The Benchtalk podcast is updated with two aussie interviews, check out below what Berlin-based Reka is up to these days, … [more]

Painting for almost three decades, Barcelona-based Musa keep blasting out new pieces and sketches in a constant stream, always bending … [more]

This is NO FUGAZI again with a new video titled „I NEEEEED IT“ featuring FABU of KGZ and BK Crew … [more]

Here is a new video produced by the BUCHAWRESTLERS Team straight out th romanian capital this tiome featuring graffiti writer … [more]

Berlin based graffiti artist SKENAR73 of the SBB and BUDDIES Crews just went online with the first episode of his … [more]

In this new episode of Graff TV by Spraydaily the graffiti writer DATER127 from Koblenz, Germany is featured. GRAFF TV … [more]

Graffiti artist GREY of EPS Crew from Lille, North France sent in nice footage of a mural painted by him … [more]

This second part of TRAIN IN PAINT runs 12 minutes and features the polish TIP crew with actions and running … [more]

Thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign the Street art documentary „Sky’s The Limit, Painters of the Extreme” by French filmmaker … [more]

Some Monday fun from Hamburg by graffiti artist MOSES and his proposal to the Hamburg S-Bahn system, it reads: KINDLY … [more]

5 years ago on ilovegraffiti we told you about a documentary movie and book project in the making by Roger … [more]

Here is a video from one of our favourite european capitals, Praha! 25 minutes graffiti in the streets of Prague … [more]

The austrian artists MAFIA / TABAK and ZSOMBOR SÁLI painted two huge wind power stations in the summer of 2016. … [more]

Reigning from Athens, Greece, TONES of the GFR Crew started writing graffiti in 2006, and is now one of the … [more]

Remember when graffiti artist MOBSTR had a year-long battle with the council? Well, it happends again and again. London is … [more]

This here is a recently uploaded documentary, the legendary Rock Steady Crew was a part of. Even before Style Wars. … [more]

After the CAPETOWN video (DRS Crew & Friends) here is another HELLO FROM Episode this time from Warsaw (Poland) featuring … [more]

Reka is back on a visit in Melbourne after a few years overseas. While in town, he hooked up with … [more]

In this video graffiti writer ZION of DSTS crew from Poland is on tour painting some walls and european trains … [more]

We caught up with London legend TIZER of ID Crew and asked some questions! Here is the short interview with … [more]

SABER of AWR and MSK Crew from Los Angeles, one of the most prolific graffiti writers in America and creator … [more]

The Vandal Hour is a radio show from New York that features graffiti. Recently they hosted a show featuring Ces, … [more]

Through our network we heard little stories and rumours about a new project in Berlin called THE HAUS. Only a … [more]

After the first RUNNERS episode featuring STEREO in Amsterdam, the second one featuring UTAH & ETHER and the third with … [more]

Sometimes you can catch graffiti on trains in traffic that is not finished. And sometimes you can catch it again … [more]

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