Monthly Archives: April 2010

Some dope new work from two of Melburn’s freshest wall slayers, Dvate SDM ADN and Shem RDC F1

Shephard Fairey and crew rocked The Bronx with a few nice walls and a bunch of bombing around the city, … [more]

A salute to my Grandfather, and all other Diggers who fought for Australia and New Zealand in the Armed Forces … [more]

Spotted this today, near Port Adelaide, still running. Difficult to read the tag, but judging by the style, would guess … [more]

Fresh 3d tech wildstyle by Stone One in Vienna More dope works can be seen at Stone One’s Streetfiles or … [more]

The new documentary by Alex Jones. This is well worth the watch to understand what is happening in the world … [more]

This weekend Ladie Killerz rolls into Adelaide, with the biggest lineup of all female writers in one place Australia has … [more]

A new networking website has been launched, Aerosol Icons. It’s basically exactly the same concept and idea as Myspace, however … [more]

Outer Harbour Line, Adelaide circa 1995

Love this spot… lazy sunday afternoon.