Monthly Archives: September 2010

Trickin‘ out my girlfriend’s wall with some Baby Bode rock!

Fresh new gear from Amuser and Omens Via

Big ups to everyone who turned out, all the bboys who danced and were involved in putting on Medal Jam … [more]

Dope production by Mistery, Astro, Zantz and Kefay as part of the Urban Konection Hiphop Festival on Reunion Island over … [more]

Fresh burner by Stare straight outta Montreal, Canada Via

Crikey! – shit, nope wrong croc hunter… RIP the original

Not my team, but apt timing for this with the grand final this coming weekend… and would rather the ‚Pies … [more]

Freshness from Melbourne’s AFP rockers Adorn, Peps, Panik, Akuze and New2, trackside at Tottenham From New2’s blog here

Tats Cru members Dmote, Bio and Nosm, with Blender DTS and Sirum F1, along with Ewok MSK rockin‘ in The … [more]

Hell yeah!! One of the thirteen original Transformers, Nexus Prime was created to guard Rarified Energon by Primus shortly after … [more]