After spray paint today the pump paint marker is probably the second important product for graffiti and street artists. Since … [more]

Some home owners from a town in the outskirts of Munich, Germany had the great idea of giving Berlin based … [more]

The BURGERAMT Berlin (Kantstraße 142, 10623 Berlin, Deutschland) from February 24th,2017 to March 3rd,2017 has artworks on display by graffiti … [more]

Who does not have the time to chill at the train station and bench some of the numerous nicely painted … [more]

This is a trainwriting movie by graffiti artist CHAP from Hamburg titled „30 seconds to jail“. The video has a … [more]

After the sad news about Berlin Stylemaster ODEM and PHED from the UK who both passed away way too young … [more]

In this two new episodes of Graff TV by Spraydaily the graffiti writers SEMOR from Cologne, Germany and TONES from … [more]

Armed with a handful of spray paint, Italy’s RUST86 now presents his improvised freestyle pieces in Melbourne, Australia. He started … [more]

Following up on the Copenhagen BENCHING Updates one name is rolling one of the most on the red hotdogs: EASER … [more]

Graffiti artist PHED from London recently passed away while painting legally in Hanoi, Vietnam, and to make sure he is … [more]

Two new trainwriting videos from germany for you with a total play time of 40 minutes: „ULTIMATIVER MEGADAMPF“ with 19 … [more]

Here is a short photo leak straight out of the travel books of german trainwriters UNIK, KAOT, ORBID and ZANK … [more]

The WRITERS MADRID team for this „Silver Nights“ video episode followed notorious streetbomber ZOER in the streets of Barcelona. ZOER … [more]

In a newsstory today in The Guardian and other medias it has been revealed that Google new Artificial Intelligence system … [more]

If you have watched one of our yearly IBUG Street Art Festival Videowalks for ARTE Creative, you know the name … [more]

The URBAN NATION Berlin project invited Berlin based Street Artist and Photographer JUST, Hamburg based blogger and journalist Rudolf David … [more]

„Art in a frame…“ – Performance by ROCCO AND HIS BROTHERS „One morning policemen were alarmed by a recently put … [more]

In the last couple of years we at ILOVEGRAFFITI.DE have noticed some really nice graffiti here and there by stylewriter … [more]

Everyone love UTAH&ETHER, here they are back on another vandal love vacation, this time to exotic Sardinia, known for great … [more]

Graffiti artist BOOGIE of SML Crew and the HOMBOOG Collective went to Asia in december 2016 to visit Jakarta (Indonesia), … [more]

In this video titled „Summer Stories“ we can watch the DISKO Crew doing the do in Munich, Germany!

Russian writer AMORE featured in a new video with trains, trams, walls and action from Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Ekaterinburg.

Many of you might remember the TAKEN BY A VANDAL DVD project (Stylefile, 2012), a film with a running time … [more]

Film maker STEFAN POHL, the man behind the documentary movie HELLO MY NAME IS – GERMAN GRAFFITI (premiered Spring 2015) … [more]

Graffiti artist KAPUT recently painted some nice colorful legal burner, he’s remained active as one of the ABS crew´s top … [more]

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