Monthly Archives: Februar 2010

New stuff coming, this one is dedicated 2 my homies OMSK & REVOK    

Hot stuff  is coming from Barcelona, my VDS crew bro, Morta and Yokos are doing some good stuff!

DEDICATED STORE video channel, you can view the DEDICATED Videos in their website in the video section. More news to … [more]

Portuguese EDP (Energies of Portugal) one of our biggest business organizations is promoting vandalism at their new TV comercial, the … [more]

ZOERoner     Pariz: who you are and how old are you? Zoer: Im ZOERONER, i was born in ’86 … [more]

Pariz One-„Pieces Of Me“ Dedicated Store Lisbon from Pariz One on Vimeo. „The writer Pariz One presents „PIECES OF ME“ … [more]

Vigilante Vigilante Preview Clip from max good on Vimeo.

Dunlop,Lonsdale e HeadPhonies são três marcas jovens e irreverentes e sobretudo novas em Portugal, qualquer uma das três está em … [more]