The Bronx has produced arguably the most impressive lineup of graffiti writers to ever influence the art scene. You would … [more]

Our next SPOTLIGHT is dedicated to the german writer JOYS aka WEIRDO. He is a EQT crew member and also … [more]

Roundabout 20 minutes of daily struggle by IXAP.

The Wall to Wall Festival in Australia has the official video of 2017 out. This year it hosted 35 international … [more]

Take a timemachine back to 1989 and check out this indepth newsreport from 60 Minutes Australia on graffiti in Sydney … [more]

Cope2 talks about his latest project and his past in this new video

Vans The Omega has made his unique mark on the graffiti culture worldwide over the last decades. We have featured … [more]

„While the work I’m doing today is larger scale and in this case, higher concept, it’s still pure graffiti in … [more]

A full documentary film by Henry Chalfant and James Prigoff about Blade and Maze famous mural from the Spraycan Art … [more]

What does Henry Chalfant keep in his basement? Some iconic photographs perhaps? Check out this video and find out…

In the 90’s, before the internet became the main way to see graffiti, I was trading letters and photos via … [more]

Graffiti artists FINO and ZIBAR freshly painted a wall dedicated to instagram at BERLIN Teufelsberg, a former listening station by … [more]

We learned over the weekend that oldschool graffiti legend from Finland, Astron, has passed away. Astron made a huge impact … [more]

Seen and Risk visited the 2nd Urban Art fair in Paris this past weekend, and did a quick interview , … [more]

Fresh out of Russia, this is the video for The Orlines wholetrain in St.Petersburg!

Photography legend Martha Cooper has a new solo show at Steven Kasher Gallery in New York featuring her photography from … [more]

Full 30 minutes documentary on Keith Haring, featuring rare footage and interviews with Keith himself and shows some of the … [more]

Since the MTA (the NYC transit authority) cleaned up the fleet of subway cars and ended the era of painted … [more]

We are starting a new series of interviews and profiles here at ILG called „The documentarists“. The role of the … [more]

Here we go with chapter two of our 5MINUTES WITH: GBR CREW following up on our double episode release! In … [more]

Vision Quest is the first instalment of an ongoing collaborative video series by American graffiti writer KEMS of 3A Crew … [more]

NC FORMULA presents a new video title „THE CONVOY STORIES“ featuring the DTS and FAME Crews painting metros in Madrid, … [more]

5 years ago ILOVEGRAFFITI.DE and ARTE CREATIVE featured the Hamburg based GBR Crew aka the GHETTOBLASTERS with one great 5MINUTES … [more]

Legends Thursday is a graffiti podcast from America with 126 shows online so far. You can easily listen to interviews … [more]

Pretty keen to watch this movie in full length soon: check the short teaser for ‚On Track‘ from Holland. More … [more]

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