Monthly Archives: November 2009

Das Cavalinho do Mar Projekt! Weisst du was eine Seeperdchen isst? Weisst du wofür es kämpft? Wir werden es heraus … [more]

BNE 12.10.09 from on Vimeo.

Here is a photo of my man MORTA55 with Yokos a very nice writer. Morta is from VIQ(Barcelona) he put … [more]

Graffiti artist Jason Williams, also known as Revok, was arrested at an exhibition of his work at a Mid-City gallery … [more]

Chris Brown assigned to clean up graffiti and trash as community service for beating Rihanna

Pariz one addicted to headphonies

For the fast, easy, convenient removal of graffiti markers and spraycan paints while preservering original paint and surface. Simply fill … [more]

Graffiti,Girls and a abandoned factory!

Pariz One Tko Csf Gvs Vds, Vile, Nomen, Portugal Graffiti