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Probation Vacation Book

Probation Vacation is the long-awaited debut book by Danielle Bremner AKA UTAH and Jim Clay Harper VI AKA ETHER. Featuring 36 high-quality offset printed pages, Probation Vacation is a collection of photographs taken from Bremner and Harper’s vast archive of rare images that, until now, have been viewed by only their closest confidants. For the first time ever, in the form of the Probation Vacation book and accompanying gallery exhibition, the general public will be granted an insider’s glimpse into the exclusive and often inaccessible world of youthful rebellion otherwise known as graffiti.

Though born and raised in Queens NY, Danielle Bremner has spent much of her life traveling and spraying her way around the globe. Well known within the graffiti world for her unique style and relentless assaults on the walls and trains of whatever city she happens to find herself in, it is only natural that Bremner began documenting the highs and lows of her and her friend’s adventures. The results of this relentless documentation have been shown at exhibitions worldwide, including AMPM Gallery in Taipei, Taiwan and The Grand Palais in Paris, France. Bremner has been featured in Subwaynet, and Incognito magazines as well as having her work spotlighted in books such as “Freight Train Graffiti”, “Graffiti NYC”, and “Graffiti Women”. Her art was also prominently displayed throughout the Beastie Boys “Ch-Check it Out” music video.

Hailing from Chicago, IL, Jim Clay Harper VI has become well respected within the graffiti scene for his technical pieces on walls and trains throughout the world. Since the early 2000’s, Harper has focused his efforts on constantly evolving and refining the signature style that has gained him notoriety and acclaim amongst his peers. A graduate of Bowling Green University, Harper is also an accomplished photographer and graphic designer. His clients include Apple, Harley Davidson, Mountain Dew, Bodega, and 004connec. His work has been featured in numerous publications such as Advertisement Age, Promo Magazine, Xplicit Grafx, Subwaynet, Mass Appeal and “Graffiti Planet”. He has exhibited his art locally and internationally, and has made appearances in multiple graffiti related documentaries.

Posted: 28. Januar 2011  Posted By: admin