is the latest episode of SPRAYDAILY´s videoseries GRAFF TV, featuring french graffiti artist MONER (COSMOS29, HSB)!

It´s been a while since we have posted the first trailer of the DEVILS NEVER SLEEP movie, supposed to be … [more]

We just received the information that Street Art Pioneer Richard Hambleton passed away at the age of 65. Hambleton was … [more]

Graffiti artist DOES (5MINUTES) celebrates his first 20 years with an new book about his evolution of dedication to style. … [more]

Deliberating various imposed standards, Vermibus (5MINUTES) has built a recognizable oeuvre, which culminates with his project entitled “In Absentia”. Works … [more]

29 years old filmmaker Matti Cordewinus from Berlin, Germany just started a Crowdfunding campaign to realize a documentary film titled … [more]

New York´s SKEME of TMT CREW (Style Wars) was invited to Denmark recently to take part at the GetDown 45 … [more]

DAOR and SENYOR from Bratislava, Slovakia starring in this video visiting Berlin for painting subway and S-Train. Theere is much … [more]

When the ATG, DPG & DMS crews from Poland paying a visit to Moscow, Russia painting trains with the BUNT, … [more]

Here is a new video produced by the BUCHAWRESTLERS Team straight out the streets of the romanian capital! „Founded in … [more]

The graffiti movement known today has existed for more than 5 decades, and it’s still going strong. Throughout history, graffiti … [more]

Here is a new NC FORMULA Video featuring Hamburg´s APRIS of GBR Crew and KCBR, cutted and edited by Superspray

The 3rd issue of the fanzine GUIDE03 features four graffiti taggers based in Prague by the name of BIOR, PAOO, … [more]

TagsAndThrows following GOFEY out in the streets and tunnels of Hamburg, Germany as he’s getting his name up. „I’ve always … [more]

Here is a fresh new wall painted on friday, 13th, october, 2017 when the BAMBULE jam went down in Dortmund, … [more]

After Hamburg, Brussels, Barcelone, Copenhagen, Athens, Gdansk and the Netherlands (Rotterdam & Amsterdam) here are Fast Drips´s TASTE OF episodes … [more]

In this video you can watch german graffiti artist SKORE79 (Instagram) of ABS Crew work in progress drawing one of … [more]

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